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Rider Fitness

Rider wellbeing is crucial in order to continue participating in riding and equestrian sports. That includes rider fitness, mental wellbeing, and overall health. Horse Illustrated topics include yoga, meditation, losing weight, exercises to do on and off the horse, improving core strength, riding into middle and old age, breathing exercises, battling back pain, not getting overheated in hot weather riding, how to eat better, and more. Learn tips and tricks for rider fitness and to get healthier and stay that way so that you can ride well into your golden years. Your horse will like having a healthy owner to depend on for his care, and a fit rider is a better rider.

Should You Hire a Riding Coach?

Mental skills and mental toughness are as much a part of riding as horsemanship and training. Whether you need help…

2 weeks ago

Horse and Rider Fitness for Spring

Depending on the availability of indoor arenas, lights, and safe footing where you live, riding throughout the winter can be…

3 months ago

An Equestrian’s Weight Loss Journey

A high-risk pregnancy became a health wake-up call that touched every area of Kylie’s life, including her riding and equestrian…

3 months ago

Preparing for Competition: Self-Reflection

The following is an excerpt from Winning with Horses, by Adam Snow and Shelley Onderdonk, DVM, about preparing for competition…

4 months ago

Visualization Skills for Riders

By using correct visualization techniques, you can improve your riding performance in the show ring without any extra miles under…

5 months ago

Barn Banter – Episode 16

Welcome to Barn Banter, the official podcast of Horse Illustrated. In Barn Banter episode 16, hosts Susan Friedland and Raquel Lynn…

5 months ago

Your Equestrian Wellness & Fitness Journey

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reassess our wellness regimens as equestrians, as well as…

6 months ago

Next Level: Tamie Smith on Alternative Therapies and Personal Fitness

At Next Level Eventing, Tamie Smith utilizes a physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, PEMF, BEMER blankets, Revitavet, laser therapy, and other therapeutic…

11 months ago

Improve Your Riding Through Your Everyday Life

For many of us, squeezing in riding time between work, family, home and other commitments means we may have just…

12 months ago

Developing Core Stability for Horse and Rider

Developing a strong core is a popular focus in fitness these days, for both horse and rider. The benefits touted…

1 year ago