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Clipper Maintenance

With proper use and maintenance, your clippers can last for many years. To keep them in top condition, follow the manufacturer's instructions for that particular clipper and lubricate regularly according to instructions. It sounds obvious, but follow the directions...
Every top show groom has his or her own bag of tricks out of which they pull some secret technique to make their horses stand out. Here's a list of tips to help you shine on show day: For...
Three young horses

Sheath Cleaning

As a horse owner, you've no doubt come to realize that there are three topics guaranteed to raise the eyebrows of your nonhorsey friends and relatives: 1) Flushing fly eggs from your horse's eyes, 2) the productive effects of...

Body Clipping

Your mind blissfully pictures your horse with a new image — one of a sheared equine sporting a full-body clip. Imagine, no more deep rubbing with a towel as you frantically try to soak up gallons of sweat from...
Begin grooming sessions by currying, and then brush the coat, mane and tail. "Curry a horse in a circular motion from behind its ears all the way to its dock with a rubber curry," says hunter and eventing trainer...