Video: Opening Gates from Horseback


Whether you are competing in trail classes with your show horse, or navigating neighboring land with your trail horse, opening gates while mounted is an important skill. In this video, trainer Charles Wilhelm explains how to practice safely opening gates from horseback.

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Charles Wilhelm Opening Gates


  1. If you have multiple pastures you can leave the gates (that are not secured) open, as I do. My horses are very familiar with pushing them open. Half of the battle with opening gates is fear of the gate itself. Good video, but I don’t like riding through a gate this narrow, myself.

  2. I open gates to go ride in the field or go trail rideing.What i do is i side pass and back up my horse and bend down and unlatch it it easy but if you never done it before it will take some time. And it still dose takes me some time to unlatch the gate but it but it is fun to do it


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