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Horse Breed Profiles

Morgan Horse

Morgan Horse

Morgan Horse History Not many horse lovers have escaped childhood without reading Marguerite Henry’s non-fiction book about Figure, the very first Morgan horse, owned by school teacher Justin Morgan in West Springfield, Mass., in 1789. This gentle little stallion was...
Thoroughbred racehorse at the North American Racing Academy


Thoroughbred Horse Breed History Throughout equine history few breeds have impacted the horse world quite like the Thoroughbred. Three foundation sires, the Byerly Turk, the Godolphin Arabian and the Darley Arabian, were bred to native English horses to create the breed...
Connemara Pony cantering

Connemara Pony

Connemara Pony History The Connemara Pony is Ireland’s only native breed. It comes from and is named for an area on the west coast of Ireland bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Galway Bay; a wilderness of bogs and rugged...
Shire horses closeup

The Shire

Shire Horse History The Shire is the most popular draft horse in the United Kingdom. The Shire made its first appearance on British soil in its original form of the Great Horse, which was brought by William the Conqueror in...
Standardbred horse harness racing

The Standardbred

Standardbred History In 1849 Hambletonian 10, the foundation sire of the American Standardbred was born. His offspring went on to set records in the harness racing world. The name Standardbred refers to the “standard” that was set in 1879 that established...
Suffolk Punch Horse Breed History The Suffolk Punch is the oldest of Great Britain’s heavy breeds, dating back to at least the 16th century. The early breeding may have been influenced by the Norfolk Roadster, Norfolk Trotter or Norfolk Cob,...
Westphalian horse trotting in a field

The Westphalian

Westphalian Horse Breed History Westphalia is the largest state in Germany and home to the Westphalian warmblood horse. Horse breeding is a tradition in Westphalia dating back centuries. In 1826 the National stud in Warendorf was founded for organized breeding of...
Abaco Barb horse video screenshotvideo

Abaco Barb

Abaco Barb Profile: The Abaco Barb has been extinct since 2015. The breed is believed to have descended from Spanish horses that were in route aboard ships with early explorers to the New World. Many of these ships never reached their...
Dartmoor Pony Breed History Any visitor traveling from the south toward Stonehenge in the southwest of England will most likely drive through Dartmoor, home to Sherlock Holmes’ “Hound of the Baskervilles” and the Dartmoor Pony. The geographic location of their early...
Fell Ponies in a field

The Fell Pony

Fell Pony History The Fell Pony arrived in Great Britain as an ancient Wild European Pony type that came across the land bridge during the ice age. The ponies dispersed throughout the United Kingdom, and the resulting habitat helped form...