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Morgans in the Snow: A Photo Portfolio

While originally I thought we were experiencing a hoarfrost event, I found later that the frost this morning was called “rime ice,” which is similar in appearance, but rime is formed by fog clinging to a surface, where hoarfrost forms on the surface, so it forms without fog. This explains why it clung to the horse’s coats. Photo by Shelley Paulson

My friend Carol Prindle of Whispering Meadows Morgan Farm and I had been talking for months about doing a winter photoshoot with her colorful herd of horses. The part we couldn’t plan is that I wanted to do it on a morning when there was frost clinging to the trees, and this only happens a few times each winter, usually with little warning.

As I was eating breakfast, morning light started to illuminate the landscape, and I looked out to see the trees heavy with frost. I messaged Carol to see if she would be game. She replied yes, and the wheels were set in motion!

I took care of my own horses, thinking I would wait until the sun came up a bit more before heading out, when she sent me a photo of one of her foals with frost clinging to his fluffy coat. I chugged my coffee, grabbed my camera gear, and hit the road.

Carol and I ended up playing with the horses in the snow and cold for over three hours because we were having so much fun!

Carol’s horses stay outside year-round, so when a heavy frost fell on the landscape, it also clung to their furry coats. Photo by Shelley Paulson
The frost clinging to their coats is a testament to how well insulated a horse’s winter fur is. Photo by Shelley Paulson
While most people think of Morgans as being bay, brown, chestnut or black, they can be bred for a variety of colors, including dun and palomino. While Carol’s first passion is the preservation of the breed, their temperament and their intelligence, she enjoys breeding for color, as well. Photo by Shelley Paulson
If you look closely, Anna’s eye has another eye shape in it. You can also see me taking the photo and another horse who was assisting me at the moment. Photo by Shelley Paulson
Amazing what you can see in a horse’s eye! Photo by Shelley Paulson
Midmorning, the fog lifted and the sun broke through, revealing this stunning landscape against a beautiful blue sky. Photo by Shelley Paulson
Martina captured in a classic Morgan moment as she trots through the deep winter snow. Photo by Shelley Paulson

This photo story about Morgans in the snow appeared in the November/December 2020 issue of Horse Illustrated magazine. Click here to subscribe!

Shelley Paulson

Shelley Paulson is an equestrian photographer and filmmaker based in Minnesota. She shares an inspiring look at some of her favorite images and the stories behind them in her new book, Horses, Portraits & Stories, available on Amazon.

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