How to Use the HorseChannel Avatar and Horse Stable Manager


    Now you can create your own custom horse avatar and display it on your horse’s profile! Click Here to get started or register if you haven’t joined Club Horse. You must create a pet profile in Club Horse to create your avatar.

    Club Horse Avatar Step 1: Select Body Parts

    Step 1:  Select body parts

    Click on any available part to add it to your canvas. If there are more objects to the left or right, mouse over the arrows to scroll. 

    Club Horse Avatar Step 2: Transform a  Body Part

    Step 2: Transform a body part

    First, click on the object to show its transformation features.

    1. To scale/flip an object, drag the box represented in the lower right-hand corner.
    2. To rotate an object, click and drag the circle represented in the lower left-hand corner.
    3. To delete an object, click the box represented in the upper left-hand corner.
    4. To move an object around, click and drag any part of the object.

    You can also move objects by using the arrow keys and delete objects by hitting the delete key on your keyboard.

    Club Horse Avatar Step 3: Change the Color

    Step 3: Change the color

    The color controls are on the lower right-hand corner of the application. 

    1. Drag any of the three slider bars to manipulate the red, green and blue values of the color. 
    2. The color will change within the small square.
    3. Click on the object you want to change color.
    4. Click on the small square to apply the color to that object.

    You can also select from color presets by clicking on the “Show/Hide Color Palette” button.

    Club Horse Avatar Step 4: Controls

    Step 4: Controls

    The main controls are on the upper right-hand corner of the application. Your avatar will be saved to your Club Horse profile.

    1. Click the “Print” icon to print your horse. 
    2. Click the “Save” icon to save your horse.
    3. Click the “Reload” icon to load your previously  saved horse
    4. Click the “Clear” icon to clear all objects from the canvas.

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    1. ‘jake’ you can use the facial markings and make them bigger,and make them white and then you can put them across the actual color of the horse on your avatar and vioala! You have a paint.

    2. to get your horse avatar in the stable background you click show/hide background and click on the stable picture! that should work!

    3. jessica, you go to your horse’s page, click creat avatar (it’s tiny) and then it’ll bring you to a blank (or full if you have more than one avatar) and click edit. Then on teh left side of the small box where the avatar goes, select something. such as body, legs, accessories (you need to buy them), or heads.

    4. I “paid” 150 points for a halter, and I’m wondering- how can I put it on my horse, and how can I make more points?


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