Club Horse Frequently Asked Questions


    Setting up or Modifying Your Club Horse Profile
    Participating in Profile-Related Activities (blogging, rules of conduct, etc.)

    Miscellaneous Questions

    Setting Up or Modifying Your Club Horse Profile

    Why should I join Club Horse?
    You earn points by doing fun things like taking quizzes, sending e-cards, building your own profile web page, writing in a member profile blog and visiting the site every day. You can redeem those points for merchandise and discounts from our partners.

    Why do I have to register for Club Horse?
    We need to know who you are so you can earn points at Club Horse. Make sure you  log in every time you visit so we can add points to your account. The Club Horse Member Login link is on the top-left side of the home page.

    How do I register?
    Click here  to visit the registration page. Fill out the information, choose a password and hit the “Register” button.

    My registration keeps failing. What am I doing wrong?
    You may not have filled in one of the required fields. The required information is marked with a red asterisk. Please ensure that you are entering our registration image code correctly as it is case-sensitive. . Some of our users have also had trouble registering when using certain image formats, so please try uploading a different photo if you can. If it still doesn’t work, you can  contact us using “Technical Support” as the subject.

    How do I update my account?
    You will first need to  log in and then click on “Update Profile” when you are on the “My Account” page. You can change your personal information or uncheck the opt-in button if you no longer want to hear from or our partners.

    How do I change out the main photo on my pet’s profile?
    1.  Log in to your account. You can do so via the link on the upper-left corner of the website.
    2. Click on “Edit” for the profile you’d like to update.
    3. Click the “Browse” button above your current photo to search for your new image.
    4. After you’ve chosen your new photo, click “Save” at the bottom of the web page to update your horse’s profile.

    I’ve updated/uploaded my pet’s photo(s), but when I go the profile page, it’s not there. What’s wrong?
    Most likely you are viewing a cached version of the profile page. You can either refresh the page by pressing F5, or you might have to change your browser settings to always download the latest version of the page. For Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options. Under ‘Browsing History,’ click on ‘Settings’ and change the setting to ‘Every time I visit the webpage.’ Click OK to all windows. You may need to refresh again to see the updates. Remember, additional photos are viewable when you scroll to the bottom of the profile page.

    I’ve lost my password and can’t log in. What do I do?
    Please use our  password recovery tool to retrieve your password. If you are unable to remember the answer to your question, then you may  contact us to reset your password and have it e-mailed to you.

    How many photos can I post in my profile?
    Each profile is limited to a maximum of 20 supplementary photos, located at the bottom of the profile.

    Will you send me e-mail?
    Yes, we will. We will send you e-mail updates about your point status and your rewards. We’ll also send you our member newsletter and information about the Club Horse program on occasion.

    How do I sign up to receive email?
    Log in  to your “My Account” page and click on “Update Profile.”  Make sure to check mark the opt-in box and hit the “Save” button.

    Participating in Profile-Related Activities (blogging, rules of conduct, etc.)

    How many profiles can I create?
    You can set up as many profiles as you like under your account, but you will receive points for a maximum of 4 profiles.

    There is something offensive on the site. Can you remove it?
    We would like to first note that this is a virtual online community and anything that is posted by users is to be taken with discretion and is unaffiliated with our site. Please use the “Report Abuse” link at the bottom of profiles or send us an e-mail if the offensive material resides outside the profiles. We will remove any inappropriate material at our discretion after review. Please include any evidence you may have of the offense.

    I believe that a profile is fake? What can I do?
    Please supply us with any evidence you have against the profile. We will investigate the profile and take appropriate action. Continued harassment or arguments regarding fake profiles will not be tolerated and will result in account deletion.

    Someone has defamed me or has posted rude remarks. How can I remove these comments?
    If someone has posted rude remarks, you have the option to delete the comment or keep it and report the rude comment to us. We will warn the account owner and take appropriate action if harassment continues.

    If the remarks are on one of your own pet profile pages, you can remove them by logging in and viewing your pet’s page. There will be a “delete” button next to the comments. Click the button that corresponds with the comment you would like to remove. If the comment(s) reside on another person’s profile, contact us by using the “Report Inappropriate Content…” link at the bottom of their profile. Please be specific in your report and include as much information as you can.

    Someone stole my photo. How can I get it removed?
    You can either use the “Report Inappropriate Content…” link if it resides on a profile, or you can  contact us under the subject “Technical Support.” Please provide any evidence you may have that proves you are the original owner of the photo. We will review and remove the photo if we believe that it has been stolen.

    Someone posted copywritten material. Are you going to remove it?
    Copywritten material is forbidden to be posted on any of our sites. If you believe certain material is copywritten, please  contact us and we will review the content and remove it if it violates our terms. Please provide evidence on reports for us to review.

    How can I add or delete a comment on a blog?
    You must  log in order to add comments. After you are logged in, there should be two boxes at the bottom of the profile page you would like to comment titled “Subject” and “Comment.” After you have filled out the fields, click on “Add Comment” to leave the comment. You are only allowed to delete comments on your own blog and you must also be logged in. From your “My Account” page, you can click “View” on the profile you’d like to remove the comment from. There will be a “delete” button next to the comments. Click the button that corresponds with the comment you would like to remove. If the comment(s) reside on another person’s profile,  contact us by using the “Report Inappropriate Content…” link at the bottom of their profile. Please be specific in your report and include as much information as you can.

    What is Horse of the Day / Horse of the Month (Top Horse) and how are they determined?
    Horse of the Day/Month are the top horses on our sites that receive the most votes in their profiles as well as the community gallery for that given period.
    – Horse of the day is determined from the previous day.
    – Horse of the month (Top Horse) is determined from the previous month.
    Each profile can only win an award once in a rolling 1-year period.

    Why was my photo/profile/comment/entry removed?
    It is most likely that your entry is not relevant to the subject of our site, or has violated our terms. Inappropriate, irrelevant or fraudulent posts will be removed.

    How do I vote for my favorite horse/profile?
    Please make sure you are  logged in prior to voting. While you are browsing the member profiles, click on the vote button on your favorite profile’s page.

    Miscellaneous Questions

    I would like to contact another user on the site. How can I do so?
    We are currently unable to help in this situation, although some of our users have found methods of contacting each other. You can also try joining and contacting each other through our  forums  and communicating through private messages.

    How do I contact someone at
    Go to our  contact us page. Please select the proper subject for your questions/concerns.

    How do I advertise on
    Contact us  and choose the appropriate subject from the form.

    Can I put a photo of my other pets on my horse’s Web page?
    Please note all photos need to be of the horse that the Web page is for. You may, however, include one photo of your horse’s family or friends that your horse is not in.

    My horse died, what are my options? 
    You can choose to delete the profile or you can edit the information to make an Angel/Memorial page for your horse.

    Am I allowed to campaign for Horse of the day/Horse of the month? 
    Currently there are no rules against campaigning on HorseChannel. If you would like to discourage campaign posts on your page you should consider putting a friendly note in your profile information that you are not interested in voting campaigns and prefer to just meet other members.


    1. I am a current Horse Illustrated subscriber, and am trying to access prior articles on the channel, but cannot access the full story, without being asked to subscribe. If I am subscribed, then why do I have to subscribe again, yes, I have been receiving the magazine.

    2. The information provided answered everthing I was about to search for. Nice to have found it all in one place. Very clearly answered and easy for everyone to understand.
      Great Job!!

    3. I miss watching you soooo much. I have time warner cable in Sun City, Ca. Can you do anything about this? I did call them and request your station, but got no responce. Thanks!

    4. I would like to read something about team roping or just ropping in general anything about it especially how to train you and your horse to be unbeatable at rodeos. And is it good to exrcise your horse in the snow or should you wait untill spring or take it to an indoor areana and is it ok to have your horse relaxe from fall to spring? and when should you stop riding you horse (like at what age)? And i love to read about barrel racing and i would love to read something about pole bending for high school rodeo thanks i love to read horse illustrated and i would love to read all about those subject thanks sooooo much.

    5. When I try to log-in the neswletter sign up thing comes up. I can only log in like once and I’ve lost a lot of points because of it. Can any one explain why!!!!?

    6. Tried to create an avatar. Had to create a horse profile first I did. I only put in two e-mail address and hit register. nothing happened. Then I left the profile when I tried to go back into it all my info. was gone. I tried once before to create a profile that time I didn’t have a picture in the computer and I couldn’t do found out after going through all the other stuff. Getting tired of trying to put it in there. Why wouldn’t it work this time???

    7. For some reason, I can never get into the forum. Everytime I try to enter, the whole computer crashes.Why is that?

    8. To blog, you go to the horse’s page you want to write on and scroll to the bottomish of the page. There are to boxes, the first one is for the “greeting” the second is for the “body”

    9. do you have to have a horse to join ?? i ride and the horse i ride i would love to buy but i do not have the money !!!! please answer my question?????

    10. this is to kate from rehoboth, Ma. U don’t have to have a horse to join. as long as u have the owners permission. See few people that don’t own the horses on their profiles. i have a couple that r my moms best friend where i board mine

    11. ok i join and when it asked me if i wanted to make my horses profile i accedentaly hit the i’ll do it later. how do i get back to creating my profile.

    12. how can I get the “star” rating to work on the videos I browse? I see them up there, but when I try to rate a video, my rating stars don’t show up?

    13. How would I be able to get an older issue of Horses Illustrated. I would like the issue about how to make your own stalls. I don’t remember which month it was.

    14. Id like to know why Canadians pay over twice as much as anyone in the States? Our dollar is currently stronger that yours and I know for certain it isn’t that much more expensive to mail things to us. Please explain.

    15. Hello My name is Correina Mcneice and i think i take really good care of my pony sylvester or my hero that he deserves to be put into young rider please please please email me back with results <3

    16. How do you get the cool halters on the horses, the neat backgrounds (not the ones that have stall pasture and show!), and the manes and tails to looks special? I’ve seen many AMAZING ones and can’t find anything but the stall pasture and show backgrouds!

    17. What are the Whinny Warz? I saw on my horse’s profile that he was a Whinny Warz winner, but I can’t find that on the site.

    18. i ride a 21 yr old arabian gelding. i ride him ALOT, but feed him plenty.yet he still loses ALOT of weight. we can see his ribs clearly now. wat am i doing wrong?! if u hav the answer to my question, please email me at thanx!


    20. I am trying to register. Every time I go to registration page and answer the question “Are you at least 13 years old” (I am 57). I answer yes and then can go no further. I am trying to sign up for horse grooming. I am currently a dog groomer. I have called several times and no one can help me. They send me to technical support which is for your employees only. This is very frustrating. Also there is no way to contact you other than regular mail.

    21. I spent 50,000 points on a miniture halter and they said that they would contact me to ask me which size and color i wanted well it’s been about 3 or 4weeks and i would think that they would contact me by now. What do i do? Do i wait more or contact them? this has happend before on fishchannel.

    22. How do I find out who is Horse of the Month? There appears to be no link or banner or anything that allows me to see it. The Horse of the Day is readily seen at the right of the page, but every month I never know who the winner is. Can you help?

    23. Just a quick question, anyone who wants to answer! Can you delete your account once you make one? I’m new to this horse club thing, and haven’t joined yet. I want to decide if I like it first. Any one who knows, please answer! Thanks.:) And could I please get an answer right away? Thanks again.:)

    24. Hi Philomena,
      Yes, you can have your account deleted. You just need to send an email in to and let us know that you would like your account deleted. You also can have an account to participate in Club Horse quizzes and other activities to earn points to redeem great horse prizes. You don’t necessarily have to create a horse profile in order to be in Club Horse.

    25. Thank you for your answer,Club Horse Moderator,CA. It was helpful, and I will ask more questions if I happen to have any more. Thank you again!

    26. Thank you for your answer,Club Horse Moderator,CA. It was helpful, and I will ask more questions if I happen to have any more. Thank you again!

    27. I can’t view the videos. I have windows 8 and the latest version of adobe flash player. Can you tell me what I need to view them? Thanks

    28. I have completed Session 200 of the Horse Health and I cannot find my diploma. I have started session 300 and printed session 100 diplomams but cannot find session 200.

    29. I wanted to read one article about Cow horse boxing. The site shows the article in an April 2008 issue. I signed up to join Horse Club thinking the article would be readable after I did it,but it still does nothing!! Very frustrating, misleading and annoying.

    30. I have subscribed to HORSE ILLUSTRATED, but I want the magazine to go to my Grand daughter. I can not find an address to submit the address change to HORSE ILLUSTRATED. Can anyone help me?

    31. If you already put your order in, you would need to contact the magazine, if you didn’t order yet, change your address to your granddaughter, by going under your profile and using her address.

    32. I want to buy the magazine in the store but can’t find a place without driving all over town. You don’t have a phone number to ask, so how else do I get this magazine without a subscription?

    33. i login and when ever i try to go to forum page it opens in new link and says to login. when i try to login it says incorrect password or login. why is this doing it only for the forums?

    34. I was enrolled in Horse Health College session 300 and my 300 session has disappeared. Could someone please restore or tell me how to sign up for session 300 again. I have completed session 100 and 200.

    35. Hello, horse channel recently had loading issues and I could not sign in. As a result, my points expired. Is there someone can contact regarding this or is there any way I can get my points back? I had over 39,000 so I am fairly disappointed (especially since I tried horse channel nearly every day and it never worked.)

    36. I was thinking that horse profiles that have been active for 50 days should be removed cause they just sit there and do nothing.

    37. I lost my horses profile and cannot login with the same horse profile. Is it lost forever, will I have to create a new one? I’m using the same e-mail & password, I cant figure it out. Any advice?

    38. I tried to change my address but do sure it went through.
      Old: Donna Hope, 1847 Mountain Sage Place Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
      NEW: Donna Hope, C/O 27871 Sheffield, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
      Donna Hope, 10/26/2016, Cell: 714-797-3357

    39. I cannot view any videos, though I registered and gave you my email. Everything is in text only, with the option to print, but NO videos. What’s wrong?

    40. I bought a subscription for my daughter and the first magazine came to my house. I know I put her address down as the recipient. How do I check this.


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