Horses Love …


• Cuddling Up. When horses groom each other, studies have found that it lowers their heart rates, indicating the activity has a relaxing, calming effect1.

• Grazing. No surprises here, feral and pastured horses spend 40-60 percent of their time partaking in this activity.

• Water, Please. Horses drink in association with feeding, so they’ll need continuous access to fresh water to wash that forage down.

• Good Company. Social isolation is a disturbing experience for a horse—companionship soothes a lonely heart.

• R & R. When allowed to control their own environment, horses opt out of stall life and instead spend the majority of their time turned out with friends.

• Walking. Feral and pastured horses rarely trot or canter unless startled. Instead, those hooves were made for walkin’.

• A Comfy Bed. Soft bedding is preferred over a bare surface, and straw is often a favorite over wood shavings.

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  1. I totally agree!! My horse loves all of those things…he also loves gobstoppers!! His favorite is the green ones. On a more serious note…he loves it when i play with him in the arena on foot. We play red light, green light, and soccer!! It’s a blast!

  2. This article is great,Thou, I do disagree with the part obout horse rarely running, because my two horses always run(by run i mean full gallop!!) along the fence when I come to see them with the 4-wheeler

  3. Every tip will help out someone, even me….me especially. With 10 horses/popnies, you will find each one like different things, but they all love apples.

  4. We have a Stallion at our stables and he is kept alone in stable or completely on his own if he does go outside in very small and muddy inclosure. Can this horse be happy at all? I never never want a stallion if this is the case. My heart brakes for him.


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