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Therapeutic Gear

Preventing injuries and managing chronic conditions are top priorities when making care decisions for your equine partner. You may have considered adding therapeutic products to your management strategy after talking to your vet and shopping around. Here are some options for horse therapeutic equipment that are easy to incorporate into your horse’s daily routine.

Horseware Ireland Rambo Ionic Collection

Tourmaline powder-infused fabric converts air molecules to negative ions, which are said to encourage increased circulation and oxygen delivery to cells and tissue. Rambo Ionic cotton sheet, $235.

Ice Horse Suspensory Wraps

Patented Cold Capsule inserts provide over two hours of therapeutic-level cooling. Wraps are designed to offer consistent cold and even compression for better healing. $149.95 (pair).

Benefab Rejuvenate Smartscrim

Dual therapy using medical-grade magnets and fabric infused with far-infrared
emitting minerals is offered as a solution to back, shoulder and hip pain. Mesh sheet features 90 magnets strategically placed over key acupuncture points to keep muscles warm and relaxed. $349.95.

Professional’s Choice Theramics

Theramic yarn containing ceramic fibers reflect natural body heat and is thought to help increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and ease pain. Sheet, $176.95. Combo Wrap pair, $100.95.

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

Welltex-infused fabric reflects your horse’s own body energy, creating a soothing far infrared thermal effect that may increase blood circulation, helping your horse’s muscles recover, stay loose, and become less inflamed. $199-$249.

Accuhorsemat Accupressure Blanket

Innovative accupressure blanket is designed to reduce muscle tension, alleviate pain and accelerate post-exercise recovery. Accupressure mats on the hindquarters and shoulders offer over 11,000 points to help stimulate blood flow and endorphin release. $399.

Veredus Magnetik Stable Boots

Magnet therapy boots are designed to promote healing and reduce swelling. Magnetic energy is thought to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen,
essential for rebuilding tissues. $279.95 (pair).

English Riding Supply Cryochaps

Thin, easy-to-use wraps offer cold therapy and compression to help reduce swelling. As the tissue warms, blood flow is increased to jumpstart the
healing process. $149.95 (pair); $274.95 (four).

Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec

Ceramic fabric reflects body heat via infrared waves, boosting circulation to key muscle groups to support increased muscle function, lower risk of injury, and reduced lactic acid buildup in the muscles to aid with recovery. FabricFleece Standard-Neck Sheet, $129.99.

This article about therapeutic equipment originally appeared in the October 2019 issue of Horse Illustrated magazine. Click here to subscribe!

Elizabeth Moyer

Elizabeth Moyer works in marketing and development for the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. She served as a longtime editor of Horse Illustrated and Young Rider. She is also the author of two Horse Illustrated Simple Solutions books on grooming and horse safety (BowTie Press). Moyer is a lifelong equestrian and horse lover. Prior to becoming part of the equine industry, she worked in advertising and is a graduate of the University of Colorado’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She lives in the beautiful bluegrass horse country of Kentucky with a pack of adopted Dachshunds.

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