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Horse Breeds

Learn about your favorite horse breeds (including draft horses, warmbloods, light horses, and ponies), including their history, characteristics, personality, equestrian sports and disciplines they each excel in, and more, along with stories about individual horses from common and rare breeds and the people who love them.Some examples of those covered include American Quarter Horses, Morgans, Arabians, Saddlebreds, Thoroughbreds, and more rare ones like the Suffolk Punches, Dales Ponies, and more. Whether you already know your favorite type of equine, or you're wanting to determine what kind is best for you, Horse Illustrated's archives have all the information you need to learn about all kinds of horses.

The Appendix Quarter HorseProfile: Until the 1940s the American Quarter Horse existed as a type rather than a breed, but in 1940 a group of breeders discussed the idea of forming an association. However, there was disagreement about what constituted...
Arabian Horses

Arabian Horse

History of the Arabian Horse: Theorized to be the oldest breed in the world, Arabians were constant companions of the first documented breeders of the Arabian horse, the Bedouin people--nomadic tribesmen of Arabia who relied on the horse for survival....


Barb Profile: The Barb is an ancient breed that was established in the Fertile Crescent of Middle Asia. The fast and agile Barb was a favored mount for the Berbers. In fact, the animal draws its name from this group...
The BelgianProfile: The Belgian draft horse was developed in the fertile pastures of Belgium. It was also there that the forefather of all draft horses was first bred—a heavy black horse used as knights’ mounts called the Flemish. The Belgian...


BudennyProfile: The Russian Budenny (bood-yo-nee) was created to replace the mass equine casualties of World War I and the Russian Revolution, and to breed a horse that a Soviet officer would be proud to ride. The top cavalry riders were...
Camargue horse


Camargue Horse History The Camargue originated in the marshy plains of the Rhone delta in the South of France. It has existed since prehistoric times. Although the breed has largely developed through natural selection, over the years, soldiers passing through...


CaspianProfile: In 1965, Louise Firouz, an American living in Tehran, Iran, discovered a small Arabian-like horse in the Elborz Mountains that she named Caspian. Through bone, blood and DNA testing, archeo-zoologists proved the horses were direct descendants of the miniature...
Chincoteague/AssateagueProfile: The Chincoteague pony was made famous in Marguerite Henry’s book Misty of Chincoteague. The ponies live on the barrier island of Assateague in Maryland and Virginia. It’s thought that their decedents were either from animals that swam to the...

Cleveland Bay

Cleveland BayProfile: The Cleveland Bay developed in the Cleveland area of Northern Yorkshire in northeast England. In medieval times, the Cleveland Bay was valued as a packhorse for the church, carrying goods to and from various monasteries and convents. When...
Curly horse cantering

Curly Horse

Curly Horse History The majority of the Curly Horses, also known as the American Bashkir Curly Horse, descend from a herd of three horses found by the Damele family in 1898 roaming the mountain ranges of Nevada. How they came...
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