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Horse Industry

The horse industry is a vibrant and economically diverse field, and Horse Illustrated brings you news from across the entire industry. It also contributes a lot to the American economy, including almost 1.7 million jobs through direct and indirect employment. In addition, it contributes more than $122 billion contribution toward the U.S. economy. Topics covered by Horse Illustrated include awards, association news, new programs for horse people, horse business events, legislative changes, and more. Stay informed about the issues that matter to you and all horse owners, learn about all that horses and related organizations have to offer, and figure out what role you want to play within it.

Beat Inflation at Horse Shows

Everything has raised in price over the last couple years, but we have especially felt it this last year. Gas…

3 weeks ago

Barn Banter – Episode 1 from title sponsor Straight Arrow Products

Click to listen on mobile. Welcome to Barn Banter, the official podcast of Horse Illustrated! In this first episode, hosts Susan…

3 months ago

Horse Illustrated Podcast Episode 15

For mobile access, click here to listen in your browser. In podcast episode 15 of The Horse Illustrated Episode of…

7 months ago

Equine-Assisted Therapy for Mental Health

The symptoms seem to come out of nowhere. The day feels fine—normal even, if there is such a thing. And…

7 months ago

Stock Horse Breed Specialization

Although some breeds have always been known as specialists, several decades ago, it was easy enough to find one horse…

8 months ago

Equines Fighting Fires Help Save Lives

We've all heard of heroic firefighters stopping the spread of massive wildfires, but did you know that those same men…

8 months ago

Selling Your “Perfect” Horse

Finding a new horse can seem like fun at first, then quickly becomes hard work. You spend hundreds of hours…

8 months ago

Morgan Horse Ambassadors at UVM

The small town of Weybridge, Vt., is home to a scenic gem for horse lovers and history buffs alike. Known…

9 months ago

Horse Illustrated Recognized at the 2022 AHP Equine Media Awards

Horse Illustrated magazine has a lot to be proud of after receiving multiple American Horse Publications (AHP) Equine Media Awards…

9 months ago

Avoiding Equine Legal Issues

Because virtually every aspect of horse ownership carries some degree of risk, horse owners should consider the possibility that things…

10 months ago