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Chris Cagle Combines Love of Horses, Music

Chris Cagle’s rigorous country music entertainment schedule doesn’t allow him much time for other endeavors. Yet he’s discovered another love that comes second to the music business: the horse business.

Cagle currently owns a handful of performance Quarter Horses in disciplines from cutting, reining and working cow horses. However, due to his touring schedule, he hasn’t personally competed in performance events. But even from the sidelines his first venture in the show pen proved profitable. His first stud colt, He’s A Majestic Chic, won the intermediate open at the Quarter Horse Congress (2006). Cagle’s also involved with breeding a group of quality mares to proven stallions in an effort to raise champion foals. And, in an effort to become a better horseman, Cagle has become an admirer, student and friend of horse clinician Clinton Anderson.

As viewers of cable and satellite TV know, Anderson is the host and mastermind behind the Downunder Horsemanship Training Program that appears weekly on RFD-TV. The mix of working with untrained horses and solving common problems faced by horse owners has made Anderson’s show the network’s most popular equine program.

Recently, Cagle and Anderson teamed up to film what will be a special television presentation on RFD-TV. The two will work from the ground up to break Cagle’s 2-year old Quarter Horse gelding. Of course, there will also be music, though don’t expect the birth of a CMT video. The musically enhanced episodes of Downunder Horsemanship will air sometime in September.

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  • Very Very good, could also have a article on Toby Keith's Race horses. And Could have pictures of both Chris Cagle's and Toby Keith's horses on there also.

  • I know someone who owns a filly of Tobys--that would be nice to see all the country stars w/ their beautiful HORSES-showing us how multitalented they are

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