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Cattle Events

Western Lesson: Cutting Challenge

It’s a challenging dance, but cutting is a fun, fast-paced event that not only excites horse and rider, but also…

4 years ago

Featured Video: This Cow Horse Doesn’t Need a Rider

Spectators at a Southern California Reined Cow Horse Association show back in May of 2015 witnessed a pretty incredible sight:…

7 years ago

Ask the Expert: My Horse Spooks at Ropes

Q: My horse spooks every time he sees a rope when we’re trying to catch cattle. Do you have any…

9 years ago

Video of the Week: Team Penning Helmet Cam

When it comes to equestrian competition, team penning has it all. It requires speed, precision and teamwork between a group…

9 years ago

Test Riding a Cutting Horse

In spring 2006, two of HI’s editors, Toni McAllister and Micaela Myers, attended a Galles-Harrel cutting clinic in Menifee, Calif.,…

10 years ago

Western Saddle Fit Problems Revealed in Recent Study

An ill-fitting saddle can cause training and behavior problems as well as unsoundness in the horse's back. While many riders…

12 years ago

Perfect Your Rollback

Cutting, reining and working cow horse competitions share many similarities, one of which is the rollback. Whether executed while working…

14 years ago

Cue Speed Between Barrels

Q. My 6-year-old barrel horse runs to the first barrel and home from the last barrel well, but between barrels…

14 years ago

Get Ready to Ride for Some Ranch Sorting

The newest competitive event sanctioned by the American Quarter Horse Association is ranch sorting. Similar to the popular sport of…

15 years ago