1. horses rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know about reptils.

  2. LOVE the new catch the carrot game! Love the site! Good job horsechannel for making such a fun site! and thanks for all the free stuff from the points!!

  3. i love the horse games mad as love the carrot one but i didnt understand y it didnt give out more points and i dont think horses can stay int the air 4dat long lolfl but it was vg

  4. I need to learn to identify Western, English, Hunt seat, and dressage tack. Could horse channel please create a game of:
    Identifing parts of the bridle and other items
    and the disiplines they go to
    for a beginner like me? I also need to learn bits I’ve read a few articles in Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated, and Perfect Horse but even a D-ring looks different depending on the company and sometimes some companies make several different D-ring I cann’t identify what’s different (other then when they add copper) and why they make so many!

  5. to bad we cant win more points for the week, like maybe more per day, because it gets where i spend alot of time on the site and dont get me wrong i love the horse channel alot and no matter if we get to earn more point or not i will still play

  6. I have been subscribes Horse Illustrated and Young Rider for a long time. I am 15 years old and love horses like crazy. I have a lot of pets and I am also an animal lover as well. I have 4 dogs: Molly, Rio, Triton and Nellie, 2 cats: Astarte and Princess, 1 beta fish which he is mine named Star, 4 horses which are 2 of them are American Quarter Horse and the other 2 are Mustangs named Lucy, Misty, Fire, and Prancer, 2 deer Vixey and Bambi, 2 lazy moose named Lazybones (mother of Lazy boy) and Lazy boy ( Lazybones son). For the total is 15 pets. I pay the horses bills and my own dog Rio. I have to say this but loving animals means paying more bills which it will cost at least all lot of money but I don’t really care. I volunteered at Grizzly Peak Animal Hospital and other places. My older sister is pregnant and she will be having a boy. Her boyfriend gave her Triton the Saint Bernard puppy which he is about 1 year old and they found Princess on the road because her mother gotten killed and she is about 5 months and she was about 5 weeks when they found her. She loves to steal clothes a lot while Triton loves to sing by music, answer machine or anything that has music to him.

  7. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I voted for games on the poll of what I would like to see more of on horsechannel but I’d really like to have them educational too!! I’d like to learn about bits, and maybe a match the equipment to the discipline english, western, trail, gaming, etc. Also like to learn more about judging, and lead changes where does a beginner like me learn. Most of the time I am overwheled by the magazines and books they are to much over my level.

  9. Can any one haelp me???????
    i can’t figure out how to make my avatar!!! Please how!!!!!!!! I wish horse Channel would make it easier!!!!!!!!!

  10. i’ve been having problems with the puzzles!! when i click on one piece, about three move & you can’t drop them!!!

  11. I wish theyre were more games that you can earn points with! Maybe even like a story contest or some other contest that will either get us points or prizes!

  12. You have a lot of great things, but I think you need some more horse games!!!! TOTALLY, a lot of people have been telling me this also.And they are all asking when are you going to do somthing?!

  13. I wish there were more games and you can actually earn points!! I mean, you should be able to get points for the memory card game every week or month. its not fair how it is. and you get no points for like anything else!!

  14. There needs to be more games please i have played theses too many times and they are getting boreing and i would like to beable to get points at least once a month on the games

  15. You dudes should change the games!!!!!!! I am tired of catching carrots!!!! I want we want you want……. NEW GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am going to make an avatar!!! I can’t wait to start on the points! I really need something to do while my dad is busy with the garden and fixing stuff.

  17. You guys should do a game where a horse runs along a trail. You have to jump jumps and you can jump by pressing the space Bar. You should do it so you can keep going unless you hit 3 jumps then you half to quit.

  18. On dog channel they have a quiz of what dog breed would be best for you, they should have one where it says what horse breed would be best for you here!

  19. this is Anky and regal steps to glory (A.K.A.)patch. these are some of my best avatar tricks and tips
    1 if you have a paint horse with a solid colored head you can blow up the head and neck so all you see is the pretty head. (to see example look at souka`s avatar)
    2 for leopard Appaloosas buy the Easter egg and color them brown or black. shrink them down and put them all over your horse, they will look like dots.
    3. if you don’t like the tails provided make a mane big and put in on the tail area so it looks like a tail.
    4. when making a avatar never save it when it is unfinished or you will have a two legged tailless horse and no body will vote for that.
    I hope you liked Anky HM’s Avatar tricks and tips. if you liked this information please come and vote for regal steps of glory A.K.A. patch, my gypsy horse stallion. you can leave patch a blog to! if you have any questions please feel welcome to come and blog me one. i will answer it with a vote and a blog you back answer and once again PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASExONE HUNDRED TIMES COME VOTE FOR THE GYPSEY VANNER HORSE NAMED REGAL STEPS OF GLORY. OR YOU COULD CALL HIM PATCH FOR SHORT

  20. this is anky halliet mahan. no ne seems to respond to my cooments or say anything in return to them,do you not like me i think every one hates me but i dont know why. if someone complains in the comments i send a letter t horse channel saying that they sould fix whatever the complainer wanted fixed and i even had a mini avatar platforn to help people who needed somethin like more stuff to buy or how to do something. i help every one i can and give lots of advice i am not like any of the people who post rude comments and i vote for every one who votes me. did i do something wrong?when someone posted a comment saying they hatted mio.,., i found the person who posted that awful comment and made them apoligize. please, if i did something bad tell me. why does no one reply to my comments and ignore me. think i am overreacting mabe i am but no one seems to votefor my horses either and i fell realy hurt and left out beacuse some times some one will have a comment conversation with a HCmember and then ignore my comments even when i ask questions. Why does no one talk to me or vote for me i mean some realy nice memebers do. they vote me all the time. So please respond to this question. Ddid i do something wrong? do you hate me or like me? i never hate anyone, i like every one so please answer i am kind of troubled and going through hard times out side of horse channel so please just vote for regal steps to glory(A.k.a patch) and for regal steps to glory (A.K.A lucy) and also answer my question. thank you for reading this whole thing and for understanding, voteing and responding to this possibly overreactive comment

  21. I found your HorseChannel.com ad in my Horse Illustrated magazine. It is really a great website! I will make sure my grandsons, ages 10 & 6 know about it, they love horses too! I am doing a college project on HorseChannel.com.
    Keep up the good work!

  22. Oh i am proud of my little jhony. he and his horse timisitia (tim-es-e-tia)went out riding by them selves to day. jhony is just a little boy and when i put him on timisitia he walked around the pen byhimself. then Kathy,Hannah,maddison and i all went out on Dazzler, chipaniey, firefliper and picasia while jhony, mark, dave, and jesse all stayed home and brushed button,lijiwa,casio,libeou, chip, oreo, patch, stelzar, maciey, red feather, blackout and white wash. ands of course jhony rode timestia. i love my little jhony- and my little timista and my little picasia and my man mark.

  23. i have had the same thrill you did Mackie . i will never forget the day my little Carie mounted up on framed to be fancy and made her first lap around the arena without Kate holing the rope. now, i ride with Carie. Carie on framed to be fancy, Kate on aftershock and me on Darknight i am so happy jhony rode timestia she is pretty i bet maybe you should make a page for her. it would be great! we could talk and post and visit and vote- PS i do not give out in info on my city and state i do not live in OR but in — ———– haha

  24. i really really really really want a horse, but my parents won’t let me have one i have been begging for years, what should i do, how do i convince them?????????????

  25. When parents have their minds made up there is no changeing them. They have there reasons, possibly they don’t think they can afford one or something like that. It took me almost 4 years to get a horse…and I still might not have one except that she was given to me.

  26. i also have an account on dogchannel.com and they have lots of games where the points that you earn go towards your total points, i think that they should do that here to. Also i think that some more games would be cool too!just a few ideas

  27. The first question on this week’s quiz has an incorrect answer programmed in. The question is “How did the English Tom Thumb bit get its name?” but the answer is “The bit’s shank is very short[…]”. The English Tom Tumb bit is a type of full cheek snaffle with a small, off-set loose ring. http://www.countrysupplies.com/pix/1/products/3421-m.jpg Snaffles are direct-pressure bits, they don’t have shanks.
    A WESTERN Tom Thumb bit is a curb bit with a broken mouthpiece. The short, straight shanks on a western tom thumb combine with the broken mouthpiece to create a significant amount of pressure, including a nutcracker action on the tongue and bars of the mouth. Because of the bit’s design, it does not give the horse any time to respond before the bit engages the horse’s mouth, and never fully releases, which also increases the bit’s severity.
    Same name, two TOTALLY different bits. I’m sure the author of the quiz meant to write “How did the Western Tom Thumb bit get it’s name” and not “English” but I thought I’d mention it anyway, as people who are truly familiar with bits and their uses would be confused by the lack of a correct answer to the question.

  28. The quiz question and answer are both correct as they’re written. The English Tom Thumb bit is called a Tom Thumb because the shank, designed to accomodate two sets of reins (a snaffle rein and a curb rein), is short. It’s only a couple of inches long compared to the more substantial shank of a regular Pelham bit. Hence, the name “Tom Thumb” after a character from English folklore. It’s been a popular bit for hunters and jumpers for many years and it’s used in the show ring all the time.

    While you may have discovered another bit that’s labeled an English Tom Thumb, the reason it’s referred to as a “Tom Thumb” is not because it’s a snaffle. It’s because the cheekpieces are short. In fact, I’d call the bit in that link a loose ring snaffle with short full-cheeks.

    The western Tom Thumb is indeed a leverage bit. And it has short shanks, too! I think that’s where you are getting hung up. It’s not the mouthpiece that’s important. Or whether it’s a snaffle or a leverage/curb bit. It’s the short shanks that make an English Tom Thumb a “Tom Thumb.” So ultimately the quiz is correct.

  29. The Tom Thumb bit I mentioned and linked to is a popular and well-known bit in the UK, and is used for both riding and driving. It’s less known here in the US, but it’s easy to order them online.
    I realize that this is a rather ridiculous discussion over a silly quiz question, but my only real point is that given that there are multiple bits with similar names it was probably not a particularly well-worded question

  30. you need some more games!!!!!!!!!!!!:( I just got on here for the first time in like 2 years and you still have the same old games and some of them are not even that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  31. yeah i agree, more polls. weekly is not enough. but i just can’t understand them evey couple of days there is a new one it just skipps around

  32. Points take a while to add up, but it you come on here everyday, and at least vote and talk, it will be easier. Well, I wish their were more ways to make more points also, like these games. I wish they were not useless or only for fun, but I love HORSECHANNEL!

  33. This site is awsome!! I love it
    My horse stormy is running for HOTD on the 18th of may so vote the 17th. so drop by page and Vote!Im also trying to get 100 votes by friday. (more would Be great)
    thank you guys.
    P.S. He is a black and white paint from caldwell id and he is 12 yrs. old.just so you know what horse to look for

  34. thank you to all that voted for stormy’s horse of the day im excited. im sorry if i didnt come to your page and thank you their is alot of people that helped make this happen voting. thank you again!! and happy b-day to Mac

  35. My points stopped adding up after I took my 93rd quiz. Too bad I didn’t find out until quiz #142. I’m missing between 5,000-9,000 points that never got added to my account and no one will answer my forum post or tech support emails!!

  36. Shanana – no, you don’t have to pay for the horse health and grooming colleges, at least, no more then it takes for you internet to do the quizzes and stuff, and you don’t have to be a certain age. It’s open to everybody.

  37. do you have a strait load trailer or a slant?I am getting one and I want to know which one is better.Anyone answer please

  38. I would like to get more points for the quizzes….other than that I like the quizzes and Somtimes I learn somthing from them.

  39. awesome article! i love quizzes! my score was 100 points, i guess im not the best at polo! i guess its because i live at a ranch, thanks for the article!

  40. you knowyou are a horse lover when you are more comfortable in a large herd of 10 good size horses
    then a large group of people.when the nuzzle of a
    horse’s nose on your neck is better then necking with a guy.and here is the best one.when you are having a bad day,and all you want to is see you best buddy who lives in a stall or pasture,and you know he or she has the biggest and warmest shoulders to cry on.
    your horse lover friend


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