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Trail and Recreational Riding

Horse Illustrated readers enjoy hitting the trail or just for recreational riding. Therefore, we have informative articles on topics such as dealing with an emergency on the trail, new or must-have tack and gear, how to teach your horse to cross water, how to ride on hilly riding paths, how to maintain horse trails, tips for camping with your horse, getting your horse ready for a season of riding, how to create a better horse for the this type of riding, and more. Our experts know that safety is of utmost importance for any type of riding but definitely when you may be further from home. Learn tips on how to have a safe trip out on your horse and when doing recreational riding.

ASPCA’s Right Horse Adoptable Horse: Rocky

Welcome to Horse Illustrated’s weekly installment of the Right Horse Adoptable Horse of the Week, offered in partnership with the…

1 month ago

Checkers the Breyer Horse

Sir Rugged Chex—known as Checkers—is headed to Kentucky for BreyerFest 2022! Checkers was given the honor of becoming the first…

2 months ago

Why You Should Participate in Horse Breed Association Recreational Riding Programs

Recreational riding programs have long been an essential part of most horse breed association’s offerings, because they help attract and…

6 months ago

The Tevis Cup: A 100-Mile Endurance Ride Like No Other

Preparing for a 100-mile horse ride is no small feat. I’ve trekked across Mongolia as an official for an endurance…

7 months ago

Saving Horse Trail Sports

Trail riding is among the most popular equestrian pastimes, and competing on the trail was once something many trail riders…

7 months ago

Horseback Riding on the Trail Without Cell Signal

Summer and fall are fine times of year to get out of the arena and onto the trail for some…

7 months ago

Your Trail Horse Threw You Off…Now What?

On August 12, 2017, Trina Ockenfels and her horse Tiger went on an average trail ride with a group of…

12 months ago

Try Competitive Mounted Orienteering

Constantly drilling down on riding goals in an arena can become a grind for both horse and rider. Trail riding…

1 year ago

Tips for Safely Horseback Riding Solo

Whether by choice or by necessity, horseback riding solo can bring joy, adventure and a sense of accomplishment, but it…

1 year ago

Rain Ready: Introduce Your Horse to a Rain Slicker

Will your horse allow you to pick up and swing a rain slicker? The noise and fast-moving fabric on both…

1 year ago