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Western Riding

Horse Illustrated covers anything you can think of related to western riding, including how-tos, tips from experts, discipline specifics, and more. Disciplines included are: western pleasure, western dressage, reining, speed events like barrel racing, and cattle events like cutting and team penning. Many riders start out riding in this style, especially in the Western states, and then progress into one of the disciplines above. Some of the topics covered include introducing your horse to cattle, how to ride the rollback, how to cue the lope, how to go bitless, selecting a hat for the show pen, showmanship, and much more.

Competing with Horses: Mental Preparation with Warwick Schiller

When competing with horses, there are a lot of things you can’t control. You can’t control the schedule. You can’t…

2 months ago

Guide to a Smooth Reining Rundown

To reach the point in the reining arena where you’ll slide to a stop, you must first build up speed…

3 months ago

Using Romal Reins to Improve Communication

A staple piece of tack for many West Coast western riders, romal reins can be a bit of a mystery…

8 months ago

Better than Fiction: The Founder of Cowboy Dressage

Life can surpass the best of fiction, particularly for someone like Eitan Beth-Halachmy, the founder of cowboy dressage. Called “8”…

8 months ago

American Saddlebreds Get Western

Years ago, if you attended a Saddlebred horse show, you could expect to see high-stepping, animated horses shown in saddle…

8 months ago

Find Your Pocket in Barrel Racing

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but it’s not always the fastest—especially in barrel racing.…

8 months ago

No Bridle, No Problem: Is Riding Bridleless Right for You and Your Horse?

If you’ve been to a horse expo, you’ve probably seen a bridleless riding demonstration. The lack of tack looks like…

10 months ago

Western Lesson: Reining Spins That Win

The horse spins to the right, then left, at a reining show. With his full body engaged and his hindquarters…

10 months ago

Ranch Riding Rundown

Ranch riding tops the list as one of the most popular western show classes. The appeal? A class that riders…

11 months ago

Change Your Mindset, Improve Your Horseback Riding Skills

Success in the arena with your horseback riding starts with the right mindset. Riders can learn from athletes how to…

11 months ago