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Horse Humor

Horse Humor articles from Horse Illustrated share the fun side of horse ownership, the humorous side, and the lighthearted side. Behind all of the work, dedication, and commitment that it takes to own a horse is a lot of laughs, fun times, and memories. Without looking at the humorous side, it can just feel like endless chores. But not for those who are passionate about horses and know not to take it too seriously. Read stories from veterinarians, amateur riders, competitors, youth, and others who have found horse humor in events and happenings and just everyday living with their horses and ponies.

Podcast Episode #8: Vet Adventures and Your Winter Reading List for December 23, 2021 from Title Sponsor Straight Arrow Products

In the eighth episode of The Horse Illustrated Episode of Horses in the Morning, sponsored by Title Sponsor Straight Arrow…

11 months ago

Vet Adventures: Angel or Demon? One Pony’s Very Bad Habit

Marvin the pony was a rare find, and his owners knew it. When young Lucas went for a ride, Marvin…

1 year ago

Horse Manure Provides a Shovel Full of Lessons

Horse manure provided me with a shovel full of lessons! I turned 51 with a poop shovel in hand. Not…

1 year ago

Your Horse Life’s Spring Clean-Mageddon: How to Clean Your Tack Locker

Emily shares a humorous story any rider can connect with, especially if you've ever not wanted to clean your tack…

2 years ago

Vet Adventures: Veterinary Care Alone in the Middle of the Night

The barn was dark and empty when I pulled up, and all the horses were far away in a huge…

2 years ago

Caller ID: Being Able to Charge for a Veterinary Visit

In this Vet Adventures column, veterinarian Courtney Diehl, DVM, has a hard time knowing how to charge for a dead-end…

2 years ago

Your Horse Life: Finding Your Work, Life, Horse Balance

Legend has it that some people have unlimited time with their horses. They lazily chat up their friends and cool…

2 years ago

Best Super Bowl Commercial: Doritos with Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott and Dancing Horses

It's been a week since Super Bowl LIV, in which the Kansas City Chiefs came out victorious over the San…

3 years ago

Vet Adventures: High-Tech Healing

It didn’t look like very much equipment, I thought, as I watched the representative from the company unpack the few…

3 years ago

Vet Adventures: Adjusting Your Perspective on an Equine Dentist

Here is an article from a fellow veterinarian and his adventures of being an equine dentist where he performs many…

4 years ago