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Horse Health

Video: Basic Horse Stretches

Barb Wells is a certified equine shiatsu massage therapist. Barb demonstrates a few tips in a horse stretches video that you can try with your horse.

These stretches are intended to maintain flexibility and mobility in the horse’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Watch the horse stretches video to see Barb perform a demonstration.

Before attempting any stretches, make sure your horse has been warmed up at least five to 10 minutes on the longe line. If your horse is older, remember that it will take longer for him to warm up.

Never stretch a cold muscle, and never force a stretch. Go slowly and if your horse is resistant, don’t push. If the stretching routine is new to your horse, he won’t be able to do deep stretches or hold them for very long. Start slow and easy, and work your way up over time as your horse becomes more flexible.

Watch the horse stretches video below:



Please be sure to consult your Veterinarian before beginning a stretching routine. If you are having serious problems with your horse, please seek the services of a qualified person. Consult a veterinarian, farrier or other equine professional to eliminate problems caused by injury, poor health or improperly fitting equipment.

Our expert service provides information to assist horse owners in caring responsibly for their horses and to assist the visitors of our website on equine training and behavior issues. All information provided is strictly informational in nature and should never be used as a substitute for proper care, training and medical attention for your horse.

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