Equine App Round Up


Almost everywhere you turn, someone has an iPhone out. Playing Candy Crush is great, but did you know that there is a ton of fun and useful apps made specifically for horseback riders? We’ve rounded up some of the best must-have apps for technological equestrians

PocketStable – $1.99
If you’re tired of mummifying everything you own with sticky notes reminding you of your horse’s next farrier appointment or deworming time, PocketStable might offer you some relief. Create profiles for each horse you manage and fill in important details like your horse’s feeding schedule and the last time your horse had their teeth checked. Track your horse’s weight, view deworming and shoeing history and more for each individual horse in your PocketStable.

Track My Ride – Free ($2.99 upgrade for family and friend GPS tracking)
Trail rides are always a great chance of pace from working in the arena. Record and track your trail rides with Woof Wear’s Track My Hack app. Add your horses and map where you ride while keeping up with your horsey friends’ favorite trails. Upgrading to iRide Live for $2.99 lets your friends and family see where you are by GPS in case of emergencies.

Horse 360 – $1.99
Having trouble learning horse anatomy? Horse360 is kind of like flashcards, but better. There are two modes – learn and recall – and each has 20 levels ranging from general anatomy to identifying teeth. Learn is multiple choice-style and recall asks you to label parts of the horse. Whether you’re a Pony Clubber studying for quiz, participating in 4H hippology or just brushing up on anatomy, Horse360 can help.

Animal Awareness – Free
AnimalAwareness.com’s companion app Animal Awareness has reference articles and videos for both equines and canines in your life. The articles and videos are diverse with topics ranging from equine arthritis to taking care of an aging dog.

Equestrian Organization Apps
If you show under an organization like AQHA or USHJA, there could be an app full of helpful regulations and policies for you. Apps for the National Reining Horse Association and the American Quarter Horse Association have show rules and regulations while the FEI CleanSport app has a comprehensive list of substances banned by the International Equestrian Federation. The United States Hunter Jumper Association’s At the Gate app helps make a stressful show day a little easier with frequently asked questions, showing regulations and more. If you show under a specific organization, see if they have a special app.

MyPoleStrides – $1.99
Figuring out striding for jump courses can be hard at first. With MyPoleStrides, setting up courses with precise striding becomes a breeze. Customizable with shoe size, MyPoleStrides tells you exactly how many footsteps apart poles, lines and bounces should be set. It even shows the difference between horse and pony strides.

CourseWalk – $9.99
Never walk another cross-country course without CourseWalk again! CourseWalk uses your mobile device’s GPS to track the specifics of your next cross-country course. Take photos of each jump and tag where they are on the map, note hills and more. You can connect to the online version to add your show jumping course to the app as well. CourseWalk is mainly used for cross-country but there’s also a version for Combined and Carriage Driving for the same price in the app store.

Equitests – Free to $9.99
Calling all dressage riders and eventers! Different Equitests are available for different levels of showing and different showing organizations. The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the United States Dressage Association (USDA) have Equitests for U.S. riders, Equine Canada (EC) has two Equitests for Canadian riders and the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) has two dressage tests, one eventing test and one para-equestrian test.

Memoriser – Free (upgrade for $1.99 to remove ads and enhance features)
Open up the Memoriser app with a copy of your next dressage test and trace the pattern. Now hide your test and enable review mode to see how much of your test you actually remember. This app is especially great for equestrians who don’t have the floor space to set up a dressage arena in their room.

Giddy App – $0.99
Feeling a little horse deprived? GiddyApp is a simple: just open it up and press the horseshoe button for an equine sound that will bring you right to the barn. Never forget the sound of galloping hooves or a hungry nicker again.

Horse Radio Network – Free
The Horse Radio Network hosts 11 equestrian-themed podcasts covering a variety of equine interests from eventing and dressage to driving and fox hunting. The HRN app has current and past episodes of every one of their podcasts – great to play during boring barn work!

Equibase Today’s Racing – Free
Horse racing enthusiasts love to keep up with racing across the world, but it’s hard to stay current at so many tracks. TodaysRacing brings racing results from all across the United States and Canada to the tips of your fingers and updates itself every day. See stats from individual races at any of TodaysRacing’s listed tracks and even see racing summaries for each horse.

My Horse – Free (optional in-app purchases for gems)
There are a lot of great horse simulation games in the app store where you own and ride horses, but few have graphics like My Horse. The horses in My Horse even know how to change their leads. Train, compete and care for your horses to gain experience and climb the show circuits. You can even send pictures of your horse to your friends.

Horse Life Adventures – Free (optional upgrades to buy in-game tokens)
Own your own training and competition ranch in Horse Life Adventures. Care for your growing herd as you expand your farm and grow food for your horses. Complete quests and compete in tournaments to earn special tack.

No matter what type of riding you do, there’s a great equine app out there for you. Be sensible about your horsey app purchases, though, and never let your phone get in the way of barn safety!

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2015 issue of Young Rider Magazine. Click here to subscribe!


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