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Horse Grooming

Learn more about grooming a horse to improve his overall health and hair coat and help him look his best. Articles include topics such as tips from the pros for looking good at the shows, mane and tail care, how to wrap your horse's tail, body clipping, braiding the mane and tail, secrets to a shiny coat, ways to optimize your grooming time, tips for bathing a horse, the tools used for grooming, and so much more. In addition, learn how to clean your brushing and other tools with proper maintenance. Compiling a basic kit for your horse is part of good horsemanship. Grooming your equine on a daily basis gives you a chance to look him over for wounds, hoof maladies and general well-being.

Download a printable version of this pageIf you grew up riding hunters 20 years ago, chances are you mastered the art of braiding a hunter’s mane. It was simply part of a show horse’s turnout. But with unrated divisions...
Click here to download a pdf of this page.A neatly braided tail accentuates a hunter’s hindquarters. It adds to the overall picture of refinement and elegance, which makes it a pity that braided tails are rarely seen outside the...

Traditional horse and rider parade outfits, such as you might see in the famous Rose Parade, or of the type Roy Rogers and his mount Trigger wore, are awe inspiring with their incredible ornamentation. There's silver everywhere—conchos and shiny...

Stay Clean at Shows

When it comes to grooming for a show, most of an equestrian’s energy ends up focused on the horse; but a rider’s turnout needs to be neat and tidy, too. Here are some strategies to help you stay as spotless as...

Emergency Blanket Repairs

If your horse has managed to rip, tear, shred or otherwise mangle his blanket in the midst of a cold snap, here are some things you can do to hold it together until you make it to the tack...
If your horse has white plaque on the inside surface of his ears, don’t get too worried about it. Varying from white or non-pigmented, slightly raised to distinct “bunch of grape-like” lesions, this ear plaque is a type of...

Clip Time

During the warm months of summer, you can body clip your horse any time you want, but quit clipping by mid to end of September if you want him to grow a good winter coat that protects against the...
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