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Rider Fitness

Rider wellbeing is crucial in order to continue participating in riding and equestrian sports. That includes rider fitness, mental wellbeing, and overall health. Horse Illustrated topics include yoga, meditation, losing weight, exercises to do on and off the horse, improving core strength, riding into middle and old age, breathing exercises, battling back pain, not getting overheated in hot weather riding, how to eat better, and more. Learn tips and tricks for rider fitness and to get healthier and stay that way so that you can ride well into your golden years. Your horse will like having a healthy owner to depend on for his care, and a fit rider is a better rider.

Fit Rider: Pilates for Equestrians

Whether you’re a novice rider or a passionate and experienced equestrian, riding is physically demanding and requires a considerable degree…

2 months ago

Overcoming Fear After a Riding Accident

When I got back into riding five years ago, it had been eight years since I had really been around…

2 months ago

Physical Therapy for Equestrians

Horseback riding is a physical sport, and our bodies battle everything from nagging soreness and mild discomfort to full-blown pain…

3 months ago

Lessons Learned From Horses

We often think about what we can teach our horses: to stay in a frame, to load onto a trailer,…

5 months ago

Destress and Make Barn Time Fun Again

Losing momentum due to life’s many energy and time drains is difficult enough to cope with—family demands, work stress and…

5 months ago

Warm Up Right for Horseback Riding with an Exercise Ball Exercises

Horses are so sensitive they can feel a fly landing anywhere on their body and twitch the skin underneath. Knowing…

6 months ago

Yoga for Riders

Improved balance and focus, better reaction time, increased range of motion, added strength, greater flexibility, fewer injuries, and a boosted…

7 months ago

Fit Rider: Mind, Body, Horse

Yoga With Your Horse Yoga has worked its way into the fabric of modern culture, and with good reason: Studies…

1 year ago

Say Yes to Yoga for Young Equestrians

Practicing yoga for young equestrians can increase your flexibility and strength and help you develop better balance in the saddle.…

1 year ago

Spin for Horse Rider Fitness

"Float down to the saddles with grace,” the smiling instructor encouraged our riding group as I transitioned from two-point back…

1 year ago