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    Join Club Horse and earn points just by having fun on our site!  You can redeem your points for rewards, which include a variety of great products or valuable discounts from our partners.

    Its a fun and simple program: Many of the features on our site will automatically award you with points when you use them. You’ll earn points by visiting HorseChannel.com every day, taking quizzes, building your horse’s web page, and more!  The more you explore, the more points you earn.

    How It Works:

    •  Register for Club Horse. Click here to register >>  
    •  Log in to Club Horse every time you visit HorseChannel.com to accumulate points.
    •  The amount of points earned varies by the activity.  
      Click here to view list of point values per activity >>   
    •  Available rewards are shown on the Reward Tab in Club Horse. You can choose from a variety of great rewards so check back often to view the catalog.  
      See Rewards Catalog now >>
    •  There are no obligations and no fees to participate in this program. Read the terms and conditions before joining Club Horse.
    •   Once you join, you can start earning points right away. Return often because your points will expire if we don’t see or hear from you in 30 days. Why? Because we add new information and fun things to do on HorseChannel.com every day and we don’t want you to miss out!
    •  Need more information?  See our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

    You’ll be surprised how fast the points add up in Club Horse!


    1. I think this program that HorseChannel.com has is a great idea that is safe, friendly, and a lot of fun too!!!My horse will thank me for his webpage when he sees it later when it’s complete!

    2. My comment is I think you should games on here like horse racing or something like that. I think that many people would like that. Thanks for listening or actually reading!

    3. I have a few things I want to say.I know it’s not a forum,but has anybody else had a problem logging in to the forum? Also,what do you have for people who don’t own a horse?All I see is how to create your horse’s profile.

    4. horse club is so much fun!!!!! once i saw the site on the “HORSE ILLUSTRATED” i got interested. ever since i’ve been wanting the computer!!!! AWSOME SITE!!!!!
      – warmbloods for life

    5. i think you need to make the regestration for the register your horse’s profile easier to do cuz ive done the thing lik 5 times and it wont work for me and i fill everything and do everything rite so idk wut to do :[[ please help me

    6. I LOVE HORSES!!!there are a couple of things I want to say…I LOVE this website! I am new to club horse but I already love it!!

    7. I think that the club horse is brillient!Itotally want to sign up for club horse and i am going to tell all of my friends about club horse and how awsome it is and i am going to make it sound even better because my friend has to ask her parents and so do i but her parents somtimes say no so we are going to make it sound really fun and safe so they say yes! Thank you so much for making club horse i am sure me and all of my friends are going to have an absalut BLAST! sincercly, Courtney Klawuhn.

    8. Can we get an explanation on how Horse of the day works? I can’t find it and I really wonder exactly how the horse is chosen.
      I really enjoy this feature and others too.

    9. Hi, I’m Kayna Fenlong and I’m a horelover. I think your website is amazing experience for me to learn about horses. I have many of your magazines. My favorite is February because my b-day is in February. I hope I enjoy logging in everyday to embrace my smartness to your website. Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year. BYE!!!!

    10. Why are you not listening to your readers??? We want small useful items to use in the barn. We want less points required for these items.
      re you not listening because you really do not want us able to redeem the prizes. I just joined and will not be staying unless more reasonable prizes are offered.

    11. Why do we have to give out our E-mails? I don’t want a bunch of spam like I had on my last one!:( I don’t want to get E-mails from Purina either. anyhting I can do about this?

    12. this club is amazing so is horsechannel.com i’m am HORSE CARZY someday in my dream so to be is i want to own 15 horses on a ranch that is also a trail riding camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. I think that Club Horse is awesome! I to am a horse lover but don’t own any of my own. I also think that the article is very informitive about the site! I think that the club members are really standing up for the amazing animal!!

    14. i love horses so much u should see my room i just want to join club horses but how do i do that i keep trying and trying but i dont know how plz help me

    15. my favorite thing to do everyday is to go out and talk to my horse sundance, but she cant tell me how i join the club so i need 2 know how 2 join. plz help

    16. you join the club by just coming to this page and clicking “click here to register” just up above. then you fill out a simple form on the web (if you’re thirteen or over, if you’re not, it’s a bit more complicated). it’s very simple and easy to figure out. i think the hardest part is finding a “click here to register” thing

    17. WHen a person finds out how God made owning a horse are good for the inside of people.. they could save 100’s of $ on medicine for anxiety, depression, and less debt paying for non livng things that don’t satisfied…they want more.. The love of a horse is sucha beautiful relationship….

    18. i think this is a great way for all of us horse lovers to share our expeirences. and i be we’ve all had friends who’ve called us crazy, or have told us we stink like a stable, but who cares! HORSECHANNEL.COM ROCKS!

    19. I half to admit, I’m HORSE CRAZY!!!!! and since im so ints horses horsechannel.com is were i am practicly most of the time, checking what’s happening… I <3 Horsess!!!

    20. wish the points added up faster, love this horse channel.com, i would like to start a blog on my horses, once i figure out how to get a pic of them..lol..

    21. Great site! Came here looking for hoof abscess information, and decided to stay. Like Legacy NEEDS any more fans, LOL. He’s such a camera hog!

    22. Great incentives. They make me want to spend more time on this site. It is nice to have somewhere to go and check out a mulitude of horses and vote for favourites. A friend told me about the site and I am glad to have become a member. I am telling my riding students that they need to join as well.

    23. Hello,
      May I have permission to link your site to my saddle club’s website? I am the webmaster for my club and would like to share your ideas and tips with my members and visitor’s that do not know of the information located on your site. Also I would like permission to list some of your individual articles in the “miscellaneous tidbits” section. My club is located in NC – eastrowansaddleclub.com
      Thank you for all the great articles that you have posted. Loads of information for the beginner or even the most seasoned rider!
      Thanking you in advance!

    24. I wanted to take more quizzes but there is no where to do it on here ? I finished session 1 on horse health and want to finish all of them. Thank you

    25. Horse Channel is a terrific horse website! However, I probably will never get a horse even though I love them so much. I am still continually going on Horse Channel, but accumulating points for magazines, clothing, books, DVDS, and other stuff that non-horse owners can have.


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