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Natural Horsemanship

Learn more about the techniques that are used for horse training that tap into a horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication instead of using force. Natural horsemanship is a more gentle method of training that uses pressure and release of pressure to achieve the same goals that force and fear have achieved from harsher methods in the past. It’s becoming a much more common and accepted method of training. The trainer tries to keep the horse calm throughout training, which helps build a feeling of safety and trust between horse and trainer. This increases bonding. Natural horsemanship trainers have seen amazing results using these methods.

Rescue? Me?—A Sudden Realization Creates a Change in Horse Training Tactics

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Naturally Calm: How to Work with a Nervous Horse

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Horses as Therapy: Industry Experts Weigh In During Livestream

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Top Horsewomen School Their Industry on Cultural Competence and Gentler Training

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Rain Ready: Introduce Your Horse to a Rain Slicker

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Freedom to Shine: Liberty Training with Your Horse

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Back by Popular Demand at Road to the Horse 2020

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Hand-Feeding Treats to Horses

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