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Horse Humor

Best Super Bowl Commercial: Doritos with Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott and Dancing Horses

It's been a week since Super Bowl LIV, in which the Kansas City Chiefs came out victorious over the San…

3 years ago

Vet Adventures: High-Tech Healing

It didn’t look like very much equipment, I thought, as I watched the representative from the company unpack the few…

4 years ago

Vet Adventures: Adjusting Your Perspective on an Equine Dentist

Here is an article from a fellow veterinarian and his adventures of being an equine dentist where he performs many…

4 years ago

Past Kentucky Derby Winners Predict 2019 Derby Outcome

If you’re looking for an educated prediction on which horse will win the 2019 Kentucky Derby, is there anyone better…

4 years ago

Vet Adventures: Priceless

I was drawing up my vaccine doses for a farm call while the barn owner, a nervous woman named Lauralee,…

4 years ago

Book Excerpt: Horses Adored and Men Endured

Learn more about Susan Friedland-Smith, the author of Horses Adored and Men Endured. Read the book excerpt of Horses Adored…

4 years ago

Your Horse Life: Green-Eyed Monster

Read on to learn more about the green-eyed monster and how it can lead to jealous horse riders. I am…

5 years ago

Your Horse Life: Common Cow Sense

My horse Wally is a western horse. He’s got a pitty-pat jog, a gentle lope and a ground-covering walk that’s…

5 years ago

Your Horse Life: Braid-a-thon

Learn how this equestrian horse show braider learned to balance the time required to braid each horse at the shows…

5 years ago

Vet Adventures: Floating Along

Read how electric floats can help take care of a horse's teeth faster and safer than hand-floating. I was proud…

5 years ago