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Dental Care

Last year during Wally’s annual teeth floating, my vet Jennifer stopped midway, turned to me and said, “This is it. I’m not equipped to address all the problems with Wally’s teeth.”Imagining the worst, I thought, “What does he need?...
Just like other equines, donkeys need regular dental care to prevent pain and difficulty eating. Because of donkeys stoic nature, they often will not demonstrate symptoms of pain, which means owners must be proactive with dental care.A new pamphlet from U.K.-based...
Regular dental exams by a trained professional should be part of your horse’s health maintenance program. Young horses need dental care more often than older horses; horses between the age of 2 and 5 should have a dental...
An adult horse’s teeth are not all that they appear. With a full length of about four inches, much of each permanent horse tooth is hidden within the jaw. In the days of roaming pastures, continuous grazing of rough...
Catching dental problems early can help keep your horse healthy. Horses over 5 years old should receive annual checkups; younger horses should be examined twice a year.The following disorders can signal dental trouble and need immediate veterinary attention:Dropping...
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