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Featured Video: A Very Careful Pony

Lots of people who rode when they were very young have horror stories about naughty ponies who knew how to take advantage of their beginning riders’ inexperience. But there are also plenty of wonderful ponies out there who take their jobs very seriously. Rocky is one of the latter sort.

When he and his rider, Ella, has a bit of a rough go over the first jump, Rocky decides he’d better take it easy around the rest of the course. It probably wasn’t the fastest round that day, but notice that Ella never looks discouraged and Rocky never turns an ear back. Well done to both of them!

Cutest. Thing. EVER! Show this little girl and her pon some support! Always love hearing a crowd cheer not for ribbons and medals, but just for sheer resilience to give up. #nobodystoppingthisponytrain

Posted by Trot-Shots on Sunday, September 27, 2015

This video was posted to Facebook by Trot-Shots, and Ella’s mom left the following comment:

OMG wow, this is our little girl and her pony Rocky, the only thing she was upset about was she didn’t get to get over those last couple of jumps!! We are so so proud of her and her amazing little man, Rocky is a superstar and looks after her 100%.


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Who needs a dog when you’ve got a pony like this?

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