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Horse People

The horse industry is full of stories about interesting horse people from various disciplines, breeds, and styles of riding. Read their stories in Horse Illustrated and Young Rider magazines. See how others triumphed over a challenging riding or training situation, interesting feats riders have accomplished, and how others have overcome the odds for a big win at an equestrian competition. Learn how some have spent their lives helping horses and/or riders, either through rescues, therapeutic riding programs, or through charities that they are passionate about. Find inspiration and connection from the lives of other passionate horse people, including horse owners, riders, and those who love horses.

Silencing the Haters: Learning Self-Acceptance as a Rider

Learning self-acceptance as a rider can be key for our confidence and happiness, but overall as a person, it can…

3 months ago

Vet Adventures: The Gloves are Off (for an Equine Rectal Exam)

Sage stood miserably in the corner of his stall and didn’t react as I approached him. The sour barn manager…

4 months ago

Vet Adventures: High-Tech Healing

It didn’t look like very much equipment, I thought, as I watched the representative from the company unpack the few…

11 months ago

IRL: Emma Takes on Florida—Week Four

A lesson with Svetlana Gorski This week I had my lesson with Svetlana Gorski. I was really nervous to be…

3 years ago

IRL: Emma Takes on Florida—Week Two

Although I’m in Florida for winter training and riding, I’m doing more than just riding. Being a working student involves…

3 years ago

My First Horse Show

I’m taking an involuntary hiatus from showing during this phase of my life, primarily due to the fact that I…

5 years ago