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    Join Club Horse 



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    Create Your Horse’s Page



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    Take a Quiz

    50 per correct answer 


    Per week

    Answer a Poll



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    Per day

    Vote for a Horse



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    Write in a Horse Blog



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    Send an e-card



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    Win Horse of the Day



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    Win Top Horse



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    Featured Video



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    1. I do think we could maybe like be able to make a layout for our Account Pages with stuff about us, our pets and an album for them.

    2. It would be really nice if there were more ways to get points!! but it’s really wonderful that there are those prices, they are really nice!! Thanks!!!!

    3. 70,000 points for a small reward? Are you kidding? What, did you take a page from the latest frequent flyer point award requirements? Sorry, my time is worth so much more than that.

    4. What’s with the very quick point expirations, geez, you can never get enough points for anything ever at this rate. I’ve lost over 14000 point this year. You should keep them as long as a per visits once a month.

    5. I agree that more ways to get points should be given; or if the ways to get points are not changed, how about lowering the prices of the redeemable items?

    6. We should be able to play games as many times as we want and depending on the score we get, we can get a little or a lot of points.(ex. On a game, every 100 points we get we could get 1 redeemable point)

    7. I also concur. We need more things to earn and more points. I ordered HI in August and here it is October, and no HI magazine. I am very excited for it to come!

    8. I guess the idea is that the magazine gets advertisement, but doesn’t have to give free things away to often, as it takes FOREVER for anyone to get close to earing enough points for a prize! We need more ways to earn points!

    9. I’m with everyone else – it’s hard to accumulate enough points to redeem for anything. How ’bout more ways to earn points and less points required to get items??? Otherwise, I’m having a great time blogging and sending ecards, especially the personalized ones, why not add more options on those?

    10. Why can’t we get 100 points for every vote and/or blog we do daily? It would encourage more interaction between HC members and get us prizes quicker! And I’d love to see more prizes, even if they’re just small stuff.

    11. heyy,
      I love horse channel and all of the horsey things we can do but I think it would be nicer and more benficial to the site, if we had more ways of gaining points.. maybe some horse games or something? But i think we should work on finding ways to help the users get more points and benfit from the site just a little bit more! 🙂

    12. There really aren’t very cool things to redeem your points for. There should be more “horsey” type stuff instead of just magazines.


    14. There needs to be more and easier ways to get points. If you have more then one horse and make pages for them you should get more points.

    15. Yeah! definately, we should get points when people vote for our horses. even if its only like 10 or something. that should count!

    16. dont make things cost so many points. do rewards such as a bag of new horse brushes. an ew halter form weaver, a new saddle pad, things to use aroiund the barn

    17. I find it rather difficult to manuver through the club horse activities. such as viewing a picture or video, could be made a little easier. Love this website!!

    18. Just wanted to give a public note of sympathy for Bay Haven Farm on the loss of Boo’s Foal. So Sorry for you all and the Cleveland Bay Breed.

    19. I think it would be great if there was a way to find people based on where they live–some type of area networking system instead of having to check each horse profile to stumble into someone in your area.

    20. Is anyone understanding the per person per year thing. Does that meen i could run my horse for hod next year? I am confused. can somebody help me out please. I really like how when u upload a vid u get points. now i need to get another vid up! Hope some one can help me. If u want blog me At Ana 120988 thanks!~Melissa

    21. I am confused about the number. some people on horsechannel tell me to visit someones horsechannel page and they give me a number to go to do any of you know how to get to a horse channel page using the number code thing?

    22. Hey! Everybody I know I already left a comment about this but I think I explained it wrong… Here is what I meant. I know Every horse channel page has a number, my friends on horse channel tell me to visit so and so’s page and they give me a number but how do i get there using that number? If any of you guys on horse channel can help me please do, just leave a message on here, Thank you very much:)

    23. This is fun website I just with there was more ways to make points and there was a wider variety of things you can get with the points.

    24. It’s so awesome that you can get products just by using a website. And yeah, it would be nice if we got more points for doing things, but then It would be nice if the sky rained money too, now wouldn’t it?

    25. I love this website! I have already gotten one subscription and almost have another one! Its so cool to meet other horsey friends too!

    26. How come if you dont get all the questions right on a quiz and you take another one the point dont count from the second one to make a total of 250?

    27. im kinda confused about hotd and hotm
      do you get it by having the most votes on a single day/month
      or is it by having the most total points alltogether at the end of the day/month

    28. You get it by having the most votes on a single day /month. I think you usually get it the next day after racking up the most votes the day/month before. Hope that helps!

    29. Hey every one I am starting a program to help needy kids. I need alot of points but what I will be doing is donating horse products from this website that I bought with my money to donate to pride stables riding centre for disabled kids. Please help by advertising me and tigger voting for us in the online horse show and voting for us on my page. For more information email me at tigger& Thanks!!!

    30. how long do you have to save points before they expire. because I have already lost some. It would be good to see more ways to earn points. thanks

    31. Why can’t you earn additional quiz points for taking another quiz if you dont answer all the questions correctly on the first one?

    32. I think earning points is a great idea. It is beneficial to the company and to us. The only downside however is that it takes so long to earn enough to actually get rewarded! I think there should either be more ways to earn points or the current ways earn us more points. The rewards we can get are great though!

    33. horsechannel is great but it would be nice if there were more ways to earn points, and more prizes to choose from.

    34. I like the club, I just wish there were more things you could earn points for doing that you didn’t need to own a horse for.

    35. I wish you could earn points for each different game you play- not just one time only- like for the puzzles… earn points for each puzzle or memory game for each day. Its not fair that ya only get to score once for points arg

    36. I loveee HorseChannel!! I wish we could earn more points though because I love to go on it. I also LOVE DogChannel and CatChannel!
      Great job Channels!!!

    37. i really think this is a great website because instead of just playing on the computer your earning things and getting helpfull advise weather you hgave a cat dog or horse this is the best place for you!!!

    38. I think this is such a cool idea that you allow people to have fun with horsey stuff and they get to earn great prizes while enjoying themselves!

    39. This is such a good idea! People can have horsey fun when they aren’t with their horses and they can earn great stuff for what they do!

      Hey every one I am starting a program to help needy kids. I need alot of points but what I will be doing is donating horse products from this website that I bought with my money to donate to pride stables riding centre for disabled kids. Please help by advertising me and tigger voting for us in the online horse show and voting for us on my page. Thanks!!!
      Come visit me, Tigger.

    41. There either needs to be more things to get points or the point values need to change, because it is too hard and takes too long to earn points for some of the stuff, especially for some of us who don’t get on the site every day.

    42. i think that every time you complete a puzzle or do any game you should get to keep those points you aern. and they should raise the value and point limit…(:

    43. I think that we should get one point for every vote that we get! So if your horse is popular and gets regular votes you will get points for that!

    44. I wish there were more ways to get points, but with a ton of work I am up to 11k points. But I do agree it will take forever to get anything good!

    45. True, I have been wondering the same thing. But I am doing everything that I can do daily, and weekly. I am already up to 4050 points. (though that won’t get me much at this point) haha
      If anybody finds more ways, please let me know!

    46. It is taking forever to get what I want. I am going to get a nother subscription to YR ‘couse it is my fav. mag. and after that I want to get a equin skratcher.

    47. heyyyyy-the ponyluver is back!!!!! And wondering why HC is not coming up with new prizes!!!!
      the games are fun and everything but,hey,i’ve been a member for, like, EVER and no new prizes!!!!Come on, horselovers;what has happened to cool stuff????

    48. Now that the holidays are over, it would be nice to see more ecards for just ‘Hello”. How about a get well section too? Happy New Year!

    49. hiiiiiiiii, everyone!!!!!!!!!
      its me, ponyluver! i like to send e-cards to my family and friends, if you can its a super way to cheer somebody up!;0

    50. Sooo, who has voted for a horse lately?
      Hey, no pun intended, even if you don’t have an equine of your own, it still can be fun to vote for a certain horse you like on Horse Profiles!
      Advice from me, ponyluver! 😉

    51. you know what would be super cool? is if my horse Grand Ellexon won HOTD on March 28th! she will be 28 that day, making it her golden b-day. plz vote for her for HOTD. HOTM would be awsome for my other horse Sheikh. or she could be HOTD on may 7th, thats when her b-day will be… thanks for reading!

    52. I like the entertainment pages but wish that points would be given for more of the games to make
      them more interesting…

    53. I have been doing club horse for about a year now, and I currently have 64,559 points!I am saving up for some brushes for my horse.

    54. I love that there are ways to earn points, but I think people should get more points for visiting horse channel each day.

    55. i wish there were more ways to earn points. you would have to get on every day for a month or two just to get the cheapest thing. i like that the thing are free though.

    56. I don’t think people realize that horsechannel pays for the prizes themselves. They don’t have to have free stuff. People need to be grateful.

    57. Howdy everybody! I need some advice. I have a ten year old rescue horse who bucks and flips over backwards! He does this even in tight spaces and under saddle. He currenly lives 24/7 in a field so he isn’t as likely to hurt himslf or another horse. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to stop this?

    58. haha like a back flip? hmm, well I would say he sees it as fun and theres not much you can do but try to keep him in control when you can.

    59. Ann, it’s not funny that my rescue horse flips over backwards! He has hurt people and other horses before in the past! Also I accidently said bucks and flips over backwards, but I meant rears and flips over backwards!

    60. How does the “Write in a Horse Blog” work? I have a horse blog that I write in regularly and was wondering if/how i could make that count.

    61. To get HOTD you have to have a Horse Profile…..then you can tell people what day you want it and the day before and if you get the most votes the next day you will be HOTD:)

    62. I know it is expensive to give prizes to everyone who is a part of this club but, it is very hard to earn that many points. I love the points idea!

    63. i just joined can u take past quizzes to earn more points ? or only one quizz a week for 250 pts.If that is the case,doesn’t seem like u can get many pts.

    64. i really like
      its really hard to gather all the points necessary to redeem for a great gift item…i would appreciate if could come up with a point system that added some points on faster. thank you

    65. I have redeemed points twice now. Both times I received a subscription to Horse Illustrated magazine. I thought that was pretty good.

    66. why is the annual mag same points as mag. sub. It is only one mag. it sells for $6.99.the mag sub. cost lot more. Should be lot less points

    67. I am trying to save points – but I don’t understand how did i lose over 7,000 points? It takes alot points to really get anything

    68. You just have to be persistent. I am very close. If you get on here everyday, and do at least 2-3 of these things, you will make it. Sometimes it seems harder than other times. Please take my advice because I have been on here for a while, and almost have the right amount of points. Just keep trying.

    69. listen, every day do this
      take a quiz, you can repeat and look answers up on google
      send an ecard to yourself
      every week
      do the poll, you can do it twice, when it comes out and at the start of a new week
      upload a video if you can, maybe just of you and your horse…. walking for like…20 seconds.
      you can get about 600 points a day… and 1200 weekly
      so 4200 and 1200
      5400 points a week and you can get a bag of treats in a month!

    70. galadriel i think it means you (used to) earn 500 points for joining club horse. now you earn 1000, but maybe the HC ppl forget to change that or something (that’s just a guess).

    71. wow maria. looking up answers on google is cheating (personally i prefer honest ppl). so’s sending an ecard to yourself. and you don’t get points if you repeat a quiz the same week that you did it the first time. you only get points for the poll once. submitting a video like that would be cheating too. can’t you think of a single way of getting HONEST points?! and if you’re a genius (like you think you are) why would you NEED to cheat on quizzes??? i got to quiz master level 20 without cheating at all.

    72. Ellie, the poll, at least for me, gives 50 points for every answer you get right, with a limit or 250 points. So, getting three out of five questions right would give you 150 points, etc.
      Cindy, points expire after 30 days if you do not log in. If you plan on logging in at least once a week, then even if you miss a week here and there, your points shouldn’t expire.

    73. Rachael I think you are talking about the quizzes, the poll used to give me 100 paints once a week for answering one question but now it only gives me fifty too. The quizzes give fifty for each question you get right out of five.

    74. I think the points activity is really fun. I just wish I had more time to spend at the website. Thanks for offering this to your viewers.

    75. We got 5 inches of snow and i played for 9 hours on horse channel.Horselover where in Missouri do you live because i live in polarbluff missouri?

    76. I wish I could get my points up faster and/or there were more smaller items like brushes, picks, other size halters. Just a thought

    77. why did u take some of my points away. i lost over 3000 points. why. do they only go jan. to jan. i thought they rolled over.

    78. my mom got me horse illustarted for my birth day and i have a young rider subscription. not to brag though. i love getting points from playing games. ifact im gonna go play rite now

    79. It is easy to get points, but very hard to keep them from expiring. Overall this is very nice. I wish there were more oportunities to get points. Why does sometimes it not give you all the points?

    80. Hey ya’ll how long til your points will expire? Thanks have a great day and please vote for me and Dutch we will definitly return the favor

    81. HI Katie! I would be glad to vote for Dutch! Oh, About the Points thing, I do believe that if your account is inactive for at least 30 days, the pts. are automatically deleted. My name is Bandit’s Ace Stop by and see me some time!
      Bandit’s Ace

    82. This chart helps a lot! Thanks. I use this to determine what I should do. It helps a lot. I think that either prizes should be less points or activities should be worth more points.

    83. Some things should be worth more points and other things should be worth! You should get points fro playing all the games too!

    84. I would like to recive more points per day for playing games i have several things i want to save for, got a long way to go seems it would go faster if more daily points was available, since a lot of times i vist other areas of horese channel that i dont get points on.thanks

    85. how bout 1 pt. for each horse u vote for on winny warz,cause i darn sure can’t find any of my 4 horses for the last 3 weeks

    86. I would like to earn more points everytime I log in and do activities in my account. It would be more fair, don’t you think?

    87. Hey Guys my horse stormy is running for horse of the day The 18th of may so votet the 17th. and also im trying to get 100 points by this friday. so drop by my page and vote!! thanks
      Madi & stormy
      P.s. he is a black and white paint from Caldwell ID and he is 12 just so you know what horse to look for

    88. I think what u have got is great but allot of people do not think it is worth it because the amount of points are not high enough. All the things that u get high amounts of points for are for luck (mostly) or u cant do anything about it so people tend to not go on and just wait around!!
      Thanks for reading!!

    89. Hi guys Stormy needs 36 votes by Friday to reach our goal!
      We had to make a new one because we didn’t get our last goal on time!

    90. Why do the pionts stop going up after awile? At first I was able to do 2 pages of quizes now its only letting me do one.

    91. I’m starting to frustrated with this website. It wont let me log into the horse forums and it stop letting me accumulate points.

    92. I hate how long it takes to earn points! Argh! I’m trying to get a grooming bucket for my Whisper, but I’ve only got 20k!
      Although, I’d probably get more points if I uploaded videos and such like that. But still!!!

    93. Olivia from Clinton, MS: I calculated it, and you should be able to get 99,600 points in 8 months if you do the poll and quiz every week, upload a video every week, vote and leave comments on blogs/articles every day, send ecards every day, etc etc etc. That’s minus-ing and plus-ing a week or two. Of course, that doesn’t include any Horse of the Day/Month/Top Horse awards you might win if you have a horse blog.
      Just thought it might help…

    94. I’m trying to earn as many points as possible too! I’m doing a lot of quizzes every day, and voting for horses. That and an occasional comment or 2 has gotten me up to over 5,000 points in about 3 days. I’m also hoping to upload videos, because those are a lot of points. 🙂 Good luck!!!

      please help me win top horse

      ps. how do u get enough points to buy sumthin? go to me and dixies page thanks!

    96. YTD means “year to date”. So its referring to any points that you have accumulated from the beginning of the year to the current date. You can use them, but there is nothing in the catalog for 225 points. I think you have to have at least 15,000 to get anything.

    97. The best way to collect points, is to log in daily, send an e-card, vote, and make a comment, and write something about the “horse of the day”. If you can send a video, that has a lot of points. The “Year to Date” points might just be for the new year, but I did not loose my last years points.

    98. On average, you can earn 400 points a day:log in, (25) send and e-card, (150) write a blog, (100) vote (100) and post a comment (25.) Bonus days are when new quizzes or polls get in!!

    99. @Becki: The Clinton Anderson book is more of a “philosophy behind how the methods work”. It’s not really a step-by-step how-to book. He has another book (not offered by HorseChannel points) called “Downunder Horsemanship” that shows you what to do. I hope this helps you.

    100. Phew! you sure have to have a lot of points to get stuff! has anybody ever got
      Top Horse??? If you have let me know! ( i’ll vote for you!)

    101. Hey guys.
      Can you all vote for my horse Benny to be top horse or horse of the day? I promise to vote for yours! Comment on Benny’s profile…Thanks!
      Anna Blake

    102. you have not responded to my email regarding the points i redeemed a few weeks ago for the mini tack halter. i contacted them and they said that HC has not sent a request and they cannot send it. please resolve this matter for me. my points are gone but i have no prize. 🙁

    103. I wish I had time to add video too for the points. I just don’t have the time to spare! Now back to cleaning the stalls….

    104. Susan (from Pearland): you need to send an email to the business address, not just post a comment here. Not all of these comments get read by the people who can do anything about your problem. Good luck!

    105. Hapless, wish for what you do have, tis the only way to be happy! Call and email me ok? Haven’t talked to you in a while……

    106. My Thirty Six got HOTD today 10/4!!! Help Ella Bee get it for tomorrow please! THX!!!!
      He will be totally excited when he sees himself in the spotlight! He loves watching the races that he ran in especially the ones he won! He’s a proud sort of fellow! He’d be honored to have his stablemate, Ella Bee, in the spotlight tomorrow. He’s probably already thinking of the party he’ll have to have in celebration….guess I better start on the carrot cake now!!

    107. I just took two more quizzes from horse college and they didn’t show on my point total? There is no limit per day on those right?

    108. The rewards are so cool! Want to get the halter for my mini, Mohawk. He’s so adorable and Im sure he’ll appreciate it! I love horse channel!

    109. I’m so glad you don’t have to put in the “secret” word to make a comment anymore. It would never accept it anyway, and you ended up entering a secret word about 7 or 8 times before your comment got accepted.

    110. Nathan: No, you don’t have to own a horse to join…we love to be friends with anyone who loves horses! Welcome to Club Horse!

    111. Hi Nathan! I’;ve been on Hors Channel for aboit 2 1/2 years. and since I joined, I’ve gotten 2 free subsctptions, a Clinton Anderson book, and now the helmet. The trick is to log in EVERY DAY, do the activities, and don’t get discouraged. You can earn about 4000 points a week by: Daily: Log in, Vote for a horse, comment in a horse’s blog, comment on an article (like this), and send an ecard. Weekly: upload a video, vote in the poll, and take one or more quizzes. Good luck!

    112. i really want a lot of these things and i could use all of it i have 15 horses and they go through some treats an dhalters and we are starting up a non profit help deliquent teens get over their bad behaviors

    113. Cindy that was helpful to even me ! ANd i’ve been a memeber for like a year now ! haha i just got a halter and am now working up to the helmet :3

    114. How often does the big redeeming prize change? i just bought an ovation helmet and I want to save for something big like that. thanks!

    115. I think the points are great just wish you could earn them faster. I’m hoping to get something my daughter can really use.

    116. I just got my helmet in the mail and I love it! It only took about 10 days to receive it once I redeemed my points. Now I’m saving for the horse treats.

    117. It’s taking me FOREVER to earn points. I wish there were more ways to earn points such as games or other activities. I don’t have a horse but I’m trying to raise money to help my parents pay for one. I’m just trying to get things to prepare for a horse so I really need more points

    118. Cool, they added ANOTHER great prize…a t-shirt! I just used all my points to get the helmet, but now I’m saving for that shirt. I earn about 4000 points a week, so I should be able to get that shirt by around October.

    119. I love the prizes! I wish there were more ways to earn points though…oh well, it’s still pretty awesome that you can earn things without having to pay real money! If they added grooming tools to the prize selection it would be perfect 🙂

    120. I am obsessed with this website, and love the prizes! I do wish that you can receive more points for horse of the day because it is a great accomplishment. 🙂

    121. I wish there were more ways to earn points. I don’t have a horse but I love them and ride as often as I can. I want to get my own helmet but without a horse to post videos about, I can only get about 3,000 points a week and that will take me about 58 weeks to get one.

    122. Another easy way to earn points is horse health college I’m really learning alot and earning extra credit points.

    123. Very Cool! i love! I think it was very nice and fun to create a website where people of all ages can play games, do quizzes, and send E-cards to earn points to buy great, high quality products for them or their horses! 🙂
      love you horsechannel!

    124. HC is the best! I started a subscription to HI in the 80’s and still get the mag, but HC is much needed fun and relaxation for me!

    125. Love this site…can’t wait to take all the courses in the Horse College!!! Love the reward program too!
      Free nothing is free…however it truly is free..

    126. is awesome!! Love the contests (since I live in Canada I don’t think I’ll be winning anything since everyone who wins in in the USA), prizes, courses, and everything!! 😀

    127. It’s so sad that people abuse and neglect their horses but people who has wanted one all their life and would give them all the love they deserve can’t have one.

    128. I love the points system!!! Im working my way to a new helmet!! I am way more addicted to this site than facebook!!!!! it literally is fb for horse people!

    129. My school has strict rules about only educational sites. Everyday I am on here and they ask me why I get on here. I simply state “HorseChannel is educational, I learn new things about other horse lovers, horse training tips and health tips.” I love this I can’t get enough!! I also am working towards a helmet to use while giving riding lessons.

    130. This website is so cool! I found another cool horse website with amusing horse articles but I dont think that they have a system where you can earn points ans prizes! Check it out:

    131. I wish you could earn more points when going quizzes instead of only being able to do two quizzes a week. Other than that this site is pretty good 🙂

    132. wish they would bring back the other helmet you could earn in the rewards page, it was prettier and it cost less points! I loved the allure black helmet… and now the helmet is almost 300,000! I only have 32,000! please make it easier to earn points hc!

    133. I’m afraid i don’t quite get something, but why is it my points are “expired”? i don’t know if after a certain time the points expire and if so then…i imagine it is very hard to save your points

    134. I am having fun with this site. There are several areas that I can click on and complete to earn points. Keep up the great job.

    135. I’m learning about horses with the interest in having them on a small farm we recently purchased. This will be a good way to learn in addition to other material ond classes.


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