Try a Trail Trial


Trail trials are judged trail rides, usually five to 10 miles in length with five to 12 judged obstacles. The obstacles include natural hazards, such as water crossings and walking over logs, as well as urban hazards, which may include things like a family having a picnic or a group of teens playing soccer in a meadow. A judge is stationed at each obstacle to evaluate how well the horse and rider negotiate it. Calmness and safety are emphasized. Trail trials are not races, and while there may be a time limit on each obstacle so that you don’t hold up the riders behind you, the ride itself is not timed. Contestants usually compete against the scores of other riders in their age range or ability level. Riders ride by themselves or in small groups. Contact your local breed association or riding club to find trail trials in your area.



  1. I have read about horse trail trials but have not ridden one. Sounds like fun and it would be of interest to watch on your channel. None of the cable or direct TV or dish in Oklahoma will carry your shows. I have told them I would sign up if they carried your shows.

  2. My horse and I have participated in 5 trail trials in CA. What a fun and challenging experience at a WALK. A great way to build horse and rider skills together.


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