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    Browse the rewards, hit the Select button and then confirm your shipping information.  You will receive your reward in 3 to 5 weeks.  Magazine subscriptions take 6 to 8 weeks to process. If a sponsor cannot ship outside the United States, your points will be returned.

    Hit the Trail DVD


    Hit the Trail

    400,000 points

    Join Pat & Linda Parelli as they take you on a trail ride through the stunning Colorado wilderness. You’ll learn all that you need to know before you set out on the trail, then how to put your newfound skills to use. Hit The Trail is full of practical tips for riders of all levels. DVD covers trailering, trail etiquette, natural obstacles, essential groundwork, in saddle preparation, water crossings, spooky situations, gear selection and more. Runtime: 4 hours, 30 minutes.

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    I-5 Press – Healing Power of Horses


    Miniature Nylon Halters

    BowTie Press - Healing Power of Horses

    100,000 points

    Healing Power of Horses is the story of how the author, Wendy Baker, began studying the equine philosophy of the Lakota Indians as a way to return to horses after being badly injured in a horse riding accident.

    Miniature Nylon Halters

    50,000 points

    Premium quality, brass plated, 2-ply, 3/4” nylon web with heavy duty hardware. Eyelet holes are reinforced with grommets to prevent fraying. Someone from Minitack.com will contact to arrange the correct size and color.Check out www.minitack.com for all of our Miniature Horse and Pony items.



    1. This is such a tremendous program! My first free issue of HI arrived last week and I marveled at how simple (and enjoyable) it was to get it! It’s not often you can do something you love and get rewarded for it. I think the point values are pretty fair, but a better selection would be great. Thanks again for the great opportunities!

    2. It’s awsome that you can get all these neat prizes just for having fun on horsechannel! I love getting Horse Illustrated and Young Rider for free. It would be nice to have a bigger selection though.

    3. Thanks so much for offering this points/reward system — it is awesome!! Hope to see it expanded in the future to offer more products to “save” up for!

    4. I agree with Mary in Cincinnati and Crazy Cowgirl in MO…I think the point system is a great idea but points to earn for the prizes offered are to high. I to would like to see some prizes that can be used such as fly spray, halters, lead ropes etc. for lower points that are reasonable to get.

    5. do you think you could put some templeton thompsson cds up here she is a great singer and i love her song girls and horses thats also the name of the cd you could put up here i want it so bad all her somgs are about horses and the country my favorite are cowgirl creed and girls and horses

    6. yessss i agree mabe a parelli halter or some halters or some lead ropes,treats…groming stuff brushes and make it a lot more easyier to grt stuff because yall want way tooooooo much for that stuffff
      ? kAyLa

    7. I think you should have stuff FOR horses on here. For like 100,000 points you could have a halter or lead rope or Treats or something? What do y’all think about that. Or maybe just something like that!

    8. I think it is very cool how the website awards participators with free points that they can use towards other items. Nice way to draw business.

    9. I think that the point values need to change a bit. Either lower the points needed for some stuff or raise the value of the points that you get for blogging and voting and such because it seems rather hard to be able to get some of the items offered, especially for people who don’t get on the computer every day or even every other day. Just a thought.

    10. I think this is a great idea. Some people would like to buy thing like this, but they just don’t have extra money to spend all the time. I do think you should get some stuff for the horse. Even if it is a halter, or maybe flyspray. Something like that would be great.

    11. I think its a great idea, but I agree with Grace in that I think that there should be some horse items as well, like a halter, saddle pad, fly spray, brushes, anything.

    12. I have to admit yes its very cool that we can have this. I also agree that it would be very very nice for horse items to be added and us be able to get them with our points.

    13. i also agree lors of people need things like brushes and detangler or even as everyone else said fly spray or you good put gift cards up here for horse related places like tractor supply or something similar so we could use them to buy things that we need and not wait for you to get that certian thing on there so if we need someting we could use gift cards and get it ourselves

    14. I realy do like this. But I think that we need horse bruches or sponser programes like on cat channel. I would also like to see some items for children like books or key chains.

    15. This idea is great, but it would be even better if you added items like halters, saddle pads, leadropes, brushes, sponges et cetera! Thanks!

    16. This is so cool but like some of these people have said add items these items above are so many points make ones with less point. Well hope you read this.

    17. sigh… it seems like I’m never going to get the points to get that card case. But I’m working on it. 😀 This is too fun.

    18. These are all great and brushes would be fun too (although I’m sure they’d cost you a rediculous amount of points). But I think small fun things like horsey Key-chains and notepads would be very pepular too!

    19. yes! I agree with a lot of you! These things are SO MANY points. it seems we can never achieve unless you’re on 24/7. And it would be nice to have actually horse related things (such as grooming stuff, saddle pads. etc.) that aren’t books. Thanks for reading my opinions!

    20. The points should be less so that you can afford something. Chelsea is right that we need more items like Horse care stuff or something you can use for a present.

    21. I totally agree with you Kathryn! Points shouldn’t be so high because it is hard to make that many, especially when you can’t log in as often

    22. I would like to see some sponserships such as adopt a wild horse or somthing just like cat channel. i also think that like brushes for like 2000 points a peice or a bag of treats would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. I think your points are the right amount…if they were lower everyone would be getting something,even if they logged in once. Keep up the good work horsechannel! If you do more things,you get more points. It’s That simple.

    24. I think you should add a book on like arena exercises or schooling exercises something like that. i would definitly use my points for that

    25. I would like to see John Lyons and Pat Parelli books. I come here every day, and after about 5 months, I am able to get something cool.

    26. I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet, as some do. I just don’t have the time. Therefore, I feel that points earned should “roll-over” just like cell phone minutes. I have lost a couple thousand points for this reason.

    27. “Roll-over”? They don’t disappear unless you haven’t been on in 30+ days. You only have to get on once a month!
      PS. The wallet is really cool, i just got it!

    28. Thanks horsechannel! I just got a subscription to young rider! Cool prizes! I would like to see more selection or ever like a new brush or flyspray or something. =)

    29. i think that u should be able to get something for 5,ooo points it would really help and it doesnt have to be big or anything it could be a hat with a horse on the front or it could be a braclet with horseshoes and horse charms on it think about it at least and email me back and put it to Auxana at coleysemail@cableone.net thanks have a good day

    30. Thanks horse channel for the calender with horses i really liked it and it took me forever to get the points though could u put prizes for less points?????????

    31. I don’t like how you lose your points if your not on for a month. I think it should be alittle longer before you lose your points; maybe 3 months. I only saying this because earlier this year a storm messed up my computer and I was unable to get online for a little over a month. When I did return I was very upset to find that I lost over 34,000 points that I had worked so hard for.

    32. I have to agree with Melanie and Auxana. I realy like the idea of charm braclets I just got my rubber braclet from CC and Love it and if it was lik cheaper points that would be awsom. I am ealy close to the subskrision and can not wait. Thanks for listing.~M

    33. Yeah I aggree there should be more prizes maybe like halters or treats or saddle pads or something!
      And something cheap like a key chain like the Dog Channel one but a horse thing maybe?

    34. the Horse Illustrated Covers , willit just be a cover or will it be a magizine ? do you have to print it? please let me know how you liked it.

    35. I reALY LIKE hc. I think u need like maybe horse treats or like a horse halter or maybe something like on CH that cost like only 7000 point. I receved my braclet from CH and am realy happy with it. another Idea is a book or something.~M

    36. this is awesome!!!i think that one of the options should be the book Riding For The Blue, the one that you can read the first chapter of on here. just a suggestion:) this whole points thing is really cool

    37. Hi! I love horsechannel and all of these prizes! I think that there should be more little stuff, for fewer points. I also got a subscription to young rider at the end of October, but it hasn’t come yet. =(

    38. I luv the prizes but i need more prizes for less points and maybe some stuff from wild horse feathers and back in the saddle stuff you can get with points.

    39. less points! ive been on a while and the excitement of redeeming points is wearing off; i wont be able to afford any of this for a long time! great idea, though.

    40. i disagree. i think it is a fair amount of points. im mean come on we are getting this stuff 4 free we should @ least work for it.

    41. I think we need more stuff like hoof picks or brushs. I know alot of people say it but i think thta the points are pretty fair.

    42. this is so cool like i have said before and if anyone reads this plz come vote for my horse noah his marking is like a ? thanks

    43. We need more of a selection. We could have horse and pony haltes for 130,000 points. We could chose the color of halters too. We could also have hoof picks,sweat scrapers,dandy brushes,and horse shampoo.

    44. I think the prizes are great! I also think that there should be more little stuff for less or even fly spray or sweat scrapers. I got a years subscription to young rider at the end of october and I still haven’t gotten it.

    45. I love getting the magz but i would love to see grooming kits fo rlike 60,00 points i know spendy but worth it. and maybe books for kids. I dont just ideas

    46. Well, you said you’d added more things to the rewards catalogue but there is only one new thing. Treats would be an excellent addition. What horse person doesn’t need treats? And halters and lead ropes too.

    47. Hey There, I have a book from Linda Tellington Jones on Horse training and behavior but to me it seems more like massages for horses! I do agree though we need more Items here like A Jolly ball Or splint boots or something like that

    48. I think it would be great to have the chance to earn horse treats! Another thing I would like to earn is shampoo in that bottle that you hook up to the hose. My favorite shampoo for horses!

    49. Everytime I stop by here there aren’t any new items and those that were there already are more expensive. It would really be nice if we could redeem treats. I think that would be the popular item. And lead ropes and halters, etc.

    50. Can we please have some treats or things that we can use on our horses, like grooming supplies, hoof oil…Saddle Soap…. Bags….Or some riding appareal SOMETHING COOL

    51. HI Silvia. Yes you do get a email stating that your points are about to exspire. It is not fun to lose points so come back often.~Melissa p.s. HC I think that horse treats would be a HUGE hit on here.gtg

    52. Hi, I think for redeeming points, HC should have small horse gifts, including brushes, treats, and other cheaper things. Some of the gifts for redeeming points are plain and too high in points. More useful objects would probably become very popular.

    53. I also think that you should do like horse treats or little things or horse shampoo. Some of the things are really expensive. You should lower the points for some of them or you should add like more expensive things like saddle pads or like crops.

    54. Yeah, i think that little things like brushes, combs, rubberbands for braids, treats, leadropes, then more expensive things like gloves, number pins, hair nets, other stuff.

    55. I agree that some rewards are to expensive and that you should either lower them or add more expensive items. Also, I think more useful items such as brushes, shampoos, halters, headstalls, saddle pads, etc… These things I think would attract more attention, and probably bring more people to the site.

    56. I think horsechannel is doing a great job! To think that we can get all these things for free is awsome! I love getting HI and YR. How can we expect the points to be so low for things when we’re not paying a penny? I already don’t know how they can afford what they’re doing with thousands of people on all the pet channels.

    57. I think that these prizes need to be less expensive, or there should be more ways to earn points. or you should earn more points for the stuff already listed.

    58. I think it would be cool if you can get small horse supplies, like a brush or halter etc. Almost all of us are horse owners and I think everyone would enjoy them. Also considering that some brushes are only like $1 or $2 each, it would cost less points to purchase them. And then more people would join/play Horsechannel because they actully get stuff which is useful 🙂

    59. I think everything is good except that there is not enough little items to get with little points. but I understand that it costs money and such. So good job! (:

    60. this will take people a long time to save up for. Mabey they should have more little prizies instead of prizes so big. like a horse pen for around 350 points.

    61. I think the there should be more little things on here, like brushes, hoofpicks, and other little things that every horse owner needs. kind of like the tip-n-wipe, these things cost less to buy and more people would redeem them using points!!!!!

    62. I keep trying but everytime I get close you up the number of points required to receive the items!!
      What the heck is up with that????
      Soon to quit.

    63. How about downing the prices a bitand getting more useful things in! I would love a year subsciption to a magizine but that’s just too many points and you don’t have any other good items!!

    64. we dont want stuff like magazine, we want stuff to use around the barn like a nice hoofpick for 900 points or fly spray for 10,000 or detangler for 7,000 of mane n tail for 12,000 stuff like that

    65. I love this web site. You should be able to earn some points for accessing horse care educational items. Some people dont know how to care properly for horses. This might encourage more learning. God Bless the Horses.

    66. i love horse channel! it is a great place for people who are unfamiliar with the equine lives to better there studies! =]

    67. OMG I just got my first horse ill. and omg I am so happy i got it free! I am so happy cuz i have not had the money to get a sub.!!THanks Hc! And i just subbed to Young rider and i cant wait to get my firat one!!THANKS SO MUCH HC!!!!!!

    68. What a great place to get in touch with horse people! I got my first reward last month from HC and it’s Horse Illustrated. THANK YOU!

    69. I have a suggestion. It would be extremely awesome if you had a rope halter on here for say 50,000 points or something. I, along with many others, think is is a great idea. Thank You!

    70. i think there should be other things on here, like halters and things, things every horse owner needs!!!i subscribed to a year of HI, but i am getting young rider instead, so i think that you should try to keep better track of the orders:)i like the rewards system though!!!

    71. OMg Hc you rock! I just got my first FREE young rider today in teh mail! I just started getting HI to! It so rocks! The only thing i would add is some horsey products like halter or maybe brushes. I dont knwo but this is the best site ever.

    72. It would be great if you had items like brushes, halters/leads,wormers, etc that you could use your points for. I think most people that use this site already subscribe some of the magazines and most of the other items are dumb

    73. This program is great. The only negative thing I have to say about it is the lack of products like brushes, halters, leads, etc. But other than that, thanks for doing this program!

    74. I would like to see Parelli stuff on here. Thank you for a great site. Does anybody ever read these that matters? Like somebody in charge of the reward section?

    75. A lot of time and work goes into obtaining 12500 points and you have a coupon for that? I think there should be more items available.

    76. This list could use some items that don’t take so many points to acquire such as (someone else said) horse essentials such as grooming supplies and halters and things of that nature. The current items are nice but some people just don’t have the time to earn points!

    77. More items, such as halters, grooming kits, horse treats, dewormers maybe? That would be great! And i agree, some of us don’t have time to earn many points! Thank you for the site!

    78. There should be more items for lower points and just more items to chose form because it takes so long to earn that many points.

    79. okay this points thing is kinda, well point-less. Like the credit cards that use the point system after a long and costly time you can get something that would have been cheeper to go and purchase in the first place.
      the world wants cheep stuff. pens, curry combs, mane combs, braiding bands, cute pony erasers.
      still the site is cool. even if it is kinda goofy at times.

    80. I would like to see more variety. I understand why the points for everything is so high though. You can’t afford to give everyone something for nothing. We’re getting free stuff for pratically nothing in return.

    81. I am very appreciative of the points system! What other site gives you points just to use it?? I don’t know of any. . .But I would just like there to be more variety in the things that can be bought with them. That’s just my opinion though–beggars can’t be choosers. . .

    82. I think the point system is great! Although, (along with every other comment I’ve read) I would like to see some smaller prizes that don’t require quite as many points. Just something to make me feel like I’ve achieved something!

    83. I think it’s really awesome that HC is giving us products just for using they’re website. But, I do agree with everyone saying that we need more product choices, especially practical, around-the-barn items. Right now I’m shooting for a free sub. to Horses USA or Young Rider… keep up the good work HC!

    84. HC is great but i agree with everyone else having a wider selection of products, and having more activities to earn points would be great.

    85. It does kind of seem as though we are talking to ourselves, doesn’t it?
      I still say treats #1 and then halters and ropes etc.

    86. I think it would be more beneficial to all of your customers online, as well as you, if you provided us with a better variety, and more useful, products in the redeem catalog for the Horse Club Members. I strongly believe that that would attract and keep more customers into using your site. I also think that another issue that makes some customers, including me, hold back is that it literally takes FOREVER to collects enough points for anything we want. There therefore should be more opportunities to receive points, as well as larger amounts of points given for certain tasks we do.
      I hope you take these suggestions into serious consideration, as I am not the only horse Club member that has these opinions.

    87. i think there should be other things on here, things that we could use for our horses like lead ropes, brushes, and other little things.

    88. It takes a lot of time and effort.Why cant we get smaller points items? I love getting on horsechannel but I dont allways have the time.I try my best to do the most I can,and thats not that its a chore, I enjoy going online.Im waiting for some ansewers now from the editor.Im active on horsechannell,allthough Im needing alot of help with this computer. I dont no much !!!

    89. Great site! I love horsechannel! I think it would be cool if you had a place where people could be matched up with a penpal who also likes horses. Just a thought

    90. CAUTION: A warning to fellow HCers: I redeemed my points for the tip-n-wipe in late Dec. or early Jan. and I still have not received it. I have emailed HC a month or so ago and they were of little help. My advice is to spend your points on other items bc I’ve never had/heard of problems with other items

    91. Thanks for lowering the price of the posters! now at least I have a remote chance of being able to buy one within the next year! Sorry to complain, but i still agree with everyone else, lead ropes, halters, horse treats, would be an amazing addition. thanks for all you do!

    92. thanks for lowering the ticket number on posters,I still agree with everyone else though having more practical items like leadropes halters grooming supplies would be great! thanks!

    93. I wish there were a wider selection of items to get with your points. Stuff like halters, leads, wormers,etc would be great.

    94. I’m not sure if we’re just talking to ourselves here, but I definitely think there should be more useful/ more abundant rewards. Things like treats, a curry brush, a lead rope, etc. Also, more horse care books would be great, IMO.
      But it’s really awesome that you’re even offering us these things to begin with. Thanks HC! 😀

    95. Yeah! like in some of the other comments they were suggesting lead ropes, brushes, halters, ect. that would be really cool! like really colorful halters and stuff. But thank you horsechannel for offering these amazing items already!?

    96. I agree with everyone else. Even though I doubt anyone actually reads these comments or something would have changed by now! Magazines are great but like everyone else i would prefer treats/water buckets/grooming supplies/lead ropes/halters things like that would be incredible. Thanks for lowering the points on the posters and thanks for even having these prizes! =)

    97. Would love to see more barn/stall items that are useful as well as lower point requirements. Love that you offer points and a way to redeem them and I love the website!

    98. i agree with all the other people. things like halters leadropes buckets and treats are very useful and cost about the same as a magazine subscription. i love horsechannel and what they have to offer though.


    100. Wow this is great! I’m sooooooo saving up for the grooming kit for a certain special colt for when he gets older.

    101. Thanks so much horsechannel for the new gifts! They are awesome esspecially the grooming kit. I love horsechannel so much, i spent years sometimes searching the web for a fun horse game or website, then i found this while on young rider, and no more searching for me!!! i love HC!

    102. I just got a mini and I have enough points for the halter. After I get that I will save up for the grooming stuff. Thank you soooo much HorseChannel !

    103. Thanks for the new stuff HC! The grooming kit looks really cool, I almost feel like getting it even though I don’t have a horse to use it on xD
      Right now I’m saving up for one of the horse care books, as that would be more beneficial to me right now. But I’m sure that LOTS of people on here will be saving up for the grooming kit 😉

    104. i love these!i am trying to save up for the grooming set…but i just ordered the horse poster cuz its so cute (= hopefully i will eventually get the grooming set!

    105. Aww I love the new stuff! Thanks HC!! Now I just have to save up as many points as possble! Too bad you need so many points to get anything!

    106. i love the new stuff!!! i hope i will be able to get the grooming set but i think once i get the points, they will be out of it!!!but i love the new things!!!keep the awesome stuff coming!!!

    107. Ya, I am saving up for the grooming bucket too. I have a feeling that will be the most popular. It is perfect for the trailer! THANKS SO MUCH!

    108. I just got my first young rider. I am so happy. The only thing is now my friend has it at her house cuz she likes it so much. Thanks for teh grooming kit as well. Adn the halter. I might get one for my pony! Thanks!

    109. These are kewl prizes! I have the young rider already its very useful. 🙂 But i think there should be one more poster. Or a saddle pad for like… 120,000 points.

    110. I love the new stuff!!!! Right now i’m trying to get enough points for the grooming kit! it’s nice to finally be able to get things you can use for your horse!

    111. Great new prizes! Thanks!! I would love to get a halter but I don’t have a pony you should give us a varity of halters!!!!

    112. Hey Horsechannel! That is super Nice of you guys to get the new idems like the halter and the brushing kit, I would like to get the halter and lead, But the only problem is i dont have a mini. Only a big 16’1 bay. A mini halter wont fit her. Do you think you could get horse sizes? And to keep the point value down, you dont have to offer a lead and halter together. Maybe a Halter for 50 thousand points (large halter horse size) and then a lead sold separatly for 50 thousand points. O and I just ordered the foal poster laying in the purple flowers. It came in the mail Yesterday! I love it!!!thanks HC!

    113. I agree with others that it is great you added halters but we all dont own minis. I have a 17.2-1500lb and a 16.2-1350 horse. A mini halter might fit around one of their hooves. lol
      It would be great to see other items and with decent amount points needed for them.

    114. I agree also! I think you should have a horse halter too. I have a 15 hand 1200 pound QH and i think i might have some problems getting that on him. Can you please try to get some horse size halters??!!

    115. I think theyre need to be more prizes, like maybe like clippers, or training supplies, anything! You could do things like saddle pads, even tack maybe! (thats something that people could really work for! & be worth the points!) Maybe cool stuff for your horse like Likit Stuff, or Twinkle Toes horse paint & stuff. The ideas are endless!

    116. Club Horse Rewards is a great program and really a win/win situation. Us horse lovers get free prizes for spending time on this site. Certain things like the magazines which require a lower point value are easy to achieve and great to have. And Horse Channel gets their website ratings boosted, making their site have higher ratings and helping them to make more money in advertising!
      This is a great program, keep up the good work!

    117. I agree. This really is a great way for both us and the website company. I think the only downside it how long it takes for us to get rewarded.

    118. A wider variety of items to use our reward points towards would be great. I think most people who are on here seriously and are earning points already have horse magazines. I subscribe to 3 and barely have time to read them. I would like to see things like horse treats, tack, even things like socks, tshirts, baseball cap.

    119. i love the new things on here!!!! i just got one of the posters and i have a subscription to horse illustrated! i love it!

    120. I wish they could have a few more options for cheaper prizes that could be redeemed. People would probably try harder if there were more realistic point goals.

    121. I would like to see more horse supplies or riding equipment like more grooming supplies and a riding outfit or parts of it!

    122. I have so far to go still but someday I will win enough points!!! Hopefully there will be useful things to choose from-

    123. It would be really hepful if there were stuff that you could get with your points because it takes you a year just to get 50,000 points so.

    124. you guys come on. This had got to benefit Horsechannel and us. They cant just buy us the items for 20 dollars and expect us to give them 10,000 points. I am already at 40,000 points and I have only been on Horsechannel a few months. If you cant affort wait a couple months and then maybe you will have enough points. It is already super Nice of Horsechannel to offer us this stuff anyway.

    125. I agree that its great that there giving us things for almost just playing on a computer but i have been on for a while and cant seem to get past 10, 000 points.. so mabe adding a 10,000 prize would encorage new people to join

    126. Yeah, I agree. It may take awhile, but you’re getting free stuff for just clicking buttons and sending messages. It’s not that difficult. At least everyone gets something for particpating, even if it does take some time.

    127. I like to see that they have more horse supply-type stuff available, things that you can use 🙂 it would be great if there were more horse supplies, like blankets, halters, lead ropes, grooming kits, saddle pads, that type of stuff.
      but great books! Never even heard of some of them!

    128. I think you should be able to put comments on Dog Rewards on Dogchannel, and more magazines like you do here on horsechannel.
      P.S. Horsechannel’s magazines are cheaper than Dogchannels Magazines.

    129. A tee shirt, thanks! I’ll be shooting for that, I’m not TOO far away.
      It’s so awesome that you can get rewards like this, you rock HC!

    130. i really like how you can wn things ive only been on for a while and have engough points to get a few posters…horse channel rocks

    131. I’m glad for rewards like the posters, we can get something without having too many points. It takes months to save for all the big rewards.

    132. i have 15, 875 point but cant seem to reach my goal of 20,000 please let me say that i have been on for the longest time … if anyone knows how to earn points quiquly, without cheating of corse,come visit me and my horse wonka by searching “wonka” WOW thanks 4 listening

    133. i’ve been getting horse illustrated for two years already, and so far i havent had to pay for it! i love the rewards, and i think that if new rewards are added, they should be more magazines! thanks!

    134. does anyone know how big the horse posters are??
      I might get one but not if they are the size of a peice of normal paper
      🙂 thanks hc:)

    135. it would be great if there were more ways to earn points more games or things you can do to your profile or make the prizes less points thanks horsechannel your great!

    136. I love the new stuff, But it’s really pricey! You should have a smaller pack of brushes so we can get them cheaper!! Also i wanted a halter but i have a horse not a pony!

    137. Just to let the person below that halter is not for a pony it tis for a miniature horse. I acually own a mini horse and that might fit him(Berry) once i get enough points.

    138. Lucky Bucky Tees are perfect fitting. Not tight, not loose. I got one and you will love it too! Not to mention the people there are awesome!

    139. Young Rider is the best 4 kids and teens and even adults! my mom reads mine:) they give away free prizes in each issue! i entered 4 the swarovski crystal bridle this month! fingers crossed i get it! plus they hav vet files, eenglish/westrn training, and other stuff…i fogot:)

    140. Can’t Wait to Frame my horse’s face on a horse illustrated cover, or should I save points for the grooming kit? How about that curry brush? The prizes are all so great I can’t decide!

    141. Tried to redeem my points for a horse poster and it said “This item is no longer available”, then why do they have it online still. UGH!

    142. Cool prizes! They should have an actual horse size halter. I don’t have a mini so i wouldn’t be able to use it…but i won’t get it.

    143. Jessie =
      Try contacting HC on the Contact us Page. And list it under the Subscription question. They will get back to you ASAP. I had the same problem when ordering HI, and know it is al fixed.

    144. You should make stuff that the members of club horse do worth more points that way we could get more points during the day. There is just so much stuff I want to get.

    145. I think hat horsechannel should add new prizes, but keep the others. They should add hings like tack like saddle pads or halters. You could also think about adding things like shipping wraps or medication to put on wounds.

    146. I think the prizes are great! and you should keep them, but maybe add some new, like horse treats. Or something that gives money to an animal shelter like the ASPCA. 🙂

    147. you have some really great prizes i have an idea. why dont you add i new prized every month. one month it could be something really big and another month it could be something small. that way you will always have variety and we will have more to chose from. but also keep the old prizes.
      thanks for listening!

    148. NOOOOOO. I only a had several thousand (ok, it was over 6000..) points ’til I could get the T-shirt!
      I bet that so many people were ordering their free shirts, that Horsechannel realized it was costing them too much money. If they put unpopular items up, people scream for better, but they don’t order them, and HC can still say to newcomers “awesome prizes!”. But if they put decent prizes up, people actually order them, and HC loses money. What it boils down to, is they have the choice of putting up ‘good’ or ‘bad’ prizes, or any prizes at all. I still don’t see how they think they will make money off this prize thing, but it’s still cool that they have it at all!

    149. man im really bummed i have been saving up for that t-shirt but since it takes so long to save that many points i never had the chance to get it.and over the summer i ordered a young rider subscription and it never came im a little miffed with hc.

    150. There should be on this list that costs less points so everyone can get something! They should add things we can use as gifts and stuff like that…

    151. I truthfully love the idea of earning points and being able get rewards.this is just my opinion but I think that there should be a little more to choose from espesially for the bigger horses and that that these items took a little less points so that more people can recieve them

    152. Required points for purchases are unattainable, they are simply too high…can’t accumulate enough points over a reasonable time period…especially when you take away points for inactivity….poor incentive!

    153. I think its cool that you earn points to get stuff but it will take forever to get that many! And I think there should be more items available, and stuff for everyone…and maybe the more “expensive” items could be like saddles, that would be really cool…i’d be on everyday to get there! oh and maybe there should be more oppertunity to get points if they things are going to require that much…just some thoughts.

    154. I wish that they had more things for horses like halters. Another good idea would be a crop or whip or something of the sort, but other than that i like it!

    155. Thanks so much when i first came to your website a saw Horse Illustrated! Now i have been getting it for about four years!!!! Thanks so much!

    156. Hi Horsechannel,I was thinking it would be soooooo cool if instead of buying things for ourselves with our points if we could use the points to buy things for horses at sanctuaries,and rescues even if it is just around christmas. If you were to give this a chance it would be a great way to give back over the holiday season!Merry Christmas everyone!

    157. some of the prizes have been the same for a long time. I would love if HC could put up ‘Horse Follow Closely’ (by Gawani Ponyboy) and ‘Out of the Saddle’ by the same author. That would be very cool.

    158. I also want to know why the points expire. I think tha it would be nice for them to have like crops or a horse halter and lead rope on there 🙂

    159. There should be more on this list that costs less points because I have been saving my points for so many months. There should also be more opportunities to earn points, yah know?

    160. i think that more things should be added to the catalog because there aren’t that many things that you can buy and redeem with your points.

    161. I submited some of my points for a calender, figured it would be a 2010 calender. it was a 2009 what good is a 2009 in 2010? and I just submited my point this month.

    162. I just stopped by to see if the 2010 calendars were available yet. I guess not. At least they finally removed the 2009 calendars. I hope you get your points back, Rickie. You should ask for them.

    163. would be nice to see smaller things like hoof picks and buckets and things we use in everyday horse care for lesser points..Just a suggestion

    164. I love the website, but do you think anybody will ever be able to buy andything?? I’ve been on horsechannel for about 6 months and can only buy a poster!! Well, the prizes have been tha same for a long time!! Maybe you should get rid of all of them and totally remodel the prizes page….

    165. Bring smaller prizes like horse notebooks and jewelery and single grooming items book marks etc. they can be like 10 000 points each.

    166. OH MY WORD! I have been waiting for 9 months to buy a shirt on here and now that I have the points it is gone!!!!!! What happened????

    167. I was going to readem my point but it says the item is not longer availible? Will you be geting any more?? It is the foal poster.

    168. Would it be better to have more items availible, items that aren’t magazines or books. Mabe more posters, t-shirts, or hats, or something?

    169. I LOVE the rewards, but I wish they had it where it didn’t take SOOOOOOO many points to redeem. Do you think you could add some “cheeper” stuff?

    170. LISTEN EVERYBODY! Your points expire for being inactive on horsechannel. If you’re not on HC for more than 30 days, you lose points.

    171. You need things like brushes and hoof picks,or you could get things under 5,000 points something for people like me to work for and want to kepp working for.

    172. I would agree some items like grooming supplies for less points would be good. Singles like a curry comb or hoofpick maybe a dandy brush.

    173. Please think about adding more smaller point items, for the ones who can not add videos, or be on the web site more than one time a week. (Like having to go to the library to get on the internet)or having more points for other things you can do.
      Still can not figure out some of the things.

    174. please! halters, leadropes,blankets,sleezes, all those things little girls want for their horses! and also some little things we can get for a smaller amount of points. and more ways to earn points!

    175. good prizes!!! my horse is ALWAYS rubbing up and down on the fence to scratch so i wish the equine scratcher was a little more “afordable”!!

    176. I would like to become a club horse member so that I can earn these prizes and donate them to my lesson farm. Their in desperate need of mucking pitch forks!

    177. I desperately want to be a club horse member but my mom stresses that its ‘not safe’. Can anyone show her its not somehow? I really want to donate things to my lesson farm- one of the horses is a horrible cribber [I love him and he’s my favorite his name is Passion] and it would be great to donate the ‘Bitterlicks’ that can stop horses from cribbing in 8 seconds. That would be a life saver for Passion!!!

    178. Um….. wish I had an account, it seems like people r saying it takes a long time to earn points so I’m not too sure if I want to be a member anymore….. I do want to be eligible to post my videos and make an avatar.

    179. I agree with Rachel, I think there should be pitch forks on the list. If only they went for lower points…….. could also add cribbing straps for low price, wish I had enough points to get the ‘bitterlicks’ but I don’t think I’ll ever get that many points!!!!!

    180. Please Please Please Please lower the points needed! way too high. Much too hard to get enough points. I want something but it would take forever to get enough points.

    181. i agree with the people saying that it is too high for the point you would have to spend very hour of one month just to get something I’m buying horse soon and I would love to the ‘buying a horse’ book but that will take a long time…

    182. i agree with everyone on here the point are too high! unless theres more ways to gain points without spending hours apon hours on the site

    183. I think the number of points it takes to redeem a product is fine, I mean, the whole point of giving away these products is so people stay active on their website. Once you earn the points, the product is FREE! I have never heard of any other website to do this. Of course we all wish it didn’t take so many points, but they can’t make it that easy, or people wouldn’t stay as active on the site.

    184. I do feel that for some of therse they need too many points but at the same time its fee stuff and we have to give to get.

    185. I think that it would be a good idea to allow members to use their points to help equine charities. For example, for every x number of points redeemed, HC could donate x number of dollars.

    186. ooh, that is a really good idea about donating it to a charity! then HC could mention your name in your donation! great idea!!! =]

    187. What the people on here dont get is that this stuff is all donated or bought with horsechannels money. They cant lower the points becuase the points represent how much this stuff costs in dollars. Be happy there here.

    188. Wow thanks a lot! These are really great prizes and I noticed they added some new ones. It really is fun to work towards theses prizes!

    189. I think that it would be great if there were other items like reins or saddle pads for more points because it’d be something to really work for. But i do love that we can get this free stuff just for being on a website!

    190. My Mare Grand Ellexon Will Have Her 28th B-day On The 28th Of March, PLZ Vote 4 Her, It Would Be A Great B-day Present 4 Her. Also Visit My Other Horses: Sheikh, Moon, And Ben. Vote 4 My Horses And Leave Me A Note That You Did And I Will Return The Favor, THANKS!

    191. These prizes are fantastic! And it’s soooo cool that you can get them just by chatting with other horse enthusiasts! I would really like to see special whitening shampoo. I know it would be a lot of points but I think lots of people would benefit from it! Even if they don’t have a white horse like me there are so many horses with white socks that are hard to get white on show mornings!

    192. I’d like to see more practical items added, like saddle pads, fly masks, shampoo, horse-size halters (especially rope halters), etc.

    193. I think more things like grooming kits,bathing items,and tack,such as saddle repair strips and horse size halters and nylon bridles,plus lower points needed to get the awesome things your horse wants/needs!!!

    194. I think that with the higher pointed items the website motivates you to some back and do more on the site therefore promoting their site more. so thats why they do that. but yes i agree lower points would be nice. Dont 4get to vote for my mare Grand Ellexon For HOTD 3/28. it will be her 28th b-day!! let me know if you voted and i will return the favor with a vote from myself! Thanks!

    195. There should be LOTS of lower point items! Little stuff that’s cheap like; jewelry, hoof picks, lead ropes, and hair bands or cute litte horse picture frames. Stuff like that.

    196. I think it would be really neat if you had a reward on Horse Channel similar to the ‘Adopt a Wild Child’ on Cat Channel. I would certainly like to put my points toward something like that.

    197. I am working as hard as I can to get a magazine subcription for a little girl I know, who parents are both laid off from work.

    198. I think it would be really cool if you could use your points to donate money to wild horse programs. like if after you have so many points, HC would redeem your points and donate a certain amount under your name. that would be really cool!!

    199. i think its great that you can get points to earn stuff. but the points are to high and there needs to be a bigger variety of stuff. i think you should stick to horse stuff like horse grooming supplies, lead ropes, halters, jewlery, horse treats, etc.

    200. i got a horse poster and itz beautiful and i ordered a burro poster for my friend, i`m sure she`ll love it! the poster i got is pretty good size and came in a tube, rolled up… if you want to, order one, they are VERY pretty!

    201. I got my Burro poster and my friend loved it and she even framed it! She is going to adopt one when they come to Midland MICH. next month in May.

    202. I like the magazine subscriptions, but I would also like to see Rider’s Rasp and a Bitless Bridle on here, as well as more practical things such as equine shampoo, brushes, horse treats, horse size halters, etc.

    203. I wish there was a bitless bridle on here. They’re so expensive to buy, I don’t care how many points it takes to get it. A riders rasp would be cool too.

    204. I am not complaining about how many points it takes to redeem an item, since they are FREE, but I think there should be more ways to earn points so it doesn’t take six months just to get a magazine subscription.

    205. I agree. I have been a member for quite a few months and haven’t even gotten enough points for a magazine subscription yet.

    206. I agree completely ive been on for almost 3 months and i get on every day and i want a subcription to dog fancy but only have 10,950 points

    207. yeah, i really want a Cat Fancy subscibtion! but i also want a Horse Illistrated! ugh! i have enough points for the Horse Illistrated, but not enough for the Cat Fancy! I also want the grooming kit cause i need a new one! ugh! Can any one tell me which to pick? i mean, i’d have to wait for either the Cat Fancy or the grooming kit…. thanks guys!

    208. I wish they were a little bit lower on some things because ive been on here for like two years and i havent been able to get my points over 10,000. 🙁 and id really like to get some of these things

    209. Horsechannel people, be more gratifull!!! Come on it’s free stuff, Horsechannel dosen’t need to have prizes!!!

    210. Yes Maggie your right. I mean its free stuff they dont even charge shiping!! Come on y’ll dont complain. I love the new hunther jumper poster.

    211. I am sick of everyone complaining wanting better prizes for cheaper. These prizes cost money!! The points aren’t that hard to accumulate just do the things you can get points for everyday. If you think these prizes are expensive imagine how much something of real value would be. Probably unattainable to most people on here. So stop whining. Most websites DON’T give you completely free stuff !

    212. i do agree with the below comment… but i deffinatly think there should be more prizes added and these same prizes have been here for a good 3 months with no change… can we get more of a variety??

    213. do you think you could possibly get Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s Soul? That is a REALLY good book, and something I would sign up to get.
      If anyone agrees with me, comment and say you do. Maybe the Horsechannel people actually read this, and if they see several people interested then they might add it.
      If you horsechannel people do read these, know that we really are thankful for the cool stuff! Well at least I am!

    214. Just became a club member and I am looking forward to the prizes you offer. Magazines are a wealth of information. Can’t wait to redeem my points.

    215. Shawna, I believe they do ship to Canada. When you redeem your points, it says says something about only shipping to the U.S and Canada, and you can choose you state OR province.

    216. Is it possible to add some halters in the prizes? Some of them don’t cost that much and would make great prizes.

    217. I wish people would stop complaining about the prizes and everything. They are free, all you have to do is accumulate points for a product-if you don’t like it, you can buy it somewhere else instead! I know from personal experience that HC really cares about their customers. The editor is wonderful and kind.

    218. I just got my grooming bucket and I love it !! Wish I could have picked the color though because my mini’s “color” is yellow, but the blue they sent was nice too.

    219. Can’t wait to get enough points for the grooming kit. Do they send any color you want or is it a suprise color?

    220. The grooming buckets are send in random colors. But the brushes I got seemed to be coordinating with the bucket color.

    221. Thanks for all the cool prizes!!! I mostly use my points for subscriptions and the point system helps me save money!! Thanks

    222. I want to thank you HC, I think it’s so cool that you offer this gifts for points redemption. I feel like a kid trying to save enough points for the prize on the back of the cereal box…love it! I’m dedicated to getting that grooming kit/bucket, free stuff rocks!

    223. My points keep building. I can’t wait to get my points for my prize. Thanks for the opportunity to get something I normally wouldn’t have the money for