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    1. Hi i am Kristen Semb and i love horses and i was wondering if there was gonna be any open parts in 8 yrs because i am 12 yrs old right now.

    2. i have a question, what are the pros and cons of riding in deep sand?? im checking out a new barn and it is not overly deep because im not really sure what is a normal standard, but its deep enough for a work out so i am just wondering about the dangers

    3. I WAS ABOUT TO PURCHARE A 2 STAR HORSE i HAD HIM ON A 30 DAY TRILA AS HE FAIL HE VET Exam, I rode him every day for 8 days on the 8th day I asked him to trot then canter in the arena he was too forward when I ased for a down transition he did not oblige immiediatly on the third try we he took the bit and went in to a full gallop in the arena I tryed a circle but he did not collect or transiton down I though we would fall in the circle I relesed him form the cirlce but we galloped to each wall full paced I decided to emerceny dismoun, this was a full trained 2 * horse form a very reputale trainer I was told to ride him in a gag bit that would do the trick but I was concerend as this was in the arean a controlled situation am I corrrect in being conerend

    4. I need help.My 12 year old mare was never trailered and was a brood mare most of her younger years,but she will finally get on our two-horse straight load trailer. Our problem is that when she is on and we are on the road she kicks like a maniac. I don’t know what to do for her, also we are in the United States Pony Club,so needless to say a lot of traveling. Yet when we go with my friend in her slant load stock trailer she is fine. I really need help with this problem because we can’t ride with my friend all the time,please help.

    5. I need help. My 17 year old chestnut American Quarter Horse name Lucy hates other horses for some reason and my trainer and I have no idea why she hates them. This is really odd. She usually bites and kicks. I do wish that she stops before she will actually injured them even worse by wounds that are infected but she never did injured them yet but I am worried that she will. What can I do before she does it again and make her stop? Please help me fast.

    6. Hello. I have a question, I would like to give my horse Ruby different sorts of treats. She really likes apples and carrots but is is safe to give her pares and grapes? Will it do something to her health? She is not real fond of store bought treats so ir I could give her something other than Apples and carrots every once in a while that would be great!

    7. having problems with my horse not wanting to stop when i pull on the reins she is not wanting to stop even when im pulling back hard what kind of bit should i use.

    8. sometimes in horse shows i rember the pattern and do it all togther id ont take time in between each, is that ok good or not can you tell me what i can do about that, and i fell perfect in the show ring, like i “AM” doing everything right and amazing, like i won, then when i ge tout i realize everyting i did rong, what can hlep me wiht that.

    9. Could i ask you a question (for anyone)? WHat do you think should be the maximum height for asixteen one hand horse to jump, as a fairly green seven year old?

    10. Teresa, try dawing out your vocal comand for stop. lean back and sink your tail bone into the seat. if this fails walk her at a wall and get contact with your rains lean back slitly and give vocal comand. she will have no other opshon but to stop. also have her teeth seen. you might try ridding in a hackamore. thanks

    11. Lexie, pairs and grapes without seeds are good treats. also watermelon small amounts of sweet corn and lettuce. slowly introduse new foods. hide them in hay for some fun or give them by hand. some horses will search your pockets for there fave nibblet.thanks

    12. Abigal, that depends on your horses talent and your level of riding, When in doubt its better to ask to little than to much

    13. My barn goes to a hunter pace every year and this is my first year that I can go. I know vaguley what a hunter pace is but if you know any details please tell me.

    14. Jill I would think twice about the horse. If he is a 2* from a reputable trainer then I would take a second look because safty comes first and if he/or she wont listen to you then i would defenetly think twice…..Thanks

    15. Hello, my name is Mike and I live in a small ranching area in south central Idaho. I have recently picked up a 4 yr old mare that the previous owners had said would be a good horse for my youngest daughter since I didn’l feel comfortable putting her on a ranch horse (she’s 10) The problem I have is when you try to bridle her she is notorious for throwing her head and trying to back out. I have used cottom ropes behind her and pinching her neck to lower her head, a rope behind her shoulders, between her legs to her head stall and she stills fights. Looking for some help here. Other than that she has a great disposition and will let my daughter do anything with her. I even have a fight putting on a bosel…Anything will help since she does seem like a good horse for her and like everywhere, budgets are tight…Thank you

    16. Last year i started riding a 18 yr old qh mare who was a completely engilsh mount. I show both english and western at my local 4h shows (so not very competitively). but in english and western she gets VERY heavy on the forehand. and in western i can’t get her into a frame. She likes to hold her head up and hollow out her back. Any tips?

    17. My seven year old pony is a hunter/jumper and was a great pony in everyway until a few months ago when he started refusing to go in a corner of the outdoor ring. He hrough me off a couple of times when I tried to force him. My trainers have worked with him many hours and cannot figure out why he does this or how to correct it. He has started to do it in another corner in the outdoor arena now and is now doing it in the indoor arena as well. We have had him seen by very good vets who say neurologically and physically he is fine. But my trainers are convinced he may have a medical problem. There were some issues with wild animals coming into the outdoor ring in the past. Any thoughts?

    18. I have an 11 year old paint that has ridden fine until recently. I have no trouble bridling and saddling him but once I start riding he will throw his head wildly tugging at the reins and will not go where I ask him to. This never used to be an issue now it seems that I almost have no control. I am using a curb bit, I have not changed this since I got him at 5 years old.

    19. I have a 12ish yr old quarter horse gelding who until recently was a fine a little thin but fine. Now he looks terrible! he looks like he has lost about 100 pounds! I have dewormed him routinly and dewormed him again, he has plenty of hay, the vet was out before and nothing was wrong, i even have a blanket on him! i have tried weight builder and it hasnt helped. he had his teeth floated last year. What else could be wrong with him?

    20. I have a paint that will be two in a few months. He will not let me or anyone else get close to him. He jumps and my run if he thinks you are getting to close to him. What can I do to get him to calm down and at least touch him.

    21. I don’t know if this is how you post a question. But i have a 2 year old mare that we have been working none stop with for about 6 or 7 months now, to pick up her feet and we are getting no where. I’ve been hurt trying to just run my hand down her legs, shes jumped at my husband when hes tried. Is there a different way to go about this?

    22. Heath, Marquette, KS:
      If your horse has not had his teeth floated recently, that’s probably your problem. Depending on the horse, the teeth should usually be floated about once a year. If it’s not that, it could still have something to do with the teeth. I suggest you contact your horse’s dentist, vet, or whoever works on your horse’s teeth.

    23. My 16 year old mare has tendonitis in her front right leg. When she was 2 a farrier trimmed her hoof too short and it ripped her tendon. It is now healed but every now and then she shows signs of lameness and whenever her leg with tendonitis heats up. I ice her leg whenever it heats and I use leg wraps. My mare has also been switched to barefoot which has seemed to help considerably. I ride her mainly on trails but sometimes jump her. Should I not jump her and is there anything else I can do to help her?

    24. Sally, I’m no expert, but it sounds like either you are being too rough with her, or she has some type of chronic injury/lameness. An animal that’s in a lot of pain isn’t likely to respond well to any amount of training, as they really can’t be ‘trained’ to ignore or desensitized to their pain. And if you aren’t being careful enough with her, you may be reinforcing her fear/anticipation of having her feet lifted.
      If it were me, I would first check for signs of lameness and pain (you can find articles on the web and here), and consider the horse’s overall attitude. Is she unmanageable no matter what, or only when you try to clean her feet? She may also be disrespectful (being a youngster), in which case you need to establish your leadership; maybe you let her get away with too much.
      I suggest having your vet check for lameness/leg injury, and if it’s not that, look into your training method: are you too rough in asking for her foot, or are you too permissive, letting her get away with disobedience? Seeing that you’ve been working on this for so long, I doubt it’s her still misunderstanding your request, although that is another possibility.
      There are plenty of training resources out there regarding this sort of thing, so definitely look into that; natural horsemanship techniques to gain trust and respect are a very good idea.
      I hope this helped, again, I’m not an expert.

    25. I need help I have a Arab cross and he is a really good horse and has been used for all kinds of shows but this will be my first year useing him and I am only gonna do halter and showmanship but I don’t think he will stand still when he needs too can anyone give a an ansewr on how I could make him stand still without force I do not use force on my horses

    26. This might be a silly question.Is it true that if you rub a stick all over a newborn foals body,that as he grows up,all you have to do is show the stick to him whenever he misbehaves and he will instantly correct his behavior?

    27. i have a 9 yr old 15hh mare and cant build muscle on her, i trot her on the road for at least an hour everyday .. what should i do?

    28. We are getting a new horse, and I board. We need to give vaccinations before the horse arrives at the barn and I was wondering if it was safe to give the horse its shots when we pick it up the day we take it home. I didn’t know how soon the vaccines become effective.

    29. I am having trouble with horseflies. It doesn’t matter how much I spray them with flyspray, they won’t leave them alone. They follow them inside also. Does anyone know how to get rid of them or slow them down?

    30. I just met a lady that wants me to ride her Tennessee Walking Horse and hes spooky and he bucks. I have never seen this horse or met this woman. I need some advice on how to get this horse to trust me and hot to get him to not buck while im riding him. Please help me.

    31. If you want to get rid of horse flies, use brewer’s yeast. Allow two weeks to see a difference as it builds up in your horse’s system. Welive in the deep south and this worked for us.

    32. to get rid of horse flies try some clorox with water and put it in a spray bottle. just try not to spray the clorox with water at the horse’s eyes

    33. Someone please help me my horse has cushings and I don’t know a good riding routine for him he is also 24 and at such a fragile age im worried about hurting him. My usual routine is walk, trot, controlled trot, canter, and then we go for a trail ride. Is this good or should some things be changed. Please give me some hints

    34. I have a horse that I am having trouble closing the door on the trailer, and me leaving the trailer. I can get her in with no problem, but when I go to close the door or leave she starts backing out faster than I can get out. One of the boarders at the stable I board at sugest having her eat her food in the trailer till she is done. Is there any thing that might help me, espeically with me not being in the trailer.

    35. My Thoroughbred mare is always walking back and forth along the one fence line of her field, and i cant keep weight on her. what should i do?

    36. I have my first big show coming up and I am terrified of trailotong my horse because of a pervious accident and I need to get my horse used to the trailor but I dont know what to do because I dont want the same accident to happen again.

    37. I have an 8 year old mare and I have recently started her on barrels. She has a lot of fun doing them, but sometimes at the last minute she turns the other direction on a barrel or something. How can I fix this and prevent further problems like this? Also, what are some tips for training, because I’m clueless!

    38. I have a 5 year old pinto mare who’s completely deaf. I am having a hard time trail riding with her. She spooks very easlily and gets so worked up that she’s shaking. Is there anything I can do to keep her calm, since talking to her doesn’t help?

    39. I don’t have my own horse, but I do take weekly lessons, and the horse that i ride… generally about halfway through the lesson, if i let her free walk, she thinks i’m cooling her off and her work is done, and then she won’t go anymore…

    40. I have a 23-year-old horse who has foundered for four months now. He was just getting better a couple weeks ago, but he’s getting worse again. Is there any way I can end his laminitis?

    41. Iv been horse riding for only 7 hours at age 10 and i can trot and iv cancerd twice axidently but i cannot get the horse not to follow the other one do u know why?

    42. there’s a horse i know who has a biting an kicking attitude towards people is there any way i can help her to break that nasty habit

    43. I was reading about the treats. I need to work on not giving so many treats. If I didn’t ride daily for hours I think my horse would be a chubby girl!

    44. Hey Im Michelle Im 14 Id like to know more about horses, and since you’re the expert, I would like to ask you some questions for my Project about Horses! This project is called “I-search”. Isearch is a project where we choose a topic and become an expert on it by doing tons of research. and one of the requirement is for me to find an expert and ask few questions. In case you can help me with some helpful answers! Im hoping for your reply! Thannnkk youu

    45. Hi,
      I am doing my senior high school project on the effects of stable time versus pasture to see if that has any impact on the vital signs (overall health). What is your standing on this?

    46. Hi I have the opportunity to give a home to a pony.
      I have three already so know how to look after them. I feel if I don’t take her on she will end up at the knackers yard. She is five, had a foal last year. She will not let anyone go near her – I think she has had bad treatment in the past and is fearful – I don’t think she is being a mare (I have one who is sometimes) I feel she would like to be friendly but is frightened – she will sniff my hands – her eyes are soft – she is in poor condition and I think needs tlc – but first I have to get her to trust me. She is in a field with her one year old foal and another pushy 3 year old gelding. I cannot get her away from them as it is not my space and I have been allowed to try and gain her trust. I do not want to give up on her and feel she could be a sweet pony – she is not viscious – just fearful – please may I have your suggestions – thank you

    47. Im wanting to break in a mare but im unsure weather its a good decision as the mare is in a group with other mare horses an that the stallion of the group is very dominent, will the stallion harm the mare in the process of breaking her in?

    48. I have a very young horse, that is still in training, but one thing I can’t get him to do is pick up his feet and keep them up while I am picking them.
      My farrier says that when he does not pick up his foot I should yank on the lead rope,whack him with it and make him back up.
      It doesn’t work,and I hate to do it.
      Do you have any recommendations to helping me in this matter?Thank you.

    49. Hi,I’m Holly I have a 12 year old paint horse and when ever I ride her I lose my balance when we trot.She has a very rough and stiff gait.I barely canter her because we go through a war to go faster than a trot.I can’t relax my seat because of her gait.Would it help if I rode her alot daily?I use a hackamoore and a western saddle.I do some cow work,trail,and just around the pasture.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

    50. i have a 4 year old grey gelding named Pepper. I can ride him western and english. When i ride him english he hate the cavson (the thing that goes under there cheek bone), he throws his head up and trys to get it off but the thing is it’s really loose on him. Also get trys puting his head down and bucks ( i stay on) but it really bugs me and he dosn’t collect. Please help me! Post you help on IT’S AIR TIMES ‘s page please and thank-you!

    51. I have been looking to lease out my 17 year old Thoroughbred but have found that she is very testy with different people on her back. I get on, she’s perfect, good lead changes and no spook. As soon as I let another rider on her however, she’s a completely different horse! My mare is a good girl, just needs to transfer that to others!! How do I solve this bossy mentality of hers?

    52. I am leasing a 15 year old mare and when I practice jumping figure eight with her so won’t jump unless i walk her over it. Then the next day i try it again and she still won’t jump unless I walk her over it. What should I do to get her to jump without walking over it first.

    53. I have a 2.5 year old Pinto that I would like to show English – jumping eventing, equitation, etc. I’ve been riding him and he is very smart!! How do I get him started? I don’t have many people around me that I can ask and even fewer that can help me.

    54. Means you didn’t answer my other question try this.
      I just started my 3 year old quarter horse mare so far I put around 15 rides on her.Every couple of days she acts up like we would be walking along and she would fling her head around to the left side all the way up by my hips and her flank and walk a few steps and do it again.she acts like shes in pain.I tried different saddles saddle pads she still does it.If i dont listen to her she bucks.I take the saddle off and get on bareback shes fine.

    55. I have a question for a expert on horse brains, and i was wondering if i could contact on of them to talk about it for my science fair project. If you could please email me and let me now at my question is what effect does the geomectric shape have on whether or not the horse can tell the difference

    56. My friend’s horse always seems to have several hoof abcesses happening at a time. She keeps his stall very clean, picks his hoofs out everyday and has regular farrier care. She has not been able to ride him at all this year. Any more ideas on what she can do to help him? He is a 9 year old Arabian in excellent health.

    57. Regarding hoof abscesses, ON. May want to check the weight on the horse. Many horses are “insulin intolerant” and may want to look into the symptoms. Not a big deal, go to low starch/fat feed, but best to research this for full details. Mostly, what is recommended to do would be harmless to try with the horse and check results. Never heard of this until recent episodes with some of mine but since, when talking to others it seems to be very common these days. Go figure!
      Check it out. Don’t do anything to jeopardize your horse’s health but most of recommendations will not. Makes sense that this is happening with an Arabian as they are very efficient horses that may not have the same needs as say a Thoroughbred. Ours are more of the Arab metabolism and have had the same thing. If he is stalled for hours he is not out to work some of this off. Feed & exercise may be the key.

    58. I’d like to make my own horse treats “with benefits” like glucosamine and biotin. Do you have any recipes? Also, is chlorella algae good for horses? Thank-you.

    59. I live in Missouri where the winters get pretty harsh,and muddy,so I recently put straw and hay(yes,I have those spoiled horses that once the hay is on the ground,they probably won’t eat it if it’s loose!)on the ground to keep them from slipping or getting stuck and pulling a muscle.My only concern is that if they walk on the straw,which is slippery on the slopes,they will slip on that.Would you reccomend continuing this or to leave the ground alone?

    60. This horse that I ride has a very bad temperament. Every time I go into her stall with the bridle, she wheels and turns her butt towards me. When I go farther into the stall, she stomps her foot on the ground. When I start to approach her head, she runs away from me. I have to chase her several times around the stall just to get the reins over her head. And I know that she isn’t scared of me because I have tried to approach her slowly and she does the same thing. Any advice???

    61. My horse Lady is a retired Roping horse and Barrel racing horse but she likes to be ridden but once we put the saddle on her and go to tighten is she slings her head to the side your standing on and bites! I have tried not to tighten the saddle but i have too Because if i dont tighten the saddle it slips sideways and i fall off trust me i have done this! How do i stop this bad habit? Please add a comment on this page or go to my webpage. And if Horsechannel main people see this just email me i need this answer right away!!! Please help this habit needs to stop!!

    62. Elizabeth, since you said stall, this will be hard… But to fix the problem, you can start by doing it in a pasture. Catch her in the stall and lead her to the pasture, and let her go. Wait an hour or so, go back, and try to catch her again. This time, when she turns her butt, make her RUN!!!. In horse that means “I disrespect you, and look, I can even kick too. So back off.” To fix the problem, chase her AWAY from you, and wait for HER to stop. When she does, walk up to her. Not slowly, but normal pace. If she even thinks about leaving, do it again. Keep doing this until she gives in. I did it with my horse for 3 hours before catching her. It takes patience… and, if she ISN’T stopping, stop and pay attention to something else. When she does stop repeat. It works best without other horses because you can confuse them! Tell me if it works! I can give you a more in-depth description if that dindn’t make sense to you! email me at

    63. Hi,I recently got a three year old Thoroughbred Gelding.Every time I lope him he has the correct lead on his front feet and and wrong lead on his back feet.My friend said that it is just because he is young,but it is so bumpy.Does his leads get better as he gets older,or is there some way to fix it?

    64. I read your issure on “Manure Happens” in the April 2012 issue. Managing manure is difficult, but I found a way to work it in my favor. I have a lot of erosion from rain so I fill in the spots with the used bedding from my stalls. It works, I even put grass seed down and now I have grass growing their when I couldnt before. I use a harrow to spread the manure in the field with my ATV. You can also fill in hillsides and gardens. Sharing with neighbors and advertising free manure works too!

    65. I bored my horse and the last couple months he has looked like he has pinworms.I was wondering if obesity can point to it.Also the person that owns the barn d-worms every three months.There are 5 horses total at the barn.I would like to d-worm every month.Can I d-worm separately from them?

    66. I’m putting my 4 yr old quarter horse back into work after having 4 months off. I broke her and started riding her in August ’11. I rode her through November until I had to give her a vacation due to the fact I had to go to Florida and work as a show groom for a few months. By the end of November she could walk trot and canter both directions very well, she had the correct impulsion from her hind end that allowed her to start seeking contact by herself and I was just starting to introduce lateral work. She also was started over fences and doing very well. I put her on the lounge for about 10 minutes today and she acted like she never had a saddle on her back! I don’t blame her at all, I’m just wondering what the best training program would be for her to get her to the point that we left off at?

    67. Erin,
      I know exactly what you’re talking about, as I have experienced the same thing. Since your mare had so much time off, I’m sorry to say that the best way to get the desired result is to go back to where you first began in your training, working up to the point where you left off. If you try to pick up where you left off, your horse will probably just find it frustrating because she can’t recall everything you taught her before. If she acts up as you said during lunging, I have found that the best thing to do is to simply do nothing at all. Let me explain: Whether she bolts, spooks, or bucks, just stay calm and let her act as crazy as she wants to. Eventually she will realize that she is acting up for nothing. The instant she calms, reward her with much praise and she will begin to understand that it is much easier just to do as you tell her. Trust me on this-I had a terrible problem with lunging my own mare until I tried this tactic. She now longes calmly and is very attentive to me. I hope this helps you and your horse.

    68. My horse (s) all have one baaaaaaad habit: Eating while on the trail. They are obviously NOT focusing on me, they’re focusing on trying to grab a hunk of grass; and I also know that the grass can get wound around the bit and choke the horse. How can I fix this????????

    69. Joanne,
      Your horses are probably doing this because they are bored. If you can, try doing more than just walking in a straight line down the trail; frequently change pace, reverse direction once in a while, circle around trees-whatever you can think of to them busy so they don’t think only about food.

    70. whenever i ask for the canter, on the inside lead going to right, my left stirrup pops out. my trainer says it might be because the horse i ride is getting to small, so his elbows are bumping my foot. but wouldn’t it do the same to the right foot? pleeeeease help me!

    71. I am thirteen years old and have trouble keeping my back straight in the saddle. Every time I canter I feel like I’m falling forward. No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to stay in my jumper saddle when cantering.My instructor says I’m trying so hard that I’m messing myself up! Please help Me!

    72. Joanne,
      My horse used to eat grass while I was riding, too.
      What you do is when they eat, pull on the reins and kiss. If/when they don’t listen, do the same thing again and kick/squeeze. If that doesn’t work, whack them on the butt with a riding whip. I did this with my horse and she doesn’t really try to eat. Sometimes she does, but then as soon as I pull her up she stops because she knows that I will smack her if she keeps eating.

    73. Phyllis
      When you are practicing the canter, try to simply relax and flow with your horse’s movements to get the feel of it for starters before working on correct showing/jumping posture. You might even ask your instructor to longe your horse while you are in the saddle that way all you have to do is focus on riding rather than directing your horse as well so that you can get a feel for it.

    74. please explain to me what is crytoid i know that one ball hasn’t dropped we have a horse that we saved. he was unfit for sale too thin etc.. he was said to be a gelding after putting him in with our mares and gelding all hell broke loose the mares were in season. they wanted him and he wanted all! so we had to put him in a stall we had our vet come out he said he woild have to operate on him he is a crytoid. i have to find the money for the operation. i need more info about crytoids so i can start finding donation

    75. I’ve been riding for eight years, leasing for two and I’m try to convince my parents to let me buy a mini in a few years or so I was thinking (if i got the mini) giving buggy rides would be a good way to pay for hay, meds, stuff like that. But do I need a licence to carry passengers for money? I’m only thirteen, so that might affect it.

    76. How do I get my Arab to stop dragging her feet!? She wears down the front of her hooves down until they are literally flat.

    77. I need a way to earn 40,000 dollars quick my mom isn’t helping out so I have to do it. Any suggestions that and I really wana jump but my instructor/ barn manager dosn’t like jumping or anything I want.

    78. Hi, I have a six year old TWH mare. Sometimes when i go in her field to spend some time grooming her or whatnot, she lets me approach her, sniffs what I have, and calmly walks away from me. It’s not like she’s running away. If I follow her, she again allows me to come and walks away again. I don’t know if she is just feeling irritable because it is so hot outside or if it’s something I need to correct. Thanks

    79. Hi, I have a six year old TWH mare. Sometimes when i go in her field to spend some time grooming her or whatnot, she lets me approach her, sniffs what I have, and calmly walks away from me. It’s not like she’s running away. If I follow her, she again allows me to come and walks away again. I don’t know if she is just feeling irritable because it is so hot outside or if it’s something I need to correct. Thanks

    80. It isn’t very easy to save up 40,000 dollars but if you try really hard you could do it.Also as for your jumping try to find a barn that trains in that event.

    81. Horse swings away from west. saddle when trying to saddle. He will accept bareback pad, english saddle. A trainer used a saddle that jammed the horse’s shoulder blades. I have a saddle that is wide enough but can’t get it on him. He’s better on the off-side. We used to always saddle him for groundwork. He’s not cinchy.

    82. I have a mare that got hurt on her back leg. It was to her tendon on the back of her leg, now that was before Christmas. There is one spot that will not heal down at the bottom. The vet has no idea what to do with it any more, now as you can guess with him coming up twice a week for months and still going it is costing over 2000.00 and still going. Does any one have any suggestions in how to get it to heal?

    83. I had bought an Amish miniature horse gelding three years ago. I believe he was treated badly before me. When I lead him, he wants to be behind me. When I tap him on the rump, he twists around and faces the other way.When he can twist,he’ll side step into me.Can you help my baby boy?

    84. I ride a half-Arabian gelding who has trouble with staying on the correct lead at the canter. He tends to start lifting up his outside shoulder and then does a flying change, switching into a counter canter. How can I keep him from switching leads?

    85. Hi. My name is abbey and i own an 11 yo TB gelding named Pops. I leased him for a long time and he was a great boy!! He loved to jump and he was such a good boy, i didnt even need to put cross ties on him while tacking him up. I bought him then moved him. Everything changed. I couldnt even keep him standing still in the washrack anymore. He pulled the hinges out one time. He started to bolt, all the time. Constantly flip his head until i couldn’t deal with it. We changed his feed from sweet to low starch, and had a vet evaluate him and nothing was wrong. Had a saddle fitter, nothing was wrong. The bit was fine. one day, Pops bolted on me and i fell off, cracking my rib. Thank God i didnt break it but i was in so much pain. Thats when i got a trainer but he still is crazy except when I ride in the ring. I have had her for about 2 weeks now. I wanted to be able to do hunter paces with Pops, but at this rate, i cant do anything but ride in the ring. I cant take him out in an open field without him bolting. Or flipping his head let along jumping him in a field like at a hunter pace. PLEASE HELP!!! ANY advice would be amazing. Ive tried everything. Hes my first horse and i dont want to give up on him.

    86. I have a 16 year old paint mare that is a very obedient horse normally. But for some reason, when my mother comes out side to watch me ride her, she acts up badly. She only does this to my mother. Why does she do this?

    87. Hi
      I have a young racehorse that gets so worked up before a race that he lathers up really bad. He kinda runs his race before the race. Is there any hope for this horse or a solution for the problem? Is my best bet to just give up on him and find another job for him.

    88. Hi there, I am writting to get some advice on a horse being boarded at my place.
      This horse had a rough start in life and was abused and neglected the mother acutally
      died when the foal was 4 months so I am sure that the foal in the beginning never got
      the proper feeding.
      She is now 6 years old she came from apparently a 16 some hand TB mare and a 16.1hh
      Friesen. Now the mare is just barly touching 15 hh and the conformation is just completly
      out of whack
      We have her on Beet Pulp, High Fat Fibre by Purina and also has salt and unlimited round bale
      and much hay at night.
      the horse is now looking in poor condition and getting worse when the horse walks she is always
      tripping on her own feet on flat footing and I have never seen the horse acutally canter at all.
      Her hips are always showing and she looks like she needs more weight but we cant seem to get
      any weight on her at all she has a huge belly but is wormed regularly and is on a schedule .
      She is on individual turnout to make sure no one pushes her off the hay and she eats all the time.
      She also when walking in the barn it seems like she cant see correctly and hits beams and posts
      and runs into clear objects.
      She had her teeth done apparently by someone (the owners told me) she just looks horrible
      and what would you recommend it almost seems like she lacked nutrition when she was
      young and seems like she has a neurological disorder? She has pointy hips that always stick
      out and her belly is extremely large but she is all ribs!
      Its got me totally stumped. I always managed to get horses back on the righ track.
      Se also seems to get diareah quite often at random times.
      I am worried for the mare. Now her hair is falling out in places and to me seems to be
      a lack of vitamins or supplements.
      Any recommendations would be great

    89. Hi my name is Abby. I own a OTTB and when I got him he was underweight and I got him fattened up during the summer but he didn’t look fat, he looked athletic and muscular. Well its winter time now and I raised the amount of feed and hay he gets to 2 cups of oats 1 cup of a sweet feed mixture and 4 flakes of hay a day/ two flakes in the morning and two at night. Well he gained a lot of weight since the summer time because I haven’t been able to ride him because of the weather and so he’s gotten fat and my friend said that I can use her indoor arena to exercise him but he needs a hard work out because that is how he used to get exercised… Basically until he got tired but I don’t know what exercise I can do with him?

    90. My friends own a gelding and mare who have happily lived together for 6 months now. I exercise them from time to time and recently something terrible happened. The owners and I were worried that the horses needed more horsey friends as they were often alone in a field with no other horses in sight and would cause a problem when one had to be separated from the other ie riding. The gelding is very gentle and has never caused any issues with another horse. He occasionally bugs the mare who just flattens her ears and runs off. We were informed that the horses had now been moved in with more mares. So now 3 mares and the gelding. Which we didn’t think was a great idea but trusted the yard that they knew what they were doing. A few days ago a fight broke out between an older mare (35) and the gelding. No one saw it happen but the mare had broken ribs and a few scratches from bite on her stomach area and sadly one huge gash bite mark on her neck which she bled out of and died. He was covered in blood and had no signs of injury. The question we have is- is this unusual behavior for a horse? Especially a fight to the death situation. Could it have been one lucky shot that killed her. Could this have been prevented and if so what should we do now. The other people at the yard want him thrown out the yard or put down. Surely this is just natural. Or should we be worried that there is something wrong with this 10 year old gelding? Could the owners be held accountable for this death or is it the yards fault. Any answers would put us at ease. We love him too much to just put him down. He isn’t aggressive towards humans or other animals. But has recently shown anxiety issues. Please help!
      Kind regards

    91. I have had a mare in foal for 8 months now she was in abit of a mess when i had her and she had a foal today that i didnt no about and the owner reckons they didnt either and the havent contacted me.. where would i stand if i was to chip n passport the foal as they have tecnicaly never owned it and have no proof its theres.. would i be in the right to do that as i payed all bills and up keep of mare and now foal

    92. I have a lid2 yr old palomino that I can even get near he tries to charge me bit & kick he also pins his ears back.. when I take whip in the pen to move him away from me to ensure I .sm safe he charges at me tries to kick in bite at me I am not sure how to even work with him I need some answers on how to work with a horse that is aggressive in won’t let you touch him answer…

    93. hey JESS,
      read you comment, hope you see this!
      1. horses are social animals but many horses have only one pasture mate and are fine, however if you are worried some people buy a cat, goat, mini horse, even a chicken to keep there horses happy try and see what works for your horse
      2. fights DO break out with horses, especially when introducing a horse to a new herd. what probably happened was the older mare was used to being the boss mare, and from what I read the gelding was used to being the boss as well. when the gelding came into the mares turf a fight may have began to determine the new pecking order. The mare was 35 and had experience but the gelding, I am betting, was stronger and more agile. The fight may have gotten too intense and the mare would not back down and the gelding would not either.
      Most fights, even in the wild, do not end in death, one horse usually realizes who is stronger and backs off. I do NOT believe the horse should be put down and I also believe this was a rare occurrence.
      I am not a Professional, but I know my fair share of horses, I hope my suggestions help you and I am sorry you were placed in this predicament.

    94. I am a 5’1 14 year old girl (7stone) and I’m looking to buy a horse, I’ve been looking at heights between 14.2hh to 15.3hh. I’ve seen a lovely 15.3hh gelding and wondering if he will be too big for me. I don’t mind being a little small, I just don’t want to look tiny.

    95. I have a 7 year old Tennessee walker mare. I got her a few months ago. Her other owner gave her up because she was to dominate. She pushes on you when you walk, she gets into your space. I’ve been working with her on that but now every time I put her in the arena to lunge her she doesn’t listen and now she’s starting to come at me. I don’t know what to do.

    96. I have a 11 year Appaloosa Mare. We got her about 8 months ago. We found out that she used to be a rodeo bucking horse. She goes crazy when you try to put a saddle pad on her. When you finally get the pad and saddle on her she dances around when you try to mount her. How do you show her that everything is ok? She is also terrified of spray bottles. I’m new with all of thi’s but I love this horse and want her to be comfortable with everything. Can you help?

    97. I just have to ask this question. I have been around horses a long time and my fave is the draft crosses. Someone asked me once why you cant find a draft bred to another draft cross like a belgian/percheron cross. i just guessed at the fact that the foal may be too big to birth but I truly didnt know why. i am not saying it would be a good idea, but I am just curious. is it bc you shoudnt breed cold to cold blood? i really would like to know. thanks for any info

    98. I have a gelding and we’re have trouble loading him in the trailer. We’ve tried everything, treats, other horses loading first, butt ropes, chains over the nose and under the chin. Nothing works, he just keeps fighting. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    99. I just bought a 3 (soon to be 4) year old Thoroughbred. I’m doing show jumping and dressage with him. Seeing that I’m only 13 and he can get pretty strong on a jumping course, I want to know what bit would be best for him. He is currently on a snaffle. Help please!

    100. Hi there I’m looking for some advice about turnout. We recently just had a five year old friesian imported from the Hollands, we live in Nashville Tennessee. The summers are much hotter here than in holland and were concerned about his day turnout but the grass also collects a lot of dew during the night and were also concerned that turning him out at night might lead to foot rot or fungus from his long feathers. Any advice? Thank you

    101. I have a gelding named jack and he is 16 I want to ride alone when my nana is riding her horse at her horse practice but I can’t ride with them and he doesn’t like to be alone he bucks with Spurs and I don’t know what to do he is a great horse and he is nice but he likes to be a buddy horse but I like to ride alone what do I do???

    102. My horse has rubbed his nose raw on his leg. What can I put on his nose to help it. I spray him for flies so I don’t think that’s why he’s doing that. And why may he be doing this?

    103. Hi so I took my 13 year old gelding on a trail ride today, and as we headed out for some reason he kept resisting and simply did not want to go on the trail he just wanted to rush back home to the usual spot where I get off and untack him after a ride. . Being that I thought he might just not feel good or something was wrong like he smelled a bear or something I let him go home and as I was taking his saddle off I discovered that his cinch strap had broken. Could it be possible that the reason he wanted to go home and have me get off him so badly was because he could have possibly known it was broken? I know this might be a silly question but please answer if you could.

    104. Hello I’m looking for advice on saddles specifically jumping saddles I have a ottb mare shes extremely high whithers and I’ll be getting a interchangeable gullet i need a good brand that will not empty my wallet as I dont even have the money to afford one but I’m going to try. Ive looked at Bates pesoa and stubben but I’ve never ridden in any of them. Can anyone give me advice what do you recommend I prefer real leather and of coarse a exchangeable gullet please tell me what you think? Thanks

    105. I think I have a mentally retarded horse. I’ve owned Safina since she was born and she has always been treated with kindness and gentleness, never abused, but after 8 years I’m ready to give up. Nobody can get near her most of the time. You can’t touch her, pet her, get her into a barn, and if you do somehow catch her, halter her up and brush her, rub her and love her, when you let her go she won’t even let you come close enough to feed her a carrot. The day she was born I was there right away and sat in the stall and talked to her off and on for over two hours. The next day I went in to brush and feed her mother and the foal ran to the back of the stall, slammed into the wall, fell, got up, ran into the manger, out, got tangled into the water bucket, then ran and slammed into the wall again, fell, then got behind her mom. It was like this every day, for months. And she always kept her mom between me and her no matter how long I spent with them, in or out of the stall. At two months old I seriously was considering putting her down, but she was so cute, I thought it would just take time. Things were not too bad when her mom was alive, she stuck to her mother like glue, and in the winter I managed to get her blanket on by easing it over her mom’s back onto her, then it took about 1/2 an hour to do the buckles up by reaching under and around her mother, sneaking the buckles closed. Now her mother is gone, put down due to incurable colic. That was just over two months ago and Safina is depressed, standing out in the rain for hours with her head down. I can’t get her into the barn even though the stall I have for her is open to a paddock. I put her into a paddock with her brother, who is totally normal, and when I shake the grain pail, he comes running at a gallop, eager to get into his stall and eat, she just stands there then turns and goes to the end of the paddock looking down to the end of the pasture where her mother is buried. I can’t catch her, cajole her into the barn, nor herd her into the barn. She won’t let anyone near her. The only way I can get near her is to put an electric fenced area up, then just keep making it smaller and smaller until she has no choice but to let me close. I’ve had many horses born on my farm and all have been gentle and easy to train and a couple of my horses even try to get their heads into a halter when I am trying to halter up another horse, or they come and nudge you wanting to be petted and fussed over. Not Safina. I am thinking of breeding her to one of my stallions because she has good conformation and a very pretty Arabian head, but just wonder if anyone else has had a problem like this.

    106. I have a mustang mare I rescued about a year and a half ago. She was 14 when we got her. I can’t tell you her full story because I don’t know but what I do know is she was under weight, scared of everyone and everything except for the other 2 horses she came with. We couldn’t catch her or even get close to her for the first month but after the first time we were able to catch her it only took us 8 months to break her and have her rideable. We hit a spot where I could no longer work with her everyday like she needed to be with school and work so we gave her to a guy we know along with another horse we had rescued a few months back. She went to 4 different people in less then 2 weeks that we found her. Now that we have her back she is worse than before. She has been home for almost 2 months and the only way we can catch her is if we have food but if we try to catch other without it she will turn her butt towards us and try to kick us or if you do manage to catch her and say infront of her she will try to bite you or kick you with her front feet. She has come to the point she is dangerous and I refuse to give her away again because of what happened the last time and I don’t want to put whoever takes her in harms way. Is their any advice what’s so ever that you can give me to be able to work with her again please

    107. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about horses. I train my own. I ride at a high level. And I have been at it for awhile! But I’m not super savvy on the breeding area of horses, or confirmation. I don’t care much when I buy horses, because I’m not showing or interested in how their bloodlines are. Weather it is reg or not it’s still a good horse. Anyways, my pint-I don’t care much for things like that. As long as it’s a good horse! I also don’t know a whole ton about colors and stuff like that. I know basics, black, grey, bay chestnut, liver chestnut etc. but I had a few questions to clarify some things that I feel clueless about! I currently own 2 horses. One, is a lover chestnut, with brown mane and tail. The other is the same coat color, but with a balck mane and tail, and 3 black socks and one white one. Does that make her a bay? I always think of bays as darker, regardless of mane and tail colors, by my friend keeps calling her a bay and it’s very irritating! She looks the same as my other horse who is definitely 100% liver chestnut. But her mane and tail are black. She says that my horse is bay, the same as hers, but he rhorse is insanely dark, almost black. So is she considered a bay, even though her coat is liver chestnut?? Also. Also What is considered sorrel? I have seen people who call their buckskins sorrel, and people who call their bay horses sorrel. Are they confused? What is sorrel/ what makes a horse sorrel?

    108. My husband saved a horse that was going for soap. I am glad but she does not have manners. She is all over you, she nips, turns her back side hasn’t kicked but acts like she will run you over. Goes through fences like match sticks. He is determined to work with her and he is novice. I do not like her because she is seems wild. I have always had tame animals. She is about 2 years old. I guess my question is does this character ever change?

    109. Hi I have recently brought a 13 thoroughbred, who had been turned out as a broodmare for two years. I have been lunging her and I just started her with a pessoea, which she had a tiny little buck with in canter but apart from that she was fine with it. Generally I have just trotted her so far, but yesterday I got her to do a couple circles of canter on each reign. Most of what I have read has said keep your horse in walk for every month they have been turned away and match it to your horses fitness. I just want to make sure I am doing right by her. I started only lunging her for a few minutes on each reign, yeasterday I did around 15 minuets. But she isn’t breathing rapidly or breaking a single sweat. I do not lunge her everyday, as I don’t want her to get achy or tired. I am planning to get on her for the first time since I have brought her at the beginning of July, just for a five minute walk around. I just wanted thoughts as to if you think I am bringing her back into work okay?

    110. I recently took my horse out on a lovely trail, and all went perfect! However, when I returned back to the ranch, I found all four of her wraps were COVERED in foxtail-burrs! Is there any way I can get these out!!! If I were to pick them, which I’ve been doing for the past hour, it would take more many, many boring hours. Please help!

    111. If a person was to make pants for a horse, would it need to have two legs (for the back legs) or would it need to have four legs (for all four legs)?
      Also, what material should the pants be made of ideally?

    112. Hi, my name is Abigail and I am doing a Genius Hour Project at school. My question is, how can you make a horse more calm and mellow. Please help with some tips.

    113. Hello! My name is Hayley, and I am in need of new horse treats because my horse’s idiotic stall neighbor ravaged through my box and ate mine! My horse is a big ol draft – allergic to everything. Can you point me to some treats with NO ALFALFA? Thanks!


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