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Horse Dressage

Many Horse Illustrated readers love this discipline and/or practice parts of it to improve their riding in other disciplines. This Olympic equestrian discipline, which also means “training,” involves training the horse up through set levels using specific movements put together in a pattern, called a test. Competitions are available for riders of all levels. The United States Dressage Federation governs competitions in the U.S. Horses of all breeds are capable of participating in the sport, and exercises can improve any riding horse’s skills, and that of his rider. In addition, Horse Illustrated publishes news from this discipline as well as features on how to do certain movements, how to participate in the sport, stories from riders in the discipline, and more.

Changing Riding Disciplines

The type of saddle you first sat in does not need to be your last. Changing riding disciplines can help…

1 month ago

Correcting Leg-Yield Errors with Your Horse

Last month I discussed how the leg-yield is a useful suppling and training tool for both horse and rider, how…

7 months ago

Improve Your Horse’s Leg-Yield

A useful training tool for both horse and rider, the leg-yield while horse riding supples the horse through his hips,…

8 months ago

Upgrade Your Horse’s Mane Braids

Have you ever tried to braid your horse's mane for a show and gotten so frustrated that you begged a…

9 months ago

Overcoming Difficulties as a Para-Equestrian

Sitting squarely in her black dressage saddle, para-equestrian Holly Bergay picks up her reins and prepares to train a young…

9 months ago

What Happened to the Central Park Horse Show?

A horse show inside one of the most densely populated urban landscapes in the country doesn’t happen often. But the…

11 months ago

Demystifying the Double Bridle

Riders transitioning to the double bridle for dressage or saddle seat classes can find it intimidating at first to handle…

1 year ago

Demystifying Dressage Success: 4 Musts for This Olympic Equestrian Discipline

Maybe you’ve seen dressage in person or in photos and video. Perhaps you’ve even dabbled in it yourself with some…

1 year ago

Developing Contact With Your Horse

Many equestrian disciplines require the horse to go on a loose rein, at least part of the time. But in…

1 year ago

English Lesson: How to Get Started in Dressage

Dressage is all about being in tune with and riding your horse in a way that helps him build proper…

1 year ago