Keep Your Horse Hydrated While Traveling


    Keep Your Horse Hydrated While Traveling

    Learn how to keep your horse hydrated while traveling.


    About HydraHorse
    HydraHorse was developed by longtime horse owners Randy and Heidi Gunn. Randy is a trainer and a World and National Cowboy Mounted Shooting Champion, and has won several awards throughout his career. Heidi is a National Champion Cowgirl Mounted Shooter and an experienced horse care giver. Today, the pair spend 10 months of the year on the road with their horses competing, and performing with their inspirational country band all around the United States. They have also won singing and music awards individually, as well as a duo and as a band. With their extensive traveling schedule, the Gunn’s used to be concerned about all the things horse owners worry about – are the horses hydrated and safe? Will there be a reliable water source at the next stop? Will the horses drink? Not anymore, thanks to the HydraHorse System. HydraHorse is a company dedicated to the health of horses and livestock everywhere. Our goal is to provide our customers with effective, quality products that improve the health of animal while also provide piece of mind and comfort while traveling.

    The HydraHorse system is the only on-demand horse & livestock hydration system of its kind. Its’ simple, adaptable set-up allows horses to drink while traveling when THEY want to, rather than hoping they will drink during scheduled stops. Horses are also able to drink the water they are used to from home in spill proof rounded bowls. The system fits almost any size trailer, and the HydraHorse quick connect hose system is perfect for washing down horses prior to shows or after activities. HydraHorse is simple and easy to use. Take it from people who use the system over 300 days a year. HydraHorse is ideal for helping your horses and livestock stay hydrated and healthy on the road, wherever it may take you.
    Will HydraHorse Fit Into My Trailer?
    HydraHorse is designed to retro fit to any and all horse and livestock trailers. HydraHorse is designed to be customized to the owner’s specifications. This is because each trailer is unique to the owner and each horses needs will be different. Therefore, the system comes with all the materials and accessories to accommodate most trailers. From 2-Horse front loads, to slant loads, to goosenecks, to 12-horse trailers, the HydraHorse System can fit them all!
    Does Water From The System Splash Out And Into My Trailer?
    HydraHorse’s patented bowls are designed to be almost completely spill proof. The curled inside edge of the bowl keeps excess water inside the bowl while traveling down the road. No slippery trailer floors, no unwanted wet messes, no worries.
    Do I Need Special Batteries Or Power?
    HydraHorse requires no specialized batteries or power. The 12-volt DC pump on the tank is powered by any “hot” line in the trailer and it is recommended that customers tie into the lights of their trailer. The necessary materials and equipment to do so are included with the purchase of any HydraHorse 30 or 50 Gallon Tank. Customers can choose to have the system powered by a separate car battery so that the system has its own power.
    Will My Horse Learn To Drink From The System?
    HydraHorse has yet to find a horse not capable of learning to drink from the system. By simply placing a small amount of water into the bowl, the horse will begin to drink and will inadvertently push the nozzle. Once they do this a few times, the horse will begin to play with the nozzle and the rest is history.
    What Do Horse Professionals Say About HydraHorse?
    The hardest and most stressful part of hauling horses is finding fresh water. The new HydraHorse system provides my horses with the clean fresh water as they travel down the road. This system not only makes my job less stressful but helps my horses arrive safely and with a lot more energy. I won’t haul my horses again without a HydraHorse system on my trailer.”
    Josh Lyons
    In hauling horses from state to state, I was always stressed because I could not always get the horses to drink when I stopped to water them.  This left me worried and tired when I finally arrived to my destination. The Hydra Horse is so well made, and durably built–it looks first class in my trailer. Best of all- no more worries about dehydration while traveling with my horses! I love how it can be removed from my trailer and put outside the trailer or even in a portable corral outside my trailer. This will revolutionize the horse hauling industry and bring peace of mind to horse owners across the country. I highly recommend Hydra Horse to everyone and anyone who owns a trailer or who plans to haul their horses!
    Bob Pruitt- CEO
    I recommend the HydraHorse system to keep horses hydrated during trailering and while at competitions. The system is a novel idea, simple to install, and a cost-effective means of preventing colic due to lack of adequate water intake. The HydraHorse system is also a healthful way to help prevent boredom while trailering and while standing at the trailer between events. The owner can supply animals with water that the animals are “used-to”, which should increase water intake in areas with lower quality available water sources.
    Gregory D. Farrand DVM MS

    “As President of the Ranch Sorting National Championships I highly recommend the HydraHorse system. This innovative system will add to the well being of all horses that travel with us to competitions all across the country and assure each of us that they are properly hydrated and not road weary when we need them to perform at their best. This product is long overdue and in my opinion should be a must for anyone who appreciates the dedication and effort that we ask of them.
    -Dave Wolfe, President

    How Do I Get Started?
    Please call a HydraHorse Customer Service Representative to answer any question you may have or visit us at 1-877-404-0489.


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