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English Riding

Horse Illustrated covers anything you can think of related to English riding, including how-tos, tips from experts, discipline specifics, and more. Disciplines included are: dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, English halter and showmanship, hunt seat, jumping, and saddle seat. Many riders start out riding English (aka, hunt seat) and then progress into one of the disciplines above. Some of the topics covered include phases of jumping, how to get started in dressage or eventing, how to leg yield, perfecting the posting trot, improving your equitation, exercises with ground poles, counter bending the canter, get smooth flying lead changes, how to achieve better dressage tests, etc.

Correcting Leg-Yield Errors with Your Horse

Last month I discussed how the leg-yield is a useful suppling and training tool for both horse and rider, how…

5 months ago

Improve Your Horse’s Leg-Yield

A useful training tool for both horse and rider, the leg-yield while horse riding supples the horse through his hips,…

5 months ago

Practice Courses for Equine Jumping

There is often a misconception among jumping riders that in order for a practice course to be interesting or beneficial,…

6 months ago

Overcoming Difficulties as a Para-Equestrian

Sitting squarely in her black dressage saddle, para-equestrian Holly Bergay picks up her reins and prepares to train a young…

6 months ago

Walking Exercises for Bad Weather

Work at the walk, practiced and touted by old classical dressage masters, is always better than letting a horse stand…

9 months ago

Stop Going In Circles with These Schooling Exercises for You and Your Horse

Lessons are a regular part of the lives of most equestrians, and because of this, we as riders grow accustomed…

9 months ago

International Modern Pentathlon Committee Removes Show Jumping

Last winter, the International Modern Pentathlon Union (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne, or UIPM) decided to remove equestrian show jumping…

10 months ago

Demystifying the Double Bridle

Riders transitioning to the double bridle for dressage or saddle seat classes can find it intimidating at first to handle…

10 months ago

English Lesson: Next Level Transitions with Your Horse

If you’re like me, you are probably wondering how you could get one step closer to having a responsive horse…

10 months ago

Improve Your Rollback Turns

Courses for jumper and equitation riders include tests that are more difficult than those found on the average hunter course.…

11 months ago