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Trail and Recreational Riding

Horse Illustrated readers enjoy hitting the trail or just for recreational riding. Therefore, we have informative articles on topics such as dealing with an emergency on the trail, new or must-have tack and gear, how to teach your horse to cross water, how to ride on hilly riding paths, how to maintain horse trails, tips for camping with your horse, getting your horse ready for a season of riding, how to create a better horse for the this type of riding, and more. Our experts know that safety is of utmost importance for any type of riding but definitely when you may be further from home. Learn tips on how to have a safe trip out on your horse and when doing recreational riding.

Trail Riding in Adverse Weather Conditions

The open trail. Horse, rider and not a fence in sight. Trail riding is a favorite pastime of both equestrians…

5 months ago

The Quest to Discover the Horse

Follow the journey of Alyssa Mathews, founder of Discover the Horse project, which follows the quest of one woman's journey…

8 months ago

A Tölt On The Wild Side on an Iceland Horse Riding Vacation

"Now ask your horses to tölt,” instructed Björk Jakobsdóttir, our Icelandic guide. I took a deep breath, lifted my hands…

10 months ago

Tackle the Trail Course

If the idea of guiding your horse through a series of obstacles sounds fun, you’ll probably enjoy trying a trail…

1 year ago

Trail Riding Tack and Gear: Trail Essentials

Trail riding is a favorite among many riders. Don't go out unprepared. Have the right trail riding tack and gear…

1 year ago

At the Water’s Edge: Teaching Your Horse How to Cross Water

Even if your horse is great at splashing through puddles around the barn and navigating arena obstacles with water, he…

1 year ago

How to Ride on Hilly Trails

As you ride your horse on hills, you’ll need to keep your center of gravity aligned with his so that…

2 years ago