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Horse People

The horse industry is full of stories about interesting horse people from various disciplines, breeds, and styles of riding. Read their stories in Horse Illustrated and Young Rider magazines. See how others triumphed over a challenging riding or training situation, interesting feats riders have accomplished, and how others have overcome the odds for a big win at an equestrian competition. Learn how some have spent their lives helping horses and/or riders, either through rescues, therapeutic riding programs, or through charities that they are passionate about. Find inspiration and connection from the lives of other passionate horse people, including horse owners, riders, and those who love horses.

A Q&A with Mark Bolender

Mark Bolender is a busy guy… Mark and his wife, Lee, owners of Bolender Horse Park, are the founders of…

6 days ago

Eques Pante: Ingenius Equestrian Underwear

For beauty expert Jessica Andrews, equestrian underwear designed to flatter, fit and offer comfort to women in the saddle just…

7 days ago

Horsing Around with Carson Kressley

“It’s a defense mechanism not knowing how many horses I own,” laughs Carson Kressley. “It helps protect my fragile psyche.…

2 months ago

The Unstoppable Jeanne McDonald

Jeanne McDonald paved her own path to success with the perfect blend of dogged New England determination, unwavering persistence, and…

2 months ago

A Conversation With Julie Goodnight

Julie Goodnight is the real deal. When I first met Julie Goodnight for an interview, I was reminded of how…

3 months ago

Clever with Leather: Fashionable and Functional Leather Goods

Every horse needs a halter, and every barn dog needs a collar. Claire Painter, owner and founder of Clever with…

3 months ago

Cowboying: Modern Day Freelance Cowboys

Even in the 21st century, some people still make a living “cowboying" — or working as freelance cowboys. Among these…

3 months ago

The Rise of Equestrian Brand Dapplebay

A love of horses and art led Leah Kaufmann on an unexpected journey to start an equestrian brand. Leah Kaufmann’s…

4 months ago

Becoming a Fearless Horse Owner

I haven’t always been a fearless horse owner, but I’ve had to draw on that persona many times. I first…

5 months ago

An Advocate for Blind Horses

When I think about my experience owning two blind horses, I’m instantly drawn to the proverbial phrase, “When life gives…

5 months ago