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Seasonal Horse Care

Tack & Gear: Winter Barn Gear

These six products for use around the farm will make getting through the winter with your horse that much easier.

Series IV Pirit Heated Hose

Make filling water buckets a snap, whatever the weather. Available in 12-, 25-, and 100-foot lengths, the electrically heated, no-freeze hose will prevent freezing down to -42°F.
$109.95 for 12-foot;


Farm Innovators Thermocube

Operates with any 15-amp 120-volt electric heater or fan, turning on when the surrounding temperature reaches 35°F and turning off when it reaches 45°F. It’s perfect for use with stock tank heaters and more.

Dr. Smith’s Horse Vac

Turn any vacuum cleaner into a horse vacuum. Soft rubber teeth have a massaging action that lifts the coat to allow the vacuum to remove dirt and dust in minutes.




Dura-Tech Strainer & Ice Breaker

Keep hands from getting wet and cold when breaking up ice in water troughs. A cushioned neoprene grip makes this chore even more comfortable.

High Country Insulated Bucket Holder

Keep buckets from freezing in temperatures down to 15°F. The heavy foam insulation prevents water from freezing; the float top is easy for horses to push down. Can be used alone or with a 5-gallon water bucket.


Shapley’s No.1 Light Oil

A conditioning oil for coat and skin that doubles as a way to keep snowballs from packing into shod hooves. An added bonus? Spray it on shovels to prevent snow from sticking.

Winter Hacks

In addition to these winter horse products, many traditional household items can be repurposed into cold weather barn helpers.

Dryer Sheets: Rub the horse with a dryer sheet before blanketing to prevent the shock of static the next time the blanket is removed.

Electric Kettle: Keep an electric kettle in the tack room of your barn if you don’t have hot water available. A small amount of warm water is perfect for spot-cleaning coats, cleaning tack, adding water to soak feed or make a mash.

Duct Tape: Make tabs on blanket hardware with duct tape to make the metal much easier to grab and handle without removing your gloves.

Plastic Sled: Live in an area that gets a lot of snow? Move hay bales on a sled for easier transport.

Grip tape: No one wants to hold a metal-handled tool for any length of time when temperatures plummet. Wrap tool handles with grip tape for an additional layer of protection between skin and metal, plus added grip.

Long-tipped Lighter, WD40 or Lock De-icer: There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a frozen gate latch during morning feedings. Carry a long-tipped lighter, WD40 or lock de-icer to make feeding times a bit more manageable.

This article about winter horse products appeared in the November 2019 issue of
 Horse Illustrated magazine. Click here to subscribe!

Sarah E. Coleman

Based in Lexington, Ky., Sarah Coleman has a soft spot for chestnuts with chrome, including her off-the-track Thoroughbred, Chisholm. The pair competes in the hunters.

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