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30 Time and Money Saving Tips

Buy in bulk. If you’ll use it before it expires, refill bottles are cheaper. ...

30 Blue Ribbon Tips

If you haven’t already, attend a show and watch the classes you plan on entering so that you know exactly what to expect. ...

Equine Skin Problems

The signs are obvious: A couple of scaly, crusty areas on your horse where the hair has fallen out. Your horse has some sort...
Horse grazing in front of a barn

Expense Report

Note: This article was written in 2005. Tap here for a more recent look at the cost of owning a horse.It's something most of...
High Trace Clip

To Clip or Not to Clip?

Unless you live in the tropics, winter riding means dealing with frigid temperatures, icy footing and frozen extremities. And oh yes, did we mention...
Buckskin horse in the snow

Avoid Frostbite at the Barn

Because responsible horse owners must venture outdoors regardless of below freezing temperatures, we are more likely to be frostbitten. Winter riders are especially prone....

Clipping Countdown

The ever-increasing fuzz on your horse's coat tells you that winter is on its way. If your horse's winter coat is causing him to...

Work Areas in the Barn

When you have horses, you also have a lot of stuff. Brooms and muck forks, tack, feed bins, grooming equipment, wheelbarrows ... it all...

Sacking out with Ken McNabb

If you've used spooky, cinchy or head shy to describe your horse, trainer Ken McNabb prescribes a round pen sacking out at liberty. Ken introduces...

Body Clipping

Your mind blissfully pictures your horse with a new image — one of a sheared equine sporting a full-body clip. Imagine, no more deep...
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