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Rider Insider: Most. Fun. Ever.

Without a doubt, there is a great deal of satisfaction to be found after a great schooling ride. When you work through a problem with yourself or your horse and come out on the other side having learned something new, it just feels good. The longer and more difficult the struggle, the greater the euphoria that comes afterwards.




But there’s a time for work and there’s a time for play, and when it comes to horses and riding, there’s nothing better to revive your riding routine than a bit of fun. Hitting the trails, whether for a relaxing walk or a thrilling gallop, is just the ticket for a lot of riders who typically spend their time in the arena. Trying a new discipline can also help shake off the doldrums. What’s more fun than taking a break from your western pleasure or hunter routine to give barrel racing a go or take on a jumper class at a local schooling show?

For this month’s Rider Insider, we want to know what experience was the most fun you’ve ever had with a horse. If you’re lucky enough to have checked off a few items on every equestrian’s bucket list—taking an overseas riding vacation, galloping down the beach or spending a week rounding up cattle on a dude ranch—the answer might be obvious. But if you prefer the quiet time spent at home with your horse, you might find something different to define as fun. Click Submit a Comment below and tell us about it. Some of the editors’ favorite responses could be featured in a future issue of Horse Illustrated!

This month,
Noble Equine is sponsoring the Rider Insider column in Horse Illustrated with a prize for the selected featured response. If you’d like to be considered for a prize, make sure to include your contact info in the email field of the comment form (emails will not be publicly displayed.)

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  • I have always had horses, and rode a lot. Now my husband has had hip and knee replacements, so that leaves only me to do all the farm work....well, the last couple of years, its just me hopping on one of my horses and riding bareback and sometimes without halters. So its these short little rides, that's are still a great experience for me.

  • I'd have to say galloping and jumping. I love going fast and doing exhilarating things like jumping. But of course anything I do with a horse is fun; grooming, trail riding, ground work, and bonding. If I'm with a horse I'm happy.

  • I'd have to say that some of the most fun I've ever had with horses would be riding on the beach. Every year, I go to the coast and there's stable that offer rides on the beach. A close second would have to be starting Dressage with my horse.

  • There are two things that I have had the most fun and was on my bucket list the first camping with Apache for the first time in Jamestown KY and then last year rode in the Christmas parade two things that I have been able to cross off my list with many more to take there place

  • What gets me every time is finding a huge open field and galloping flat! I cant get enough of it! I know i will die happy if i cant just have one more ride like that!

  • I've been fortunate to canter through the surf, ride overseas, and round up cattle. I've even gone hunting on my own horse!
    With every new experience I feel a thrill. But still there is nothing more fun than walking out to the pen and hearing my horse nicker because he's happy to see me. What's more fun than that?

  • My first gallop.
    Being afraid to do it after a almost fateful accident, I delayed the chance every time I got it. But one day my friend kept insisting that I needed to gallop, so I gave in.
    That was, and is, the most thrilling and heaven-like experience I have had.
    But then I got my very own horse, coming home, and hearing her neigh, and run along side the fence until I get out of the vehicle and pet her is the highest feeling of love and loyalty anybody can experience.

  • Most. Fun . Ever. Every time I ride my beautiful boy, once dubbed an "outlaw". He is so amazing, has come so far and overcome so much. Every ride on him is a gift from him to me.

  • The most fun riding experience I have had was the my first lesson. I had been waiting for years for that moment, and when it finally came, I was extremely excited. I rode a horse named Reno and enjoyed every minute of learning how to control a horse.

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