A Look at Help a Horse Day 2019

Here's how equine organizations participated in #HelpAHorse Day on April 26, kicking off two months of the ASPCA's Help a Horse Home challenge.


Horse Illustrated Horse Adoption DriveThe ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day is recognized annually on April 26, 2019. The day kicks off the Help a Horse Home challenge, where equine adoption organizations compete to match horses with good homes and can win grant money to continue their work.

Check out some of the highlights from 2019’s Help a Horse Day as featured on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter below. Want to get involved in the Help a Horse Home challenge? Find a participating organization near you at www.aspca.org/helpahorsehome.


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NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Sporty and solid! Summation Time, also known as “Kai,” is a rare pearl in his shell. He has a lovely, athletic build, with nice angles and a solid structure. He is a kind, sweet guy, but this 2011, 16.2h gelding by In Summation is more of a worrier by nature. He will show his playful side and melt in your hands with head scratches if he feel comfortable with someone, but he will ‘clam up’ and keep to himself if he feels overwhelmed. Kai is built uphill and has the foundations of a nice, natural head carriage. His trot has lots of great suspension and his canter is very comfortable, with both leads easy to get. He has even already picked up on the concept of bending very well and has great flying changes! Once Kai has his very own person, ideally a a confident but quiet/ patient person, who will earn his trust and continue things like bodywork to help him feel comfortable, we can really see him flourishing, and he will be one stunning sport horse! Could he be the #RightHorse for YOU? To learn more and watch Kai’s video, click the link: http://www.newvocations.org/horseprofiles/summation-time/ #NewVocations #RehabRetrainRehome #EquestrianLife #HelpAHorse #AdoptAHorse #HorseAdoption #AdoptDontShop #MyRightHorse

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