Video: Extreme Cowboy Association Championship


The Extreme Cowboy Race is designed to challenge horses and riders through obstacles that simulate some of the things that a cowboy might encounter on the ranch. Learn more about the Extreme Cowboy Association and its creator, Craig Cameron, here.

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  1. that was kinda cool , but i didnt like the last part when he jumped off & hit the horse into the trailer the guy who was standing there could have moved the horses in it.

  2. I admire his bareback riding skill…. he can gallop really well. The way he set the horse up to jump was at the least unimpressive…. the horse couldn’t have cleared the poles being set up that way. His seat was amazing, and he let his horse have his head while he was going fast,but he was rougher on the mouth of that horse while turning than was needed. A fast ride yes, but a good ride? That’s a matter of opinion.

  3. I do admire his bareback galloping skills, but the way he was leaning forward, if his horse decided to stop he would fly right off. And I agree, he was rough on the horse’s mouth during the stops and turns.

  4. I think that for anyone to take a three year old and do what he did is a horse man. To comment on his galloping skills and how well he set his horse up to jump is rediculous. He is a Cowboy doing an Extreme Cowboy competition. Him slapping that horse in the butt, which didn’t hurt the horse by no means, and the horse loading by himself is part of a good working cow horse. Remember these horses are used for work. They are very different from show horses. They don’t live in heated barns, where blankets 360 days out of the year, or get much more than a shed to stand in and food in theyre belly’s. I think that his handling was fine and the responsiveness of that three year old was impressive. Bravo to that cowboy!!

  5. That was pretty good! Yes, he was a little rough on the reins, and the only reason why he knocked over thoes jumps was because that horse was MEANT for Western riding, not English jumping.

  6. i think he was a little rough with the reins when he did the circles. but hey, i would have been too. great video. i really enjoyed it.

  7. WOW, loved the end when that horse just jumped in that open trailer and stayed there. But that is a lot to put a young 3 year old through!


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