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U.S. Equestrian Offers New Health Insurance Benefits to Members

In an effort to make member health benefits a top priority, United States Equestrian recently introduced health insurance benefits for its members. By offering deeply discounted plans for all paid members, it aids the accessibility for proper health care and medical coverage, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Our chief executive officer, William Moroney, recognized that many of our members needed access to affordable health insurance coverage,” says Kelly Bolton, Human Resources Director at U.S. Equestrian. “We then began strategic planning to make member health benefits a top priority, and spent 2019 furiously working on this initiative, which we announced at our annual meeting in January 2020.”

At deeply discounted rates that are typically only given to large employers, these health insurance benefits are affordable and comprehensive. “As a member of U.S. Equestrian, our members can utilize our health insurance plans at significantly reduced rates compared to what they would pay purchasing their own direct plan,” Bolton says. “All of our plans are built for equine professionals, so there are no exclusions for athlete riders, or accidents, that would normally preclude our members from being insurable.”

U.S. Equestrian partnered with top health-care providers to provide an insurance opportunity to U.S. Equestrian members, including ones who may be self-employed or have no other access to benefits. All insurance services are individual or group plans, so a member can purchase only what they need, or use the group plans for their businesses, which ensures cost savings and flexibility, explains Bolton. The plans are also guaranteed issue and compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

U.S. Equestrian has also added customized options for individual and business needs, such as medical, accident, critical illness coverage, mental health first aid, hospital, short- and long-term disability, dental, vision, and even group plans for small businesses with two or more employees.

Additionally, Teladoc insurance provides members with the option to have consultations with licensed physicians by either phone or video chat, eliminating the need to travel to a doctor’s office. This standalone service covers the member and all of their household dependents. Individuals can purchase Teladoc insurance for a flat rate of $8.95 per month.

U.S. Equestrian members can also purchase MASA Medical Transportation Air Ambulance Insurance for only $39.00 a month. Legal and financial protection and pet insurance options are also available. In addition, the free mental health first aid package allows members to reach a counselor 24-hours a day for three free counseling sessions.

There are several bundling options that can save members additional money, says Bolton. “For example, if a member purchases an individual medical plan, then telemedicine and medical air ambulance insurance is included in their plan at no additional cost and does not need to be purchased separately,” she adds.

U.S. Equestrian paid members, both fan and competing, can now take advantage of these benefits with discounts of up to 35% off of market prices. On top of that, U.S. Equestrian is currently offering a discount on fan memberships, which unlocks a one-year membership for just $20. Interested individuals can use the promo code “RELIEF” to unlock the discount.

In addition, U.S. Equestrian is continuing to offer its million-dollar Excess Personal Liability Insurance Policy, including the death and disability benefit, from Equisure for only $25 per year.

More benefit options will be added in the coming months for U.S. Equestrian members. Call center representatives can help members review and select the U.S. Equestrian health insurance benefits and coverage options that best meet their needs and benefit them financially. Call the U.S. Equestrian Member Benefits Hotline at (800) 349-1082.

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Sara Tromba

Sara Tromba has been a new intern for Horse Illustrated since April 2020. She is a current student at Averett University located in Danville, VA, majoring in Business Administration and Equine Management. Currently, she serves as a captain for her school's IHSA team and team rider for both IHSA and IDA. She is an aspiring equine photographer based in the Danville, VA, area. She also is an eventer and has a soft spot for Thoroughbreds and German Shepherds.

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