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Horse Illustrated podcast Barn Banter episode 18: Hosts Susan Friedland and Holly Caccamise chat with author Natalie Keller Reinert and representatives of the ASPCA Right Horse program.


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Welcome to Barn Banter, the official podcast of Horse Illustrated. In Barn Banter episode 18, hosts Susan Friedland and Horse Illustrated Editor In Chief Holly Caccamise discuss Holly’s recent trip to New Zealand and spring foaling season. Then, they chat with prolific equine author Natalie Keller Reinert. Finally, they talk with Cailin Caldwell and Bailey Richards of the ASPCA Right Horse program about the adoption barn at this week’s Equine Affaire in Ohio.

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Listen to Barn Banter episode 18 now to meet Natalie and hear about the ASPCA Right Horse adoption barn.

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Natalie Keller Reinert, Equine Author

Barn Banter episode 18 guest, Natalie Keller Reinert
Barn Banter episode 18 guest, Natalie Keller Reinert

Natalie Keller Reinert is the author of equestrian fiction series for adult readers, including The Eventing Series, Briar Hill Farm, and Ocala Horse Girls. She loves writing about strong women, female friendship, and the horse-human connection. In Natalie’s world, being a weird horse girl is cool and a good gallop is (usually) the best medicine. Natalie writes from her small farm in the woods of north Florida, and occasionally comes out of the forest to volunteer at events, sign some books, and raid the new fiction shelves at the library. You can find Natalie Keller Reinert on Instagram and Facebook, and learn more about her many equestrian titles at

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ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Barn at Equine Affaire

Cailin Caldwell, ASPCA Right Horse Director, and Bailey Richards, ASPCA Right Horse Manager, come on the show to talk about “Adoption Affaire” at this week’s Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio. Stabled in the Gilligan Complex at the event, the adoption barn will offer adoptable horses and chances to learn more about involvement in horse adoption.

Cailin Caldwell (left) and Bailey Richards (right) of the ASPCA Right Horse program
Cailin Caldwell (left) and Bailey Richards (right) of the ASPCA Right Horse program

Listen in as we chat about three of the adoptable horses available at Equine Affaire (featured below), and learn about all the attending horses here.


Bestie, an adoptable horse featured in Barn Banter episode 18
Photo courtesy Nexus Equine

Looking for a best friend to hit the trails with? Meet Bestie! While he’s not suited for intense riding like timed events or show jumping, he’s perfect for leisurely rides and trailblazing. This is due to his hocks not being up to the best shape they could be, but he has been X-rayed and had his stifles injected, and he is doing much better. Don’t keep that from checking out this 8-year-old gelding; he is very capable of doing great things in the right, loving home.


An older miniature horse
Photo courtesy West Virginia Horse Network

Winston is a very well-behaved and easy-to-get-along-with 25-year-old Miniature Horse who is hoping to find an adopter who won’t write him off just because of his age. He is gentle to lead and will patiently stand to be groomed. Winston came to the West Virginia Horse Network quite underweight (which isn’t easy to see beneath all of his winter fluff). He is working on gaining weight, so a potential adopter would need to be willing to stick to his feeding plan to help him get back to the weight where he needs to be.


A chestnut Standardbred mare
Photo courtesy Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary

Looking for that quiet, friendly horse to add to your barn for some trail riding or a companion horse? Toledo is your girl! A 23-year-old Standardbred mare, she came from Happy Trails’ Amish Retirement Program after serving her family as a broodmare for several years. She is extremely quiet and will make a perfect addition to any barn. She would love to teach your kiddos the ropes or give your lonely horse that special friend. Toledo is suitable for most level riders under saddle. She sometimes needs ground boundaries reinforced, but she does respond well to correction. She does not bolt, buck, rear, etc. Consider bringing this sweet girl into your home and give her what she deserves.

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