On the Tetanus Offensive


Vaccination is the only way to provide protection against tetanus. A potentially deadly disease, tetanus occurs when a wound becomes infected with the bacterial spores, Clostridium tetani. Once inside a horse’s body, the spores germinate and produce a poison that affects muscles: Horses with tetanus become stiff and rigid; they may fall and be unable to rise. Paralysis of the breathing muscles can lead to death. A tetanus antitoxin exists, but it’s expensive and often unsuccessful. The American Association of Equine Practitioners recommends an annual tetanus vaccination, with special recommendations for foals.


  1. vaccinations are truly life savers and I am very grateful to the people who work so hard to find new cures for ALL creatures, not just horses and humans! those people are true heroes in midst of a not so bright world. they make each day seem less dark


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