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Halter and Showmanship

Halter and showmanship showcase horses while they are led instead of being ridden. Halter classes are found in various horse shows, especially breed shows, so that he horse can be shown with just a halter to be judged on their conformation and suitability as a representative of that breed. They can also be called in-hand, breeding, model, and conformation classes.

Showmanship classes involve the handler being judged on how well they can show the horse, how well the horse is groomed and prepared, and whether the horse meets breed and/or discipline standards. They are also called halter showmanship or showmanship in-hand classes.

Horse Illustrated covers news involving these classes and related championships, how to train and show your horse in these divisions, how to groom and prepare your horse, what judges look for in these classes, and more.

How to Show in Halter Classes

If you’d like to truly "show off” your horse at a horse show, you can’t do much better than to…

7 days ago

Tips on Improving Your Western Showmanship Skills

You’ve seen sleekly groomed western showmanship horses with expert skills move in sync with their handlers while outfitted in halters…

4 years ago

2019 World Championship Appaloosa Show: Celebrating 30 Years in Fort Worth

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) hosted the 2019 World Championship Appaloosa Show at Will Rogers Memorial Center, where nearly 600…

5 years ago

Morgan Breed’s Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show Wraps Up in Oklahoma City

The American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) welcomed nearly 1,000 Morgan horses to the 2019 Grand National and World Championship Morgan…

5 years ago

Horse and Pony Questions: Great Groundwork

Sometimes we don't have enough time to ride our horses, but enough time to work on something from the gorund.…

6 years ago

Western Lesson: Showmanship Setup

Showmanship class requires you and your horse to work as a team. While leading your horse through the pattern is…

6 years ago

Selecting a Hat for the Western Show Pen

This properly shaped light hat draws attention to the rider's face. Few things mark you as a greenhorn versus a…

8 years ago

Teach Your Horse to Square up for Showmanship Classes

Squaring up your showmanship horse is a deceptively simple concept. How hard can it be for a horse to stand…

9 years ago

Tail Extensions for Western Show Horses

Everyone wants a gorgeous tail in the show-ring. Once you get to the bigger stock-breed shows, tail extensions are common.…

9 years ago

Showmanship Dos and Don’ts

As you anxiously wait at the first cone to begin your showmanship pattern, you watch the exhibitor in front of…

9 years ago