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Horse History

Many of humankind’s triumphs across time involve horses. Learn more about the history of horses with Horse Illustrated and Young Rider magazines. Our articles include more about how breeds developed and became the breed that we see today at various breed shows, the history of horse with man, and more. After all, the horse has come a long way since the days when he was a small mammal the size of a dog to the large single-toed people-carrying being he is today. And with 6,000 year of domestication, there’s a lot of historical events and relevance to explore with Horse Illustrated amazing writers.

Berber Horses of Morocco

The story of the Berber horses of Morocco is inseparably connected with the Atlas Mountains and its residents. As long…

2 weeks ago

Breed Portrait: Akhal-Teke

Imagine a horse that can live with little forage in a dune-swept desert where cobras hide in the scrub brush…

3 weeks ago

12 Fascinating Facts about Horses

Anyone who loves horses knows that they’re majestic, athletic, and absolutely fascinating animals. They also have some unique attributes and…

11 months ago

The Fascinating History Of Taxidermied Horses

When my friend and fellow horse-loving writer Eliza McGraw mentioned she was writing a piece about taxidermied horses for the website Atlas…

5 years ago

Over the Fence: Horses in Art History

There’s not a horse in sight at the baseball tournament I’m at this week in Connecticut with my family, but…

5 years ago

Horses in History: Figure

Sometimes horse breeds are influenced by several prominent foundation stallions. One example is the Thoroughbred, for example, which was heavily…

6 years ago

Horses of History: Doc Bar

It’s not often that one animal can change the entire course of its breed - but that’s exactly what a…

6 years ago

Horses of History: *Raffles

Ninety years ago, in 1926, a little brown colt was born at Lady Wentworth’s Crabbet Arabian Stud in Sussex, England.…

6 years ago

A Brief History of the Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse embodies the history of nations and the growth of cultures, and has had an impact on nearly…

7 years ago

History of Equine Parasite Control

•  History of Parasite Control Reading Assignment: Take a look at some of the parasite control methods of the past…

9 years ago