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Horse People

The horse industry is full of stories about interesting horse people from various disciplines, breeds, and styles of riding. Read their stories in Horse Illustrated and Young Rider magazines. See how others triumphed over a challenging riding or training situation, interesting feats riders have accomplished, and how others have overcome the odds for a big win at an equestrian competition. Learn how some have spent their lives helping horses and/or riders, either through rescues, therapeutic riding programs, or through charities that they are passionate about. Find inspiration and connection from the lives of other passionate horse people, including horse owners, riders, and those who love horses.

Missing Horse Shows

When I started working after law school, I thought I’d be back in the show ring in no time. I…

1 week ago

Therapy With Horses – The Road to Glory

Therapy with horses is possible, but bringing a horse home seemed nearly impossible a few years ago. With my disability…

3 weeks ago

Why Women Love Horses

Why women love horses - the connection between horses and girls—and later women—existed below sociologists’ radar until recently. Seventeen-year-old Corrie…

4 weeks ago

The Hallelujah Horse Mustangs

When you think of a sanctuary for wild Mustang stallions, you probably don’t picture it nestled in the heart of…

1 month ago

Winning the Big Horn 100 & Overcoming All

Not many people would consider climbing aboard a horse soon after breaking ribs. But not everybody is Suzanne Hayes, who…

1 month ago

Spin for Horse Rider Fitness

"Float down to the saddles with grace,” the smiling instructor encouraged our riding group as I transitioned from two-point back…

2 months ago

Meet Raquel Lynn – Always in Style!

Her parents thought it strange. After all, it was a very un-teen-like thing to do. But that never bothered Raquel.…

2 months ago

Female Equine Industry Trailblazers Contest Winners

Horse Illustrated chose the following from many great entries sent in by readers nominating their favorite female equine industry trailblazers.…

3 months ago

Horse Illustrated & StreamHorseTV Partner to Present The Trailblazing Horsewomen Livestream on International Women’s Day on March 8

International Women’s Day is Monday, March 8. As part of the worldwide celebration of women’s achievements and 2021 theme, #ChooseToChallenge,…

4 months ago