Mane Taming Tips

Mane Taming

Q: How can I tame my horse’s unruly mane?

A: There are a few keys to dealing with an unruly mane. One is to work at training the mane every day; the other is to keep it thinned by pulling. A thinner mane is more manageable.

When you have a thinned mane, you can focus on keeping it lying neatly to one side. Using training braids is one way to teach the mane to cooperate. These braids are easy to put in. Make them small and tight; you don’t need to braid all the way to the end. Leaving them in for a few days will help. You will have to repeat this process as needed. If your horse will not tolerate having braids left in for that long, you can try it with smaller and looser braids.

Daily handling of the mane is necessary for mane taming. Always comb or brush to the same side. A hard grooming brush dipped in water is a great way to brush the mane while also flattening it. Keep brushing until the mane is just about dry.

You can also lay a damp cloth or towel over your horse’s mane while he stands in the cross-ties for grooming. Only do this under direct supervision in case he wiggles around and the towel slides or falls.

If you have some time in between horse shows, you can allow the mane to grow a bit longer. The added weight may help convince your horse’s mane to behave.

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