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    St. Patrick’s Day e-cards

    Horse St. Patrick's Day eCard
    St.Patrick’s Day
    Horse St. Patrick's Day eCard
    St. Patrick’s Day

    Easter and Spring e-cards

    Horse EastereCard
    Easter Bunny
    Horse Happy Spring eCard
    Happy Spring

    Mother’s Day e-cards

    Horse Happy Mother's Day, Mom eCard
    Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
    Horse Happy Mother's Day 1 eCard
    Happy Mother’s Day
    Horse Happy Mother's Day 2 eCard
    Happy Mother’s Day
    Horse Happy Mother's Day 3 eCard
       I Love You Mom
    Horse Happy Mother's Day 4 eCard
    Thanks for Putting Up With Me Mom!

    Father’s Day e-cards

    Horse Happy Father's Day eCard
    Love the tie kids!
    Horse Happy Father's Day 1 eCard
    Happy Father’s Day
    Horse Happy Father's Day 2 eCard
    Happy Father’s Day

    4th of July e-cards

    Horse 4th of July eCard
    4th of July
    Horse 4th of July 2 eCard
    4th of July 2
    Horse Animated 4th of July eCard
    Animated 4th of July
    Horse Happy Independence Day eCard
    Happy Independence Day

    Miscellaneous e-cards

    Just Saying Hi
    Just Saying Hi
    Thanks for Listening
    Thanks for Listening
    Thanks for Being a Barn Buddy
    Thanks for Being a Barn Buddy
    Best Friends Forever
    Best Friends Forever
    Saying Hi
    Saying Hi
    Thanks for Being a Buddy
    Thanks for Being a Buddy
    Standing by Me
    Standing by Me
    What's New?
    What’s New?
    Happy Anniversary!
    Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Birthday e-cards

    Happy Birthday eCard - From the Herd
    Happy Birthday From the Herd
    Happy Birthday eCard - From Mr. Ed
    From Mr. Ed
    Happy Birthday eCard
    Happy Birthday!
    Horse Happy Birthday eCard
    Happy Birthday

    Congratulations e-cards

    Congratulation Card
    Your Success
    Congratulation On Your New Arrival
    New Arrival
    Horse Congratulations eCard


    Horse Encouragement eCard
    Horse Encouragement eCard - You're the Best
    You’re the Best!
    Horse Encouragement eCard - Get Well Soon
    Get Well Soon!
    Horse Encouragement eCard - Good Luck
    Good Luck

    Missing You e-cards

    Miss You Card
    I’ve Been Thinking About You
    Miss You Card
    Miss You

    Halloween e-cards

    Animated Halloween eCard
    Animated Halloween
    Horse Happy Halloween eCard
    Happy Halloween 
    Horse Happy Halloween eCard
    Halloween 3
    Horse Happy Halloween eCard
    Halloween 4
    Horse Happy Halloween eCard
    Halloween 5
    Horse Happy Halloween eCard
    Halloween 6

    Thanksgiving e-cards

    Horse Happy Thanksgiving eCard
    Thanksgiving 1
    Horse Happy Thanksgiving eCard
    Thanksgiving 2
    Horse Happy Thanksgiving eCard
    Thanksgiving 3


    Horse Autumn eCard
    Autumn 1
    Horse Autumn eCard
    Autumn 2
    Horse Autumn eCard
    Autumn 3

    Winter e-cards

    Horse It's a Snow Day! eCard
    It’s a Snow Day!
    Horse Just Saying Hi eCard
    Just Saying Hi
    Horse It's Cold Outside eCard
    It’s Cold Outside!

    Christmas, Hanukkah & New Years Horse E-cards

    Horse Merry Christmas eCard
    Merry Christmas!
    Horse Happy Hanukkah eCard
    Happy Hanukkah!
    Horse Merry Christmas eCard
    Merry Christmas
    Horse Its Christmastime! eCard
    It’s Christmastime!
    Horse Merry Xmas eCard
    Merry Xmas
    Horse Merry Xmas eCard
    Merry Xmas
    Horse Very Merry Christmas eCard
    Very Merry Christmas
    Horse Deck the Stalls eCard
    Deck the Stalls
    Horse Warm Wishes eCard
    Warm Wishes
    Horse Good Cheer eCard
    Good Cheer
    Horse Happy New Years eCard
    Happy New Years
    Happy Holidays eCard
    Happy Holidays
    Seasons Greetings eCard
    Seasons Greetings
    Happy New Year! eCard
    Happy New Year!
    Horse Happy New Years eCard
    Happy New Years
    Horse Dashing Through the Snow eCard
    Dashing Through the Snow
    Horse Happy Horsey Holidays eCard
    Happy Horsey Holidays
    Horse Happy Holidays eCard
    Happy Holidays
    Horse Happy Holidays eCard
    Happy Holidays
    Horse Warm Wishes eCard
    Warm Wishes
    Horse Have you been good this year? eCard
    Have you been good this year?

    Happy Valentine’s Day e-cards

    Horse World's Best Mom eCard
    World’s Best Mom
    Horse Opposites Attract eCard
    Opposites Attract…
    Horse Happy Valentine's Day eCard
    Happy Horse Valentine’s Day
    Horse Be My Valentine! eCard
    Be my Valentine!
    Horse Side by Side, Friends to the End! eCard
    Side by Side, Friends
    to the End!
    Horse Happy Valentine's Day eCard
    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Horse Animated Be My Valentine eCard
    Be My Valentine
    Horse Best Friends Forever eCard
    Best Friends Forever
    Horse Won't You Be My Valentine? eCard
    Won’t You Be My Valentine?
    Horse I'm a Mess Without You eCard
    I’m a Mess Without You!
    Horse Warm and Fuzzy eCard
    Warm And Fuzzy




    1. It would be nicve to have a bigger selection. I don’t want birth day and holiday cards…. I know others like them but I want more general day to day…. get well would be nice… how about congratulations…..Not to mention just because….
      Please add more choices.

    2. These cards are really neat! I especially like that you can build your own ecard. It would be nice to have more general ecards though, not just holidays. Like maybe one just saying hi!

    3. I appreciate the Thanksgiving and Halloween cards! They’re would be nice though to have some every day cards to send to friends and family!

    4. I think it’s great that you guys have cards for us to send to our horse-loving friends for every occasion. They will love these !!!!

    5. Thanks so much for these e-cards!! Please keep adding these great cards. These are almost the only e-cards I ever send!!

    6. Yeah I don’t understand why y’all don’t have Easter cards either. Is it because Easter is a religous holiday? Well all the other major holidays are about Christ as well. I think HC should just get over it – Easter cards would be fun!

    7. Definitely need “sorry for your loss” cards. My friend’s horse just crossed the Rainbow Bridge and these cards are really unique with the horses.

    8. I agree with some of the other comments that there needs to be more “birthday cards” and add some “get well soon”, “I love you”, “thinking of you”, “sorry for your loss”, or just simple “Hello” cards.

    9. There should be some “just saying hi” cards. Let’s take off the ones that have been here for a year or so and refresh every year!

    10. i would like a horse “get well” card to send out to my riding students who miss their lessons due to illness. very limited selection in the “just saying hi”. i have used the one card too much already!

    11. This is in regards to the ecards. They are great! Could we please have more ‘Hello’ cards? My email buddies just love them. They do not have to be mushy or anything, just a nice hello is fine. How about a few more birthday cards too? Just asking. Thanks

    12. That is really stupid how you have to click Yes to receive a newsletter when you send an ecard no matter if you check that you do or dont have cats and dogs.
      I have both but I dont want to receive anything about them. I dont want spam/junk emails cluttering up my email. That really is upsetting. I love making and send these ecards now I will go somewhere else to do them

    13. i liked them all. i wish they had though feel better cards. one of my barn buddies is really sick and she would love some horse ecards

    14. The ecards are very pretty but you should put the Autumn and Halloween and Thanksgiving up at the top so they’re easier to find and send!

    15. I love the HorseChannel web site. I think you should Anniversary Cards with horses also. I am a horse lover and deals with horses. The cards are very cute. I send horse cards once inwhile to friends. I hope to see the Anniversary Cards of horses.

    16. Love the cards! BUT….I need more HI cards. I send at least 3 a day and just glad right now that there are Halloween cards to send. Thanks again!

    17. Love the entire website. How do you get a horse for a day? How do you find out who is a winner for a day? Keep the new ecards coming!! Thanks

    18. I was dissapointed to see that the custom e-card tool was not updated for 2009 holidays. 🙁 I use it all the time. That would be WONDERFUL in 2010!!

    19. i think yuo should have an e-card about geeting well soon because my mother isnt feeling well and i wanted to send her a get well soon card but you didnt have any so i had to turn a thinking of you card into a getwell soon. could you please try to squeeze at least one get well soon card so next time i can send her a get well soon card thankyou for listening to my comments

    20. hi my name is Abigail. your website has encouraged me so much! i have been really exited about horses since i went on your website. i am 10 and now i take riding lessons at the Hills stables.once again thanks for the encouragment!

    21. I think it would have been nice to see some new ecards for St. Patrick’s Day. Or at least put the one you have at the top where it’s easier to find.

    22. i think that you should have Happy Summer e-cards!!! I know lots of my friends get excited about summer! NO SCHOOL! 😀

    23. Good job on Christmas cards this year, you even put in for good wishes. Need some more everyday cards…. doesn’t have to be wishing anybody anything, just HI. Love and send an ecard to somebody everyday. Thank you so much.
      P.S. HI to Adel, Wi… !!

    24. We need more cards! Especially everyday cards like friendship, just saying hi, get well.. (and some with Appaloosas).. I love sending these to my horsey friends but there’s just not enough selection!

    25. I agree about the valentine’s card. I want to send them to my friends too.
      And some get well cards would be nice. How about a card competition?

    26. You all need get well cards, more b-day cards, and more missing you cards. Thanks for the work you all have put into these other cards! I like them a lot!

    27. Need more cards! Love sending these but would send more with a bigger selections. How about a way to make our own cards from photos and submit them?

    28. Great job with the cards!!!
      I cant stop sending them,
      The HAPPY SPRING one looks like the horse we used to have, his name was justin!!!
      he was a Thoroughbred!


    30. Interesting! I hope that everyone is having a nice Ash Wednesday, and I hope that they have a nice Valentine’s Day! That goes for last year and all the other years that I’ve missed.

    31. Some really nice cards here. It would also be great if you held a contest for some of our own images. I have some that would make great cards and I know others do too.

    32. These e-cards are so cool!! Easier to email an e-card than to send an actual card out to people 🙂
      But mailing a card to something is nice as well 🙂

    33. These e-cards are great! Although, sometimes I wish they had a few new ones and not the same ones all the time…..great e-cards though!
      One thing that I really want in the Rewards Catalog on HC is a riding helmet, but they can’t ship it to Canada (I live in Canada, not the USA). HC is an American site, so that is probably why. But still.

    34. Does anyone know where to look to make your own cards. Hopefully, to put your own pony or horse as the main picture, and build from there.


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