2022 FEI World Championships – Denmark

The 2022 FEI Denmark World Championships were packed with exciting victories and incredible equine athletes.


Catch up on the action from the 2022 FEI Denmark World Championships. Click below to view coverage from each day of competition.

2022 FEI World Championships – Denmark – Day 1

Herning World Championships Day 1
Katie Duerrhammer & Quartett; Photo by Allen & Kim MacMillan/MacMillan Photography

Day 1 commenced this morning in Herning, Denmark with first horse inspections for both dressage and vaulting. The U.S. Team presented four dressage horses and eight vaulting horses to the respective FEI Ground Juries and all American entries passed inspection without incident or holds.


2022 FEI World Championships – Denmark – Day 2

2022 FEI World Championships Day 2
Photo by Allen and Kim MacMillan and Sarah E. Miller/MacMillan Photography

Day 2 dawned crisp, cool, and clear at the MCH Arena in Herning, Denmark. As the day progressed, the wind picked up and grey clouds dropped intermittent rain showers followed by the sun peeking out again and then the clouds quickly returning. But, the intense competition heated up both the outdoor Stutteri Ask Stadium where dressage was contested and the indoor Jyske Bank Boxen building where the vaulting took place.


2022 FEI World Championships – Denmark – Day 3

2022 FEI World Championships Day 3
Denmark, 2022 FEI World Champion Dressage Team. Photo by MacMillan Photography

Day 3 at the MCH Arena in Denmark brought fans through the gates in throngs to see the final round of dressage Grand Prix and the subsequent crowning of the world champion dressage team. And, a continuation of the vaulting competition, as well as shopping, dining and educational displays around the grounds gave spectators lots to do and see.


2022 FEI World Championships – Denmark – Day 4

Photo by Allen MacMillan/MacMillan Photography

On day 4, three equestrian disciplines were in action. The vaulting competition resumed in the Jyske Bank Boxen arena where the men’s and woman’s vaulting finals concluded with their freestyle classes and the vaulting squads also presented their freestyle routines. Over in the Stutteri Ask Stadium the Grand Prix Special determined the individual medals in dressage. And, the show jumpers opened their championships with the first horse inspection.


2022 FEI World Championships – Denmark – Day 5

Glamourdale and rider Charlotte “Lottie” Fry from Great Britain have taken the dressage world by storm. Photo by Allen MacMillan/MacMillan Photography

Day 5 was the only day when all four sports were contested on the same day. The competition day started at 8:30 a.m. and ended around midnight. There were medal ceremonies for three grades of para-dressage and for dressage Grand Prix Freestyle too.


2022 FEI World Championships – Denmark – Day 6

Adrienne Sternlicht and Crystalline from the U.S.A. jump the colorful Nyhavn houses. Photo by Sarah Miller/MacMillan Photography

The weather in Denmark has turned abnormally warm over the last two days (the locals label it “quite hot,” but at home in the Midwest this would be just “regular summer weather”). In keeping with the trend, day 6 brought more show jumping that was just as hot in many ways.


2022 FEI World Championships – Denmark – Conclusion

The show jumping gold medal team from Sweden at the 2022 FEI World Championships, left to right: Peder Fredricson,; Henrik von Eckermann; Jens Fredricson; Malin Baryard-Johnsson, and their Chef d’ Equipe Henrik Ankarcrona. Photo by Allen MacMillan/MacMillan Photography

The conclusion of the 2022 FEI World Championships in Herning, Denmark, saw intense competition in both the Stutteri Ask Stadium jumper arena and the BB Horse Arena para-dressage ring. Along with the competition there was plenty of fun with a large shopping area, many dining and beverage vendors, live music in the food court, a night club for after-hours dancing, educational events, and a “Show Night Saturday” entertainment program.


To see in-depth information for the U.S. competitors, visit US Equestrian’s World Championship hub on their website. For more general information about the Herning Championships, visit their website and download an app to follow the competition.


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