25 Signs You’re Horse Crazy


For the 25th anniversary of Young Rider, we’re celebrating with top 25 signs of all your favorite things! How many of these 25 signs you’re horse crazy fit for you?

Young Rider Magazine Logo1. You think about horses all day.

2. Your bedroom wall is covered with horse posters from Young Rider.

3. When you’re supposed to be doing homework, you’re actually making a list of your favorite horse names for if and when you get a horse.

4. You draw horses all the time—you’re just about to master the perfect Arabian profile.

5. Why walk when you can “gallop” from A to B?

6. Your holiday wish list is 100% horse-related. And if you don’t have a horse of your own, that’s at the top if the list!

7. Your bedroom has an entire shelf of Breyer model horses, and you’ve spent hours making barns and tack for them.

8. You won three ribbons at camp, and they’re proudly displayed in your locker at school.

9. You teach your dog to jump over broomsticks and chairs in the backyard. Sometimes you jump them yourself. 

10. You offer to muck all the stalls at your lesson barn in exchange for more saddle time.

11. Your mom took you to the tack shop and hasn’t been able to pry you out of there for two hours.

12. You’d much rather paint your favorite pony’s feet with sparkly hoof polish than get your own pedicure.

13. You hit the snooze alarm all week but leap out of bed at 5 a.m. on a Saturday to go to a horse show.

14. You’re very confused when someone suggests a theme for your birthday party other than “horses.”

15. You’ve checked out every horse book from the library at least once, if not several times.

16. You beg your parents for more lessons. What’s this “budget” they speak of? 

17. You love the smell of a barn: horses, hay, saddles, even fly spray.

18. You read the tack catalog that comes in the mail and circle all the things you want for you and your horse—even if you don’t have one yet!

19. You’ll spend an hour grooming a horse to show-ring perfection—even with nowhere to go—but have no interest in doing your own hair or (ugh!) makeup.

20. You find a way to make all of your school writing assignments about horses.

21. You save your carrots and apples from lunch to share with your pony after school.

22. Your friends have crushes on celebrities or the class hottie. You’re crushing on famous horses, riders and your fave lesson horse.

23. You’d rather take apart a bridle and clean every little piece than spend 5 minutes picking up your room.

24. Every time you see a golf course you think of what a nice pasture or cross-country course it would make.

25. And the last of the signs you’re horse crazy of course, you read Young Rider, the coolest mag for horse-crazy kids just like you!

This article with signs you’re horse crazy appeared in the July/August 2019 issue of Young Rider magazine. Click here to subscribe!



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