Editor’s Picks from the 2021 Horse Illustrated Halloween Contest


Horse Illustrated’s 2021 Halloween Contest kicked off Halloween with readers sharing photos of creative horse-themed costumes and jack-o-lanterns. Check out our editor picks from all of our entries. We hope everyone had a safe and festive Halloween with their horses, friends, and family. In addition, check out our Halloween contest entries from 2020. We certainly have a creative group of readers. You can share which are your favorites in the comments below. And for additional Halloween content, see Further Reading options below.

2021 Halloween Contest Entries


Hayden H and Debonair
Photo Courtesy Courtney S.

Most Festive

Lexia B. and Bourbon
Photo Courtesy Dana S.

Most Authentic

Tom M. and Jesse
Photo Courtesy Tom M.


Koda the Kid
Photo Courtesy Rebecca M.

Most Athletic

Jorg M and Skye
Photo Courtesy Jorg M.

Most Like a Photograph

Priscilla D.'s Rearing Horse Pumpkin
Photo Courtesy Priscilla D.

Wildest Ride

Priscilla D.'s Bronco Pumpkin
Photo Courtesy Priscilla D.

Most Ornate

Perry V.'s Merry-Go-Round Pumpkin
Photo Courtesy Perry V.

2021 Halloween Contest Winner

The randomized contest winner is Priscilla D., who won a 1-year subscription to Horse Illustrated.

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