1. It would be cool if the HOTD or HOTM or something got to have thier picture as a ouzzle for the day, month, or whatever! It would also be cool if we could put download our own pictures to be puzzles like the magazine cover game!

  2. Very fun, I love to do these, please get more. Only suggestion would be to give us a bigger background to have more room to sort pieces. Thanks!

  3. Excellent Fun! And a good way for any horse fanatic to decompress when one can’t actually get near a barn! Could use more room on the pasteboard for the extra pieces, but BRAVO! And THANKS!!!!

  4. More pictures would be nice. And the flash is the most annoying thing ever. Could you take the flash away? I think that these are really cool, though!!!

  5. I love the puzzles! You should do a thing where we can upload our own photo and convert it into a puzzle on the site.That would be fun!

  6. These are fun! But I don’t get it, do the points that you score go to your Club Horse Account, to be redeemed? Or do the points just show how you did? Because I played several times and scored hundreds of points, but they didn’t show up in my Club Horse account.

  7. i am a young rider, im just learning how to ride the horse. i go to powerdly meadows, in lakvilville, it is fun. my teachers name is jessie , my horses name is misty,i went in the barn for the first time on thursday ,it is cool well i gotta go to bed see you later. mistyand kj.

  8. I love putting puzzles together and this is such a plus when they are horse pictures. Are you going to put more puzzle pictures in your game section?

  9. Something went wrong, I was picking up pieces and it would not let me and they were all hooked together and I could not put them down.

  10. @ first when you play it, you get kinda bored but, then you are trying to get it done quickly so that you can get the highest score. IO think you would all agree with me when i say that this is a pretty cool website w/ awesome games that everyone is always playing @ all times.

  11. awsome game!!!!!!! just love it i mostly play this game to earn points. but some times i just pllay it when im bored and its raining out and kinlin is in his stall

  12. love them and i love the personal challenge of changing up the back ground and about of puzzle pieces just in love with this game

  13. i like the puzzels and love hoses so i was born to ride horses i want to own a horrse ranch and a palimo mustang if i get my horse ranch evrey one will be wanting horses from horseshoe ranch

  14. It’s really easy to lose a lot of time doing the puzzles. Also, why doesn’t the high score always come up when I click on it? I like to know what the challenge is. Are the high scores related only to the puzzle that one is working on at the time or is the score an overall for all the puzzles?

  15. something happened so all the pieces where fallowing my mouse around and when i tried to do a diff. pic, the pieces from the last pic i did still followed my mouse. 🙁


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