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Proper fitting tack and its care is a key part of horse ownership. Horse Illustrated talks saddles, bridles, bits, saddle pads, horse boots, and more. We cover what you need for western, English, trail riding, and other disciplines. Topics include articles like: trail riding tack and gear, choosing the right bit/saddle/bridle, how to fit a saddle or bridle, parts of the saddle and bridle, how to get your horse ready to ride, how to host a swap, saddle fit mistakes, how to organize your storage trunk, how to clean and get rid of mold on your equipment, fitting a noseband for dressage, how to use a hackamore, and more.

My Saddle is Crippling Me: The Effects of a Poor-Fitting Saddle on the Rider’s Body

I pride myself on giving my pony the best of everything: a relaxed barn with ample turnout, regular bodywork, and…

8 months ago

Trail Riding Tack and Gear: Trail Essentials

Trail riding is a favorite among many riders. Don't go out unprepared. Have the right trail riding tack and gear…

11 months ago

English Bit Basics

The number of bits available are almost limitless. Most of us have a pretty hefty collection, and even then it’s…

1 year ago

How to Tack Up for Western Riding

You can ride western in a snaffle or curb bit, depending on what your horse goes best in. Your saddle…

2 years ago

How to Host a Tack Swap

All horse people have it: piles of tack, blankets and other equine gear they don’t use, but aren’t quite sure…

2 years ago

How to Organize Your Tack Trunk

By the middle of summer, your tack trunk or tack locker has probably become a bit of a mess—or, if…

4 years ago

The Dirty Details on Cleaning Your Tack

Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing tack that was once nice lying in a dirty heap on the bottom…

5 years ago

Get Rid of Mold on Your Tack

  Wet, humid conditions can lead to a tack room full of moldy saddles and bridles, not to mention saddle…

5 years ago

Online Tack and Horse Equipment Guide: Baby Pad

Baby pads aren’t for baby horses. They’re thin rectangles of cotton (about 32” x 28”) that fit between your horse’s…

7 years ago